YouTube Premium! The new hub for entertainment! What to expect!

YouTube Red, the premium wing of YouTube might see its retirement soon. Yes, it is! But were you in love with the color red! Don’t worry! Your money and your favorite services are going nowhere. You can no doubt access all your favorites. But this time on a new platform. Yes. It is through the YouTube Premium platform.

Being a music and video lover, it is the name the name that only changed for you. The rest is same. But wait! There will be modifications. You can get a plethora of new features. YouTube Premium might even rejuvenate the complete online streaming industry. Though it is dependent on numerous other aspects.

YouTube Premium

With the new YouTube Premium, it will more than just videos. From listening to music to original shows! You can get everything from YouTube Premium. YouTube Music will give access to music. It will be available either for free or for $9.99. The paid version will support background playing and an ad-free experience. Yes! You can even download the songs with the premium subscription.

If you are a user from India, pardon me for not giving the Indian price. It isn’t available for India yet. To watch YouTube originals, you can subscribe to it for $11.99. Desktop users need not worry. YouTube Music and premium subscriptions will be available for desktop as well.

Unable to use Spotify in India! YouTube Music can be the answer for you. Yes, YouTube has millions of songs. It has all potentials to compete with Spotify, the most popular music streaming app. Though the real world circumstances are left to be watched. I am not sure whether the YouTube Premium subscription in India will come with the prices mentioned. Converting to INR, it stands out to be almost Rs. 700 and Rs. 840. The actual prices though may vary.

According to the sources, AI will be implemented in YouTube Music. AI will be used on the song lyrics and the descriptions, as well. Hopefully, it will be used to recommend songs depending on your likes. The AI mastery for none of the music streaming apps satisfied me. At least to recommend songs based on my likes. Whether YouTube Music can satisfy me, umm! Let me wait for the time to give the answer. AI will also be used to recommend songs depending on your location. Yes, no longer time waste making the playlist for your next long drive. Yes, for your gym workout, as well. YouTube Music is all set to launch on 22nd May.

We all use YouTube. From cute kitten videos to tutorials. From tips and tricks to comedy videos. Almost anything and everything under the sun is available on YouTube.

No, you can’t find Alien lifestyle though! With YouTube Premium and Music it will be even more. It has the potential to turn out to be the unified entertainment platform.

What do you think about YouTube Premium and Music? Let me know about in the comment section below.