Best 15 Skin Care apps to have on any Android or iOS phones

Maintain your skin glow and take care of it by using various Apps available for Android and iOS running smartphones. Here we have listed some best Skincare Apps.

Taking care of your overall physical and mental health is essential. A healthy body and mind are all we need to live a good lifestyle with enjoyment. If you neglect things that might impact your health then you can become unhealthy and would not be able to lead your life the way you wish to be. Give priority to your health and do the needful actions to maintain good health that will drive you to do great things throughout your life.

To maintain a good body, skincare is also important in the modern-day more than ever. It is a very demanding segment and the industry of skincare and beauty is huge all over the world. You can find so many products from many companies to get and maintain good skin health for your body. There are also experts within the industry who provide guidance and solutions for your skin-related problems and issues.

Sometimes, it is really hard to know about the right ways or tricks to maintain your skin, and finding the right product that suits your skin type is also a challenge. And we need to protect our skin from rising pollution and UV rays that can harm us badly with diseases. To fight all of those issues, you can use some of the best Skin Care apps that you can download to manage your skincare program for better skin health. They work very well and will help you to your day-to-day skincare objectives with information and tips.

Top 15 Skin Care apps for Android or iOS phones

1. TroveSkin 2.0 Skincare Tracker

Any person who is looking for a modern skincare application that will provide multiple information and solutions about skincare can easily rely on this platform for convincing results. TroveSkin 2.0 Skincare Tracker is eligible for this job and the integration of Artificial Intelligence in this tool makes it easier to handle user demands. The app will collect all the necessary data by a skincare scan and a quiz to know about the skin and the daily habits of a user. Depending on your diet, daily routine, skin type, etc, the tool will suggest appropriate solutions to apply on you for better skin.

TroveSkin 2.0 best Android Skincare Tracker app

You can take your picture from multiple angles to scan them within the app to know about skin health and progress. Also, it can help you to track your products or expiration date of any product along with stress level, mood, etc to note them as data. It is a very reliable tool that you can have on your Android or iOS phone.

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2. Think Dirty

This is a platform that is very good and applicable to learn about your products and find out the dirty objects within them or the percentage of ingredients any product consists of. You can scan the barcode of any skincare or makeup product to know about the dirty or harmful ingredients within it by a safety scale. A ‘Dirty Meter’ will show you the results with a rating from 0 to 10 by evaluating the product. So, you can know about the level of dirty ingredients from the product you are using. It covers all the necessary information like details of such ingredients, certifications of the product, how safe it is for you to use, etc to decide whether you should use it or not.

Think Dirty

Along with this essential feature, you can also make a shopping list for you to buy them later by remembering from the list. And another feature called ‘My Bathroom Rating’ is there for the users to fill your bathroom with quality products and replace any bad product. You will also be able to know which you have to clean by using the feature. This app can help you to clean your skin and bathroom as well for the benefit of your health.

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3. Water Drink Reminder

We all know the fact that drinking the right amount of water during any day is very much important. Water keeps us hydrated which is the most notable thing to be healthy in life. Lack of drinking water could bring many health issues in our life so it is highly recommended to drink water sufficient enough to make your body healthy. And for the people who are looking for good skin then drinking water can do wonders for them. Drink water to stay hydrated which will help you to get and maintain healthy and beautiful skin. It will give your skin a good glow by removing any dullness in your body.

To remind you of drinking water and how much water you need in a day, an application like Water Drinking Reminder can help you to stay hydrated. You can use this tool to achieve your goals about hydration and maintain this for better health and skin. It will make you very satisfied with the results and motivate you to drink the amount of water you need every day.

This app is for Android users. iPhone users can use iHydrate to get such services.



4. Skincare Routine

Nowadays, we live a very busy life with a hectic schedule. It is very difficult to give time to maintain our body and skin with proper skin care methods. Manually creating a routine for that and implementing is not so easy for us and we can forget about it in our busy lives. To maintain a proper skincare routine and methods you can use the Skincare Routine application as it can act as a digital skincare professional and guide you to keep your skin fresh and beautiful. All the steps for skincare you can get from it as you will be able to have a customized skincare routine for every day.

Skincare Routine app for iOS

Users can track the product usage and can learn about the proper steps to use a product or the order of layering products or when you need to apply any skincare product with alerts. The tool can recommend you the right product for your skin type to avoid any harmful item. Click your picture and upload them in this tool to analyze the progress of your skin health and schedule your skincare routine accordingly.

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5. FeelinMySkin

Just like the Skincare Routine app, this is also a kind of routine app for the users to maintain their daily skincare routines with suggestions and alerts. The user-friendly interface of the FeelinMySkin application is very beneficial for the users as they can detect their skincare problems and have a routine to cure them for better skin health that they can maintain as well. Users can have a routine that suits perfectly according to their skin requirements. Using this app will help you to remember your skincare timings and methods of the day so you do not have to skip any of them.

FeelinMySkin Skincare Routine Assistant

If you are allergic to any product or ingredient then you can mark them within the app so it will notify you about those things to avoid any product that consists of such allergic items. And you can also mark your favorite products for future purposes and alerts. This tool can provide you with some useful Skincare tips and product ingredient information in detail to know about them and make your skin more beautiful. Download this on your phone to get the services for your skin.

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6. YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art

Although this app doesn’t fit here, your nails are also very important to look great with good skin. Maintain the health of your nails to make them strong and wonderful to get a full package of the outer look of your hands. Bad dark-spotted nails can hamper your overall look and you can have any nail-related problems. To maintain and give a great look to your nails you can download YouCam Nails to manicure and design your nails in a very good way.

YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon for Custom Nail Art

With this application, you can get a large number of professional nail designs with the feature as a try-on to get a preview of how it will look on your nails. The tutorials are there on trending nail art designs to watch for the users and you can also share your design with the other users and get tips regarding nail designs. Using this app eliminates the usage of nail paint remover all the time if you do not like the design as you can try them on your nails through the app. Select or create your preferable nail art and give your nails a new look.

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7. Skin Bliss: Cosmetics & Beauty

This is also a very comfortable application for users who are searching for suggestions and guidance for their skin health to have good skin in nature. Skin Bliss uses modern Artificial Intelligence technology that makes it very appropriate for the uses to receive accurate information and services according to their specific skin type and problems. Through this tool, you can analyze your skin type or issues to get the type of skincare product that suits perfectly with your skin. It will let you know about the ingredients that might be important for your skin treatment and maintenance.

Skin Bliss Cosmetics Beauty for Android or iPhone

Any user can enrich their knowledge with the help of it as the app provides many tips and tricks for the beauty of your skin and the products that are safer for you to use. Identify your skin problems like oily skin, wrinkles, dryness, etc, and work on it with the recommendation you get from the app with valuable skincare products. The platform is very effective for sensitive skin and other health issues.

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8. UVLens – UV Index Forecasts

It is one of the best apps to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. Going outside when the Sun is high above our head can be very harmful to us as our skin can come to direct contact with UV rays which is the reason for many skin-related diseases. The users of the UV Lens application can use it to get a forecast about UV rays and get knowledge about the potential danger of going outside at that time. It is the right tool for the safety of the skin from such threats. Set an alarm to get a notification for applying sunscreen lotions before going outside and know about the right amount of sunscreen you need for protection from UV rays.

UVLens – UV Index Forecasts

It will provide you with proper data to analyze as the tool can assess the risk factor for individual assessment by reviewing your skin and the time your skin is exposed to the Sun. In that way, you can get to know at which time you can go outside safely or how much time you can be outside to avoid any effects of UV rays. Install it in your phones as it can protect your skin from skin diseases to keep you fit and healthy.

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9. INCI Beauty

The dream of having great skin and keeping it healthy enough to look beautiful can be done with the help of this user-friendly tool and look glamorous. INCI Beauty works perfectly to get knowledge about any particular skincare product and enhance your skills to implement them on your skin for good results. The users of this skincare application can scan the beauty products to know in full detail. It will inform you of the ingredients it has in it and judge whether the product is safe for you to apply in your skin or not. In case you need to change the product because of the low ratings then you can go for a better item that suits your skin perfectly.

INCI Beauty Analysis of cosmetic products

Another feature this platform provides is you can buy your favorite products with offers by searching them with the help of this tool. Also, you can tag products that you want to buy to use in your skin for the coming days. The user community within the app is there also and you can share your knowledge or get some tips using it. Users can have the services of this tool pretty much free to maintain the need to have good skin.

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10. Skin Theory

This skincare application acts like a way that can enlighten you about the skin issues or problems you may get to prevent them with some skincare methods and products. So, you can install this tool on your smartphone to get knowledge about some skin problems which you might face for various reasons and circumstances. Know about the dullness or the unhealthy nature of your face that you already have or will get because of some bad effects. People might be able to see some tutorials on what are the issues that can bring problems to their skin health to analyze them more accurately.

Skin Theory

If you are facing some skin issues that are hampering the look of your skin and face then you can take your pictures to upload them to this platform for better solutions as suggestions. Apart from that users can also write their problems in this tool for applicable options to make their skin better. There are so many features this app can deliver to the users which makes it a quality app to have.

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11. Cloe – skincare diary

This is one of the best applications in this segment which is powered by Artificial Intelligence to understand the skin tone and issues of any individual user. By analyzing the problems, it can recommend some best solutions and skin treatment products to apply and get the expected results with effectiveness. Track the skincare products that you use daily and you can get a review of such products with the points you might need to have better knowledge. It will assist you very well to take care of your skin.

Cloe skincare diary Android best app

With the help of this tool, any user can customize their unique list with products, skin supplements, proper food, etc along with short notes with details that you need to store. They will notify you regarding the time or products you need to apply to your skin for skincare throughout the day. So, you don’t miss it a single time. Also, you can have a personalized calendar for your daily skincare schedule with products that you use for better skin. Upload your picture to analyze the progress of your skin and act accordingly.

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12. Face Yoga Exercises

Yoga is a very good practice or workout to get a fit and healthy body along with a fresh mind. The form is one of the best ways to get a healthy life and anyone regardless of their age can do it for good results. Just like this, facial exercise or yoga can do wonders to get a glowing face and healthy skin tone. If you are looking for a natural way to increase the health of your facial skin then you can use the Face Yoga Exercises application to strengthen and make your facial skin tight. Doing such exercises will help to develop a good blood circulation level so you will have glowing skin with a better look.

Face Yoga Exercises

The best part of such exercises is, that you do not need any kind of gym or equipment and using this tool you can do it on your sitting in your home. It reduces fat from your face and gives you a good facial structure that will suit you well and enhance your look. Keep yourself and your skin healthy with such a form of practice to be healthy and beautiful.

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13. UV Index Now – UVI Mate

Just like the UVLens – UV Index application, this platform also acts similarly in nature. You can track the dangerous UV rays that can harm your skin badly when you go outside in broad daylight. Users can get to know about the threats of UV rays before going outside and can take precautions to protect their skin to keep them safe. You certainly do not want dull skin that looks very bad and will decrease your overall look. Apart from this, such rays also create some severe diseases that cause many health issues regarding your skin.

UV Index Now – UVI Mate

Depending on the app, you can use sunscreen lotion if you need to go outside after getting notified about UV rays. This application also provides weather conditions all the time for the users to protect themselves from weather effects. You can download this on your android or iOS devices to assist you all the time regarding UV rays and other weather information to save your skin from getting damaged. It will be there for you all the time.

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14. Mimoglow – Skincare Tracker App

This is another great application rich with features and information with some effective solutions to your skin. Users can get so much knowledge and tips for their skincare habits. Know about the products and the ingredients it consists to judge them whether the products are good for your skin or you need to replace them with a better one. You can learn via this tool the methods to apply the products correctly to get the results. People can customize their routine for skincare and write down notes for their uses. It will remind you every day about your timing and products to care about your skin.

Mimoglow Skincare Tracker App

You can also create a list of your favorite products to buy in the future with this tool. It will notify you about the expiry dates of your products along with recommendations for purchasing or opening any specific product. This platform can do a lot of things that you might need to make your skin healthy and glowing. Learn from this and satisfy your skincare goals.

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15. Picky – Skincare Community

There is no shortage of skincare apps and Picky is another application that provides high value to rectify problems in your skin or the products you use for getting better skin health. Here, other users can share their views as advice and stories along with recommendations to find the best product for you to apply them. Information about the ingredients of products is there to measure it in terms of safety and effectiveness. Take the best product that matches your skin type to fight skin problems.

Picky Skincare Community

From the review of other people, you can learn about the products more precisely within the app to have a clear view of a particular product to consider in the future. The community of this platform is huge and you can share your knowledge or experience about skincare and its products of it. Write your reviews or join any discussion to educate people on certain products and tips. You can even win points by doing some daily check-ins and more. You can enter a giveaway competition with such points and might win any Skincare product if you win that competition. The opportunity of learning and teaching is there to share some valuable information regarding skincare.

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All of the above apps in the list are capable of giving the users what they are searching for to assist them in the journey of having good skin and keeping it healthy. Download any of them to get the services and features of that platform that you think is suitable for you and your skin.