Mitron, the Rival App for TikTok in India removed from Google Play Store

Mitron is an app that was developed by Indians to replace TikTok in India. The app was doing good but now it is not available on the Google Play store. It is still unclear whether Google took down the app all by itself or the developers unpublished it. Either way, it is important for the people who downloaded the app to uninstall it as it is not a Google Play store approved app and it may cause risk to your mobiles.

There are various fake versions of Mitron available on the Play store and it is advised for people to not download them. Meanwhile, a group of Pakistani developers from company QBoxus got in touch with Indian reporters and said that the source code of Mitron was developed by them. The source code was from their own app named TicTic and put the entire source code on Code Canyon for sale at $34 which means Rs. 2,571.

One of the buyers named Shivank Agarwal used the source code to create Mitron. It is still unclear whether this news is true or false.

Mitron alternative to TikTok in India removed from Google Play Store
Mitron alternative to TikTok in India, removed from Google Play Store

Mitron became an instant hit in India as it was touted as the alternative for TikTok in the country and “made in India” tagged worked pretty well for them. There were more than 50 lakh downloads for this app. However, the developers of the app remained silent amidst this entire controversy.

Privacy Concerns- Uninstall Mitron now

The first issue that one has with Mitron is that there was no proper privacy policy at a place in the app. It was a huge issue for the users and posed as a threat to their privacy. The app needed access to camera, gallery, and one has to sign in with their Google account. These things made it an issue for the users.

Karan Saini, an information security researcher from New Delhi stated that the Mitron app was an entire copy-paste of the TicTic app. It is done with the same source code. He also advised the users to not provide any kind of private information to the app as it is operated by a sole entity and there is no accountability for their information. One of the security flaws in both Mitron and TicTic is that the developer can add and remove followers of any account present on the app.