OnePlus 6 latest news and updates. Confirmed by company CEO Pete Lau

The closer we are moving towards the OnePlus 6 launch date, a number of new features are coming to the limelight, some in form of leaks, while others are some confirmed information from some reputed source. That being said, recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed that the latest flagship from OnePlus will feature a glass material, in order to add a premium look to the latest flagship. There are already some confirmations about the OnePlus 6 notch, and some OnePlus 6 specs and those, who are real OnePlus fans will surely be happy with the introduction of glass material, which will be used in it.

Nowadays, the smartphone is a symbol of eminence, and owing an OnePlus handset is something to brag about, because of its premium specifications and looks. OnePlus has its own brand value at present, and apart from the beautiful looks, which the glass body will give, the glass body also has its own advantages over normal glass backs, which the previous OnePlus devices used to come with. Having a glass material will not only give a comfortable and transparent look to the device, but it will also give a fresh feel for handling it. According to the sources, the team, which selected the prototype of the glass, has tried more than 65 prototypes, before choosing the final one.

According to the sources, OnePlus will contain 5 layers of nanotech coating, which will be a vista in the world of the smartphone industry, and they also think this one, of the OnePlus 6 features will be a revolutionary one. Most of the smartphones, according to the sources come with 3 nanotech coatings. In case of OnePlus 6, the separating layer between the layers will delicate yet will be difficult to recognize, at the same time.

ONEplus 6 confirmed
Concept Image Final product may be different

Though, the ultimate or the final or ultimate OnePlus 6 release date globally or OnePlus release data India is still not known, but the company confirmed, it will be available exclusively on, just like its older brother, the OnePlus 5T. Amazon has also listed the OnePlus 6 mobile, and there is also an option to modify the interested users, once it is launched, and is available for purchase on the website. There are a number of OnePlus 6 rumors, just because of the fantastic OnePlus 6 specifications, and that too within a budget. Whether the rumors will be true or not, will be evident in the coming days.

Hope the small piece of information about the OnePlus 6 phone was informative to you, and you will get all the latest OnePlus 6 news and updates on the website, once it was confirmed from some reliable source.