Free Cosmic Dating App: Your Profile will be Crafted by Personality Quizzes

Royalty-free dating application Cosmic will make it easier for bachelors to create a dating profile.

The long-awaited feature of dating apps is finally here. Now bachelors can freely talk, choose, and date people online without paying hefty royalties to watch their last swipe and see who is interested in them.

The most promising feature of the application that has caught the public’s eye is that it can create a dating profile for the user based on personality quizzes. This new approach to Cosmic allows it to build a fated connection. The combination of personality quizzes and machine learning creates a profile that reflects the user’s genuine personality and helps him find his perfect match. The Cosmic Dating app is available on Apple’s App Store.

Free Cosmic Dating App

The new dating app Comic, a debut product of the startup Friendly Apps, was founded by an engineer and product designer named Michael Sayman. It was produced with $3 million in seed funding. The application is now live and ready to make some long-lasting connections.

Michael Sayman is a brilliant engineer and product designer, considering his passion for engineering from a young age, as noted by the engineer in his book “App Kid”. which helped him land roles in big IT organizations like Facebook, Google, Reblox, and most recently, the Twitter pre-Elon Musk delegation.

He aimed to create a product experience for teens, which did not flourish after the takeover. This forced Sayman to go out on his own.

Sayman’s new startup aims to produce a suite of apps that focus on helping people achieve their goals without being toxic to their health, as many social apps are nowadays. Sayman jumps into his pursuit, first targeting dating apps. Though these apps offer a user-friendly interface, they don’t help users find what they’re actually looking for.

On signing in to the app, unlike traditional dating apps, it doesn’t allow users to build their profile. Instead, it welcomes them with a set of questions like, “What do you like to do for fun?” “What’s most important to you in life?” or “What are your dreams for the future?” that helps the application understand the user’s personality and build a profile using machine learning technology.

The application also ensures user privacy by keeping these answers private and not publishing them to the public. Sayman says he came up with his idea, and some people, including himself, find making a dating bio hectic and are confused regarding what aspects of themselves and their lives should be present in the bio.

Cosmic extracts personality traits from the words you use in the quiz, including, the interests of the user and fun stuff like what popular song describes your life, the key to your heart, or your greatest strength.

“The cool part about it is it actually tells you a lot more about somebody than I think a lot of us are able to write about ourselves,” Sayman says.

Sayman built the application personally without a team using open-source and proprietary technology.

“There’s no boost. There are no subscriptions. There are no ads. There’s none of that stuff,” Sayman says. However, Cosmic offers standard tools such as blocking, reporting, photo upload, and other spam prevention tools.

One must wonder, without a source of monetization, how the app will earn. This is something the developer decides to figure out in the future, after the success of Cosmic.

The app is currently released in limited numbers in the U.S., Peru, Colombia, and a few other countries in South America and Europe. People from outside these countries will have to wait a little longer to enjoy this app. Before its release, the application was tested with only a couple hundred beta users.