Dr. Disrespect is Coming Back after Twitch Ban, Rumors 

If you care about internet gaming personalities, you must have come across the name of Dr. Disrespect a.k.a. Guy Beahm, one of the most popular and successful live streamers and gaming entertainers, mainly known for his amid presence on Twitch.tv platform. He used to play Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and many other good games with entertaining commentary and a unique persona. The huge fan following led him to win the Best Streamer of the Year award from Esports Industry Awards twice, back in 2017 and 2019. Alongside he also won the Most Trending Gamer title from The Game Awards back in 2017. He had more than 4 million followers on his Twitch channel and recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Twitch.tv itself looking for a long time bright future. Also, Dr. Disrespect is known as one of the oldest regular streamer and gamer, so he is also been followed by thousands of his fans as a role model. But, in the last few weeks we all know the relationship between Dr. Disrespect and Twitch.tv has gotten twisted, it is creating a lot of controversy theories and rumors over the matter.

What Happened Lately?

In brief, Dr. Disrespect suddenly got banned by the Twitch administration, without any specific reason given for that. According to Twitch policies, they never clarify the reasons behind such bans for anyone. Though Dr. Disrespect got banned previously on Twitch, that was a week-long ban only. But this time the ban was a permanent one, according to Twitch officials. So, all the followers of Dr. Disrespect along with Guy Beahm himself got shocked over the matter and started looking for reasons and solutions. Guy also seeking legal counsel from his legal advisories. All the fans started to believe that they may never see Doc on back in action again.


What is Happening Now?

After a couple of bizarre weeks on Twitch Community, many speculations started to roam around the fans. At last Dr. Disrespect gave an interview to the PC Gamer officials, and from there we come to know that, “Beahm is looking for a legal counsel, as he wants to be careful in that particular area. He also confirms he has seen the end of the relationship between him and Twitch, so he won’t be returning to Twitch for   sure.He also added thathe would be continuing with his streaming career, but it is still not decided at which platform he would migrate to”.


Speculation and Rumors

Why Dr. Disrespect got Banned from Twitch?

Now the question arises, Why Doc is looking for legal counsel, as Twitch.tv did not file any lawsuit against Doc, and even if twitch does so in the future, they need to explain the reason behind the contract revocation and Doc’s permanent ban, which would be against their company’s strong policies. So, a question still looms, is there anything wrong with Dr. Disrespects or any move after he signed a renewed contract, where he is frightened to be facing a lawsuit from the Twitch.tv if so I wonder what the movie was.

According to many speculations and Rumors, Doc was looking to migrate from Twitch to some other platform, since a couple of months prior to the contract renewal. Dr. Disrespect was getting offers from other platforms and looking for the other better-paying options, according to many sources. If that was the case, then this might be a reason behind Doc’s ban. If the Twitch admin has acquired some proof over this matter, they may have banned Dr. Respect due to lack of loyalty, and it would be a great and fair warning for other big creators who looking for the same double agent agreements.


When Dr. Disrespect is coming back?

As per the statement Dr. Disrespect provided in the interview to PC Gamer, he stated, he and his PR team is looking for all the options available to him right now. He said, “Let’s just say all the cards are on the table”. Furthermore, “I‘m more focused on just making sure whatever we do next, whether it’s a platform move or not, that it’s the right decision for the community and Champions Club that follows me”. So, he is not sure till date, though many of the fans are expecting Dr. Disrespect to make a comeback on YouTube Gaming where he already has a channel with 1.7 million subscribers. But, Doc confirmed it again that a return move to Twitch is not going to happen at any cost.

In the interview Dr. (Guy Beahm) Disrespect explained that he is not interested in signing any exclusive deals with any platform, due to various reasons, one of them is each platform have their own many strange regulations. He also explained that he announced a singing of a multi-year contract with Twitch in March 2020; and after that only things got worsen between him and Twitch authority. So, for sure he is not looking for any new contracts with some unique opportunities. Though Doc said YouTube and Facebook Gaming is a quite viable choice nowadays, he is more interested in doing something of his own. According to Doc’s own words, Dr. Disrespect is now considering streaming independently on his own website, www.championsclub.gg. The website is just a merchandise store right now, but he is looking forward to making it an independent streaming platform, and if he manages to do so successfully, he would become the pioneer of such a job, where a gamer/streamer/entertainer created his own platform. Crazy right, I think so.


Other Reports on Dr. Disrespect Twitch Ban

During the interview and via many other reports it has been confirmed that the legal team of Dr. Disrespect is looking forward to filing a lawsuit against the Twitch.tv. Now what is going to be charged against Twitch or what would be the demands from Doc’s side, those are not clear yet.

As per the interview of Doc’s to PC Gamer, and IGN, he confirmed that his team is already working on a return of Dr. Disrespect project, where they are considering the way of return, the changes in persona, and many other things, to make a Dr. Disrespect reboot.

Dr. Disrespect is also working on a TV Show with Skybound, and many other business arrangements are in the line upon which Doc and his team are working on. When asked upon that matter, like the Twitch.tv channel was Doc’s main identity, he said that he is really shocked at the decision made by Twitch, but he is going to continue with all the project even without Twitch, so yes the future of Dr. Disrespect on a Tv show is still on the fly. Also, the return of Dr. Disrespect in the world of streaming is a sure thing to happen, just the platform, time and manners are the things which need to be satisfied.

Furthermore, Doc replied that they are looking forward to taking legal action against Twitch, and the main reason behind it is to find the answer to the ban itself, as Doc has a lot of followers to answer to. But, he also replied he is unsure that Twitch is going to comply or not, even it is through the lawsuit, how much time it is going to take, even Doc can not answer that.

Also throughout the interview, Dr. Disrespect kept saying this time the Doc would reborn as 3.0, which means a completely new persona and looks. He confirms that via connecting the Streams, Tv Show, and many other digital media, his goal to create an Epic like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Doc is going to featured as the face.


Wrapping Up

These are the simplified version of all the info I got in this matter if I have missed anything so do not forget to put a comment below. If Dr.Disrespect managed to create his own streaming platform along with a successful business model, Doc would be remembered as the Pioneer of such business for decades.