PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release Date and its new feature updates

As we all know by now that PUBG Mobile season 12 is about to be on air by 8th March 2020. So, there are many news leaks and even rumours are looming around, some of them are fact and some of them are yet to be proved. In this article we will try to cover all the latest update, news, leaks about the PUBG Mobile Season 12 which we know so far, as only 7 days are remaining in season 11, the expectations are high, and fans are heavily excited, including me.

The Date of PUBG Mobile Season 12 Release

Many people, YouTube videos and even many websites do claim that the PUBG Mobile Season 12 will be on air on 6th March 2020, but it has proved as a wrong news, because the end-date of season 11 is announced within the game itself inside the RP page, where it says the season 11 would come to its end at 7th March 2020, so the official release date of Season 12 should be the next day which is 8th March 2020. Now we have seen that sometimes it even took 2-3 days before the new season came up even after the end of the previous season. But of course, we can expect to have a new season update on 8th- 9th March 2020 for sure. After the launch of the season 12, a new battle would start to get the ranks of Ace and Conqueror and that battle again would last for two months until May 2020.

Pubg season 12-min

What new features are coming with this new Update?

  • The first and the confirmed answer is Death Replays. The Death Replay system is also known as Death-Cam in PUBG PC and also known as Kill-Cam is some other games. This feature would let the players review the situation where he died and how he died, so a better analysis can be done. Also, this feature would let the players identify any hackers or cheaters if someone got caught shooting without a clear line of sight or with absurd recoil control. Also, analyzing the death scenario let the players learn from their mistakes and would lead them to a better tactical decision-taking next time.

  • The second updates which are about to hit with the next season are Weapon Edits. Existing weapons would get some modification with the addition of some new weapon in-game.

  • The Uzi which is a one-handed 9mm SMG weapon will get the modification capability where one can add a Red-Dot Sight or a Holographic Sight to the weapon, that will ensure better accuracy. Uzi has been a popular choice of weapon for the starting phase of the game, and in Close quarter battles as the firing speed is insanely high (the highest firing speed in PUBG actually), with very less recoil. But with this new modification surely Uzi is going to become a very tactical choice of weapon, even for many players who did not like to use Uzi.

  • The weapon update is related to a new weapon which is about to be introduced, which is none other than the double-barrel shotgun called DBS as we have seen it in PUBG PC already. This weapon is not going to be a normally spawned weapon, but a special weapon which would be available from the supply drop only. The damage of this weapon is going to be devastating in close range. Though DBS shotgun would have the facility to scope mounting, this weapon is meant for very close-range One-shot attacks. The actual damage capability would be confirmed upon the release, but the launch of the weapon is confirmed as far we know.

  • A new model is about to be introduced called, Extreme Cold. This mode is something which is taking the fans excitation to another level, as it is going to be a completely different story in PUBG Mobile, which we know so far. The uniqueness of this mode is, it is not available in any other PUBG Version, not even in PUBG PC Steam or PUBG PC Lite. In the “Extreme Cold” mode, there will be various PVE (player vs Environment) elements, where players have a fight and survive through the environmental conditions as well. The players have to hunt for food by killing animals and also have light fires in order to fight the Extreme Cold Weather. With the closing circle, there will be a flow of Cold weaves coming in, where the icy cold wind itself would start draining the player’s health until he takes shelter.

  • One of the other updates is about the introduction of More Tactical Markers. Using these Markers, you can actually put 8 different types of markers instead of just one type of markers which you are using right now. This new update is also inspired by PUBG PC, though there will be some difference. Using this new Tactical marker, the players would be able to mark and differentiate between places of interest, enemies, animals, shelters, etc.

  • New Updates to Erangel Map is also one of those upcoming updates about which the fans are very excited. As it is rumoured that just like PUBG PC Steam, PUBG Mobile is also about to get the Erangel 2.0 version where the graphics would be much more detailed and mesmerizing. Even some new environmental updates and changes are about to be there. Some of the Weapon and Vehicle spawn places are also about to be changed, with the new season 12 update. Even the model of the UAZ and Dacia are also going to change a bit with the new environmental updates.

  • One of the most common updates which are about to take place is about the New Weapon Skins off course. A new set of skin called “Frozen City” is about to come for various guns including Kar98, S1897, M416, M762, the Pan, Helmet, Backpack etc.

Also, there can be some unteased and well-kept secret updates with the game to surprise the fans, as this is going to be the two-year anniversary of PUBG Mobile. So, maybe developers are working on some other new updates as well.

  • Other Updates related to PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Details

  • As far we know, there is going to be a skin for QBZ assault rifle, just with obtaining the Royal Pass at tier 1st.

  • At the 100th tier, the players will receive a reward of Robotic Skin, with neon lighting in that suit with the no. 12 flashing within it.

  • There are going to be three new helmet skins throughout the season, related to Stylish Dragon appearance

  • Also, there are going to be new four skins of a backpack as well.

Wrapping Up

Apart from all the above updates, there is going to be some new optimization related updates, which will make the game even smoother and reduce the lags, as you can see PUBG Mobile is quite a laggy and choppy game now. Also, it is being expected, that PUBG Mobile would be optimizing and freezing the game related to its bugs and freezing issues on GameLoop emulator. So, fingers crossed, keep gaming and enjoy.