Google Introducing Hangouts Meet Hardware

Earlier in the year 2017, the Google has driven the Hangouts into the business to ease the communications in the Enterprises. The products were launched in March 2017 under Hangouts business were Called Meet and Chat, aimed to offer video conferencing and group messaging for businesses.  And today they have introduced Hardware that bundled with Hangouts and called Hangouts Meet Hardware for business to manage the video conferences in a better way.

Gogole Hangouts Meet hardware for video meetings and Group chat

Hangouts Meet hardware comprises four components to enhance the video quality for meetings:  a 4K sensor camera, ASUS Chromebox, speaker, mic, and a touchscreen controller,

The ASUS Chromebox powered by Chrome OS supports Chrome apps and makes easier to deploy and manage Hangouts Meet hardware. The benefit of using Chrome Os is it totally under the Google’s supervision and the hardware kit automatically get the latest updates to ensure the security and reliability. It also offers remote device monitoring and management.


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The Hangout Meet Hardware touch interface allows enterprises to schedule or view meetings with a single tap. Also, the touchscreen enables users to control the camera, pin and mute the team members. The participants can add into the meetings with the dial-a-phone feature and present from a laptop via HDMI.  You can record the meetings to Google Drive but only available for G Suite Enterprise Edition customers.

The Speaker -Mic of Hangout Meet Hardware are designed to eliminate the echo and background noise actively to provide crisp, clear audio. To cover large rooms and meeting halls it can connect five speaker mics in a daisy-chained way together with a single wire.

The Hangout Meet Hardware has 4K sensor camera covers 120° field of view easily captures everyone at the table. The camera built with machine learning and can intelligently detect participants and automatically crop and zoom to frame them.

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Key Features:

  • Record meetings and save them to Drive. It can save Meetings even without a Hangouts Meet hardware kit with a couple of clicks.
  • Host meetings with up to 50 participants
  • The dial-in feature will automatically update meeting’s dial-in listing to a local phone number.

The Hangout Meet hardware kit is priced at $1,999 and is available in “select markets” today. Google also offers   Jamboard 55″ 4K whiteboard at $4,999.