• Pioneer brings TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C car Speakers 

    Recently, the Pioneer has revealed its new car series speakers  TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C those are able to produce the frequencies of 40 KHz or higher.

    According to the Pioneer, both the speakers have designed to produce a sharper, melodious,  hi-res audio and smoother off-axial response, however, it is claimed by the Pioneer.

    In addition, they also mentioned that speakers have multidimensional sound, without triggering the dramatic dips. TS-Z65CH & TS-Z65C have dual layer cone with low distortion 

    pioneer ts_z65c car speaker



    • TS-Z65CH speaker price is MRP. 25,190/- 
    • TS-Z65C MRP. 20,290/-


    • Type: Separate 2 Way
    • Sound pressure level: 85 dB(±1.5dB)
    • Frequency range: 30 Hz~ 96kHz(-20dB)
    • Maximum power: 330 W
    • Nominal power: 110 (W) (CTA)
    • Cone size: 6-1/2″ ( 16.5 cm), CONE
    • Impedance: 4 OHM
    • Crossover frequencies: 2000Hz
    • Cone material: Aramid fibre plus cellulose fibre dual layer cone
    • Colour: BLACK
      Surround material: RUBBER
    • Tweeter
      • Type: Balanced Dome
      • Diaphragm material: Aluminum
      • SURROUND MATERIAL: Urethane laminated by resin
      • colour: Silver
      • DIMENSIONS: 1-1/8″, φ29mm
    • Mounting depth: 5/8″ (14.8 mm)
    • Cutout hole: 2″ Dia. (φ51 mm)




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