Future Apple Watch can save you from Sun burn

There are a series of rumors and patent applications for Apple Watch, which suggest that Apple has a greater ambition for the future of its wearable devices. Apple not only explored a variety of new watch designs, including a watch with a circular display but also interested in the so-called modular “Apple Watch concept“, which will allow users to put a variety of specific accessories to connect your device.

Apple CEO Cook has repeatedly hinted that the company is interested in developing advanced health monitoring tools and is the ultimate goal. In theory, these tools can be bundled with Apple Watch or wirelessly on demand. This week, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released another Apple patent related to Apple Watch, which allows users to use Apple Watch as a reliable tool to prevent sunburn.

Originally filed in December 2017, Apple’s “Light-Based Protection Detection” patent details a state-of-the-art sunscreen detector that can be used with portable devices such as the Apple Watch. The patent literature states that although sunscreens are characterized by a sun protection factor (SPF), the efficacy of a particular product ultimately depends on several factors—such as how much sunscreen is applied, the sunscreen’s waterproof threshold, and even the wearer’s skin sensitivity…

Future Apple Watch can save you from Sun burn

From a purely technical point of view, Apple’s patents can alert users when they need to reapply sunscreen, which is extremely helpful in preventing sunburn. Of course, Apple’s patents are more complicated than simple reminders. The new patent’s focus is on “UV and IR detectors.” Through the Apple Watch’s display, users can observe areas that may lack adequate protection and get notifications of when, where, and how long to apply more sunscreen.

Future Apple Watch can save you from Sun burn 2

Apple explained that the system can provide more detailed inspections in darker environments. Using camera lenses and augmented reality, the system can create any unprotected skin area that is detected as an image or video, giving users a deeper understanding of which areas of their skin need attention.

It should be mentioned that this is still a patent application. Like other Apple patents, we are not sure when it will enter the commercialization phase. It is widely expected that Apple will launch the new Apple Watch Series 4 this fall, but it is unclear whether the company plans to launch a new Apple Watch health accessory.