Gotham Knights Storyline, Screenshots, All Leaked Details

The DC Fandom event was an unprecedented event like ever before, and it stunned the DC lovers around the world. Whether it is the Comic or the DC movie lovers all of them loved the event. But when it comes to gaming, launching DC’s next big title’s movie trailers just started a new era, which can lead to a movie-game storyline crossover in the near future as well.

Gotham Knights Trailer and Gameplay walk-through had been released recently on 22nd Aug 2020 at the Fandom event. The event uncovered all the 2021’s DC projects, which surprised all the superhero fans around the world. The project of Gotham Knights was among one of those uncovered ones. It has been in rumors for quite some time, but the trailer and the gameplay footage launched at the Fandom event was beyond expectation. Let’s talk about all the details we know so far about this Batman universe game.

Gotham Knights Confirmed Details

  • Gotham Knights is going to be an action RPG genre game, the story is roughly based on DC comics storyline of Gotham Knight.
  • The Protagonists are some of the main Batman allies namely Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood.
  • The main Gotham Knights Storyline featured in a way where Batman is dead and also the GCPD head James Gordon. All of Batman’s resources and techs have been distributed among his allies, which are Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. All four of them are rising against the increasing crime syndicates in Gotham, and subsequently, they form up as a team to work better.
  • The launch date is not final yet, but the project is aimed for 2021, according to official reports, it would probably be in the market by  Q3, 2021.
  • Gotham Knights is going to be a next-gen game, the graphics are pretty impressive, thus would need pretty powerful hardware to run. It will launch for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5 and MS Windows platforms.
  • In the Gotham Knights storyline, the antagonist’s group Court of Owls and Assassin group Talons are going to play major roles. Mr. Freeze is also going to play one of the main antagonist roles.
  • Each of the characters in Gotham Knights would have their own playstyle and unique abilities, which makes playing the game even more fun and tactical. For sure we know that Robin can teleport from one place to another via using the Justice League satellite. The unique abilities of other protagonists are still unknown.
  • Dick Grayson (Former Robin) is the Nightwing, Barbara Gordon (daughter of James Gordon) is the Batgirl, Tim Drake is the Robin and Jason Todd (former Robin & Arkham Knight) is the Red Hood.
  • Gotham Knights is going to be developed by WB Games Montreal Studios, and the Gotham Knights publishers are Warner Brother Interactive entertainment itself.
  • Gotham Knights is going to feature a lot of multiplayer and co-op stuff in the game, where you can play co-op missions with your friend, and call for allies within the missions where applicable. Four-player co-op mode is not available and split-screen co-op mode would also not be available with the Gotham Knights.
  • Batgirl is voiced by America Young, Nightwing is voiced by Christopher Sean, Red Hood is voiced by Stephen Oyoung and Robin is voiced by Sloan Morgan Siegel. Also, Alfred Pennyworth is voiced by Glidart Jackson.
  • It has been confirmed by official sources that Gotham Knights is going to be an original story, Gotham Knights is not connected with Batman Arkham series anyway. So, Gotham Knights is not a sequel of batman Arkham series anyhow. In simple words, Gotham Knights is a soft reboot for the post-Batman Gotham era in-game.
  • Though the gameplay style of Gotham Knight is inspired by Batman – Arkham Knight Gameplay, so you can find a huge similarity in the gameplay styles.
  • Gotham Knight is going to feature vehicles for driving, but no vehicle battle gameplay like Batman – Arkham Knight is going to featured.
  • According to some Reddit rumors, Joker, Harley Quinn, Ra’s al Ghul, Penguin, Riddler, Dollmaker, Clock King and Black Mask are also going to featured in Gotham Knights as Villains. Though none of these above-mentioned villains are confirmed officially.


Here is the link for the Gotham Knights Official Trailer


Here is the link for the Gotham Knights Official Gameplay Footage


Here are some Official screenshots of Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Screenshot min Gotham Knights game screenshot min Gotham Knights offcial Batman game screenshot min Gotham Knights gaming characters min Gotham Knights Xbox game characters min


Wrapping up

As per other experts in the gaming industry, the Gotham Knight is going to be a great game according to the experts. Whereas according to my own experience, Gotham Knight is a perfect next-gen game, but one may need a lot of hardware juice in order to play this game on PC. Also, I am eager for the actual 4K 60 FPS performance of the game. From some of the scenes in the gameplay trailer, we can see the game emphasized on the Ray Tracing Tech quite much, so I think Nvidia RTX cards would perform better for the game on the PCs.