6 Best disk space analyzer tools for Windows 10

List of best Storage or disk space usage analyzer software for Windows 10/7 to help in disk analyzation, so that we can easily free up some space for new files.

Nowadays, we have ample of storage space on our computer hard drives, however, without proper disk analyzation or storage management, we could end up with space shortage even in today modern personal laptops and computers.

Furthermore, with today’s huge resolution media files and modern high graphics games shortage of storage is not a strange thing. Later or sooner our huge system hard drives will run low on storage.

If hard disks have been in operation for a while, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of their content.

So, eventually to get the free space on the hard drive we have to delete unnecessary files or move the big to some external storage or drive. But before that, we should know what are the files those have consumed the substantial amount of space on our hard drive and for such purposes, disk space analyzer programs come handy.

Six Best Windows 10 Disk Space Analyzer

Here are some top handpicked Storage or disk analyzer software for Windows 10 or 7 to help you and me for disk analyzation, so that we can easily free up some space for our new files.

WinDirStat – Graphical hard drive analyzer

Windows Directory Statistics or WinDirStat is an open-source and one of the best storage analyzer software. It is really an intuitive and small software on which you can rely to examine storage media in detail along with clear graphics to know which folder actually uses how much space.

Once you have started analyzing the hard disk, the program will, depending on the size of hard disk, display all the content stored on the hard drive in a clear graphic that follows a simple logic: the more space a file or folder uses, the larger the block on the Graphic representation, thus easy to understand even for a newbie. Plus, we can see the whole occupied space of hard drive at a glance.

Furthermore, when we click on the any graphically represented block of it, another context menu will open, makes it possible to open an Explorer or DOS window directly. In addition, content can also be deleted directly via this menu. Another feature for greater clarity: WinDirStat gives the squares a colour that matches the file type.

WinDirStat Storage Map
WinDirStat Storage Map

Apart from the colourful blocks, we also get a tree view of the files and folder along with their contribution to space consumption.

If you want to clean up a hard drive, you can really save time with this program. WinDirStat helps in determine at a glance which content takes up how much space on a storage medium. To know more see our article on how to use WinDirStat on Windows.

It is only available for Windows 10, 8, & 7 platforms, however, there are alternatives of it available for Linux that is KDirStat or QDirStat and for MacOS X once can go for Disk Inventory X or GrandPerspective.

Website to Download WinDirStat

SpaceSniffer (treemap based tool) 

Another free Disk analyzer program in the list is SpaceSniffer. It allows users to quickly find out which files and directories on our computer’s hard drive uses the maximum and minimum space. It is a treemap based tool that gives a clear picture of storage usage.

The best of the SpaceSniffer is it is a lightweight portable tool meant to run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the latest one Windows 10. Just extract its folder and start using it without installation. As soon as we start analyzing a drive, the freeware clearly shows the storage distribution in the form of rectangles. That you can see in the below-given screenshot of the SpaceSniffer.

SpaceSniffer Treemap based disk analyzer tool
SpaceSniffer Treemap based disk analyzer tool

When we select any given storage information block on the SpaceSniffer, it will further show the folders consuming most of the space on the drive. So if you are looking for drive space guzzlers, you should first look at the largest possible area.

Furthermore, when you click on a directory, its content will show as a preview; while clicking two times, the view zooms in to the folder and thus enables a more precise analysis. Right-click at any time to use the Windows Explorer context menu and, for example, open or delete files.

For a targeted analysis of hard disk usage, look for certain file names or file types is possible as well.

In the options you adjust the colour of the treemap, change the level of detail or the animations when zooming in into directories. You can also activate the analysis of alternative data streams and switch off the detection of changes to the file system after a scan.

There is a good alternative to WinDirStat, Treesize Free and Folder Size kind of Disk analyzers offer a similar kind of graphical representation of storage consumption of hard drive.

Few key features of SpaceSinffer are Fast analyzing, drag and drop support, customizable textual reports; zoomable elements; customizable in geometry, colours, behaviours; Smart cached scanning engine, multiple views, single scan; NTFS Alternate Data Streams scan and more…

Official Website to download SpaceSniffer.

TreeSize- Free storage space finder

This is the freemium storage space analyzer that comes in both free and premium software. Yes, indeed the free one has some feature limitations but with enough to start finding out folder sizes and disk space on Windows 10 or later OS versions. TreeSize Free can be used from Windows XP. If you want even more management and analysis options, the developer website offers the two paid versions TreeSize Personal and TreeSize Professional.

After the installation of TreeSize for Windows 10/7, we can easily call up it via the context menu of folders and drives. The interface of it gives the familiar feel of Windows default explorer. TreeSize Free lists all directories including their subdirectories and shows their size or the space occupied by the file system.

TreeSize also gives the user a visual indication of the actual space requirement of the selected directory. Depending on the size, the cards are arranged along with coloured levels increasing progress bar is shown behind the selected entries. In addition, information such as the exact number of files, the last access date or the owner can be viewed at a glance.

TreeSize- Free storage space finder
TreeSize- Free storage space finder

According to its developers, it uses Master File Table, MFT for short, that helps TreeSize to achieve extremely high speed in the hard disk scanning process. If the program is run as administrator, the space requirements of directories for which the user has no access rights can also be checked.

Furthermore, the TreeSize also comes with Touch-optimized interface to easily use in the touchscreens running Windows 10 devices.

Official Website to download TreeSize.

Folder Size for Windows 10 to Analyze space usage

Folder Size Explorer is a free Windows Explorer software which is just around 3 MB in size. It supports almost all version of Microsoft Windows such Windows 10/8 /7 / Vista /XP /98 including x86 and x64 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems; along with support for server OS: Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / EBS 2008 / HPC Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2…

The professional version of Folder Size also supports command-line parameters. It requires Pentium-233 MHz or higher CPU, 128 MB RAM and 5 MB free hard disk space.

Folder Size free version scans entire drives or even individual directories at the push of a button and then lists the distribution of the used storage space in detail.

Folder Size for Windows 10
Folder Size Windows 10

After the Folder Size scanned the drive successfully it will list all directories and files together with information on the size, the percentage of space used, the number of subdirectories, the creation date and other criteria by which the list can be sorted as desired. Alternatively, you can only display the largest folders and files to get more accurate space consumption picture.

Also practical: files and directories can be opened directly in Windows Explorer or with the respective linked program, or can be transported to the trash within Folder Size. In addition to the overview table, a cake and column diagram provides information about the memory allocation.

In addition to the freeware version, folder size is also available in paid personal and professional editions with extra features and functions.

Official Website to download Folder Size for Windows.

WizTree – Windows Fast disk space analyser

WizTree freeware is another software available in a portable version as well to scan disks to find out utilization files and directories. Just like above-mentioned disk space analyzer tools it also displays a graphical representation of space-consuming elements in the form of blocks along with Tree view, so that you can quickly see what space is used for. Clicking on the blocks can directly jump and select

WizTreeStorage space in WizTree -min
WizTree Storage space analyzer

WizTree is really fast in reading out the storage space allocation, it uses the Master File Table (MFT) database format to scan NTFS drives and showing the scanned result usually performed in few seconds by this tool even for large drives.

The tool gives clear tree structure, in addition to the size of directories and files including other information such as the number of elements in a folder.

Furthermore, with WizTree you can also read in only certain directories and MFT images, save the results as a CSV file and transfer files or folders directly to the recycle bin by pressing the [Del] key.

If one wants he or she can add the tool to the Windows context menu and set the representation of the file sizes to byte, KB, MB or GB values.

Official website to download WizTree


DiskSavvy is another freemium tool in our disk space analyzer tools list that analyzes available disk space on local, network shares, NAS storage devices. Users can generate pie and bar graphs, save disk space analysis reports in a number of standard formats such as HTML, PDF, Text, Excel CSV and XML, export disk space analysis results to a SQL database Multiple desktop and server product versions are provided and advanced analytics operations can be performed.

DiskSavvy, a disk space usage analyzer
DiskSavvy, a disk space usage analyzer

Few key features of the DiskSavvy are Analyze Disk Space Usage; analyze network servers, categorize and filter files, statistics and pie charts, top 100 directories; built-In file classification; disk space usage reports, SQL database integration; command-line utility, DiskSavvy server and more…

Apart from the free version, the DiskSavvy is also available DiskSavvy Pro ($50); DiskSavvy Ultimate ($125), DiskSavvy server ($250) and DiskSavvy Enterprise ($625). However, installing the free version of DiskSavvy on your Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or server will satisfy all basic needs of a Storage analyser tool.

Official Website to download DiskSavvy.

Disk Space Analyzing tools verdict

So, there we few best disk analyzer software to find out which file or folder consuming maximum space on your computer, server or laptop. These tools definitely help in freeing up valuable space of hard drive or external storage, you can start with TreeSize or WinDirStat like free programs.

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