Google .App domain: Build for app developers

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In order to provide developers a safe, friendly APP promotion and distribution platform, Google launched the “.app” domain name.

Google. App domain Build for app developers
The official “” home page



Developers can apply for their own .app domain website as their official website for developing APPs. Developers can also advertise information on the website, provide secure download links, publish update logs, and development progress.

.app Domain Release Notice
.app Domain Release Notice


According to Google, the .app domain is easy to remember and safer because all .app domains force https connections.

.app domain example
.app domain example


Starting today 9May1 2018)  at 9:00 am PDT and through May 7, .app domains are available to register as part of our Early Access Program and developers with an additional fee can pay to pre-book the desired domain name. Starting on May 8th, the .app domain name will officially open for registration within the public domain. Just visit to see who’s already on .app.


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