Facebook’s new improvement to the Two-Factor Authentication

Recently, alarming questions were raised about the security of the privacy of people on Facebook. It was a significant setback for the fans of the social media platform who spent hours on it. Facebook was working incessantly since then to improve the security of the website and thus lure its lost users once again. In the pursuit of the same, Facebook has now beefed up its Two-Factor Authentication. You no longer require a phone number to log into the site through the two-factor authentication. Facebook will now allow you to access the security feature through other apps like Duo and Google Authenticator.

Facebook’s new improvement to the Two-Factor Authentication
The work of rolling out the update had been going out since last month, and according to Facebook, it is now available to most of the people on the platform. What’s more, Facebook has also worked towards efficient streamlining of the onboard process and thus made it unbelievably easy for users to access this feature.

This feature was much required. Facebook was criticised on several grounds. It was said that the phone numbers provided by people or the two-factor authentication were being misused to send them spam messages. Facebook confessed later that it was a bug. Since then, it has worked towards enhancing its security cover.

Two-factor authentications for login are known to make your accounts across the world wide web more secure than ever. Every time you log in to your account from a new device, you are required to enter a code apart from your password. You can either receive the code through an SMS or a code generator app. Earlier, Facebook was also armed with physical security keys and its inbuilt code generator to facilitate the same process. It is indeed not a panacea. However, this feature does ensure that even if hackers do manage to get access to your account, they are not able to break through because of the code required for the two-factor authentication.

Sadly, despite the significant requirement for the same, many people are still not aware of the feature and haven’t started using it for their account. Here are the steps through which you can utilize two-factor authentication for your Facebook account –

1. Log into your Facebook account by entering username and password.
2. Go to Settings
3. On the left-hand side of the window, scan through the screen to find Security and Login.
4. After selecting the Security and Login option, you will find the option for Two-Factor Authentication towards the bottom of the page.
5. It is undoubtedly much easier to use your phone number for authentication. However, it is highly recommended that you use the recently updated features by Facebook.

See, isn’t it a piece of cake? In no time, your account is more secure than ever. All your vital information these days is linked to your Facebook account. You must, therefore, pay a lot of attention to its security.

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