Gigabyte’s first RAM Aorus officially announced with RGB LED light

In the past two years, the memory market has been hot and new brands have entered. Gigabyte, the board maker, showed off its first memory product at the Taipei Computer Show, which is part of the Aorus Eagles e-sports series.

Gigabyte’s first RAM officially announced with RGB LED light

Gigabyte’s DDR4 memory peripheral uses a brushed aluminum heatsink, which is tough, sharp, and light gray, but Gigabyte says it will also have a dark tone when it is released.

Gigabyte’s RAM officially with RGB LED light

On the left side of the memory module is the Aorus brand logo, and the top is a self-contained light bar, which supports RGB LED lighting effects, and can be controlled by RGB Fusion software, which can be linked with the Gigabyte motherboard to form a unified lighting effect.

Gigabyte’s RAM RGB LED light

The specification only discloses a single capacity of 8GB and a rated frequency of 3200MHz. At present, the prototype is still being displayed. Gigabyte is still debugging, so the specific release date is not yet determined.

Gigabyte’s Aorus RAM with RGB LED light

The new Aorus RGB LED DDR4-3200 memory kit is set to arrive at the end of June with an MSRP of $229.