Meizu’s new Flyme SMS technology allow users to SMS videos

As one the largest mobile event in Asia, the 2018 Mobile World Congress – Shanghai (MWC Shanghai) attracted more than 550 exhibitors to gather in Shanghai, where Meizu, a Chinese mobile phone brand, also appeared.

According to the Chinese news website Mydrivers, in this exhibition, Meizu Flyme and its technology partner have brought together new features of SMS application based on RCS (Rich Communication Services) in China.

In recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, WhatsApp like application those uses Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) to send messages somehow replaced the popular 2G era of SMS. And after entering the era of 4G mobile communications messaging business began to pick up, along with RCS technology continues to mature sound. RCS technology is similar to the Apple’s iMessage that will offer group chat, high-resolution photo sharing, read receipts etc. Moreover, Google is also working on the expansion of RCS tech to replace the native Android messaging system that will be powered by the Google’s Jibe RCS Cloud.

Meizu’s new Flyme SMS technology allow users to SMS videos

The new Flyme SMS application is using RCS technology. The technology is a kind of integrated communication service based on the mobile phone address book, which includes various communication services such as voice, instant messaging, and content sharing. With RCS support, Flyme’s SMS application now supports the RCS rich media messages, including SMS text, SMS video, photo sharing and more.

This means, previously, original text messages can only receive verification codes, bank reminders, and other information; while the Flyme SMS functions work like Whatsapp – users can quickly read texts, watch videos, and even open text messages. This SMS tech now gives some twist to the traditional text messaging, and at the same time solves the pain points of enterprises’ inefficiencies through text messaging, single user reading experience, and lack of trust. Moreover, Flyme SMS allows users to install additional apps without using RCS Native technology.


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