You Might Soon Lose Your Apple Watch’s Mechanical Buttons

Currently, Apple Watch has clickable buttons to browse through its interface. A piece of news that Apple is planning to soon do away with these buttons in favor of more solid-state, touch-sensitive buttons is lately doing the rounds.
This move will affect not just the crown as well as the single traditional button that currently brings up a view of the currently opened apps. The button configuration, however, i.e. which buttons exist and which ones are located where will not change. The user will still be able to navigate through the buttons. The difference will be that instead of the buttons moving up and down, they will provide haptic feedback to Apple’s taptic engine.

Apple wathc button removed

Similar changes were introduced by Apple in the iPhone starting from iPhone 7. The move invited mixed reactions from the users. The response ranged from the people who found the step doable to the ones who outright detested it. Before that, Apple had made similar changes to the Mac trackpads however that implementation was much better and provided localised feedback. The trackpads are incredible at delivering the feeling of a physical button.
Well, the Apple watches already have the taptic function inculcated in them. The only difference that this move will bring is the fact that it will now be extended to even the physical buttons. Apple is probably bringing such changes on board to get more spaces to provide more features of the users. It will also make the device more water-resistant than before. Reports also suggest that Apple has been lately working on developing new biometric scanners for the buttons.

Apple watch buttons

Apple has quite a history of minimizing physical buttons wherever possible. Not all the users are big fans of this legacy of the organization. The company has been steadfast in its commitment to have the only button for the mouse on its Mac devices. The current mouse that Apple provides is touch-sensitive. However, its button can be pressed down too. In the Apple-made mouse, much like a traditional mouse you can press down on either side of the buttons be it left or right. However, you cannot press down on both of them simultaneously.

This change in the Apple Watch can feature either in the Apple Watch being launched this year in September or the one being launched next year.