PUBG Mobile Ban, is it about Student Welfare or Indo-China Border Dispute Solution?

An Honest Indian Opinion on Chinese App Ban

On verge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the relationship between India and China is getting worse day by day due to Geo-political issues. Officially since 5th May 2020 Indian and Chinese Armed forces are in a face-off situation on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) between Indian Ladakh and Disputed Chinese Occupied Akshai-Chin area. Back on 15th June 2020, this face-off ends up a violent turn when a skirmish between Indian and Chinese soldiers armed with barbed wires and sharp weapons took almost 60 lives on both sides.

Now let’s just get over with the international political propaganda and talk about the effects. Since the violent face-off, India is in terms of opposing China at various political and business ends. On one hand, India is making strategic partnerships with Russia and South Korea and on the other hand, India is strengthening the relationship with the USA, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and Australia, where China is also making their moves with Pakistan, Nepal, and North Korea.

Due to China’s pressure, even Nepal is now pushing talks over the Indo-Nepal border disputes, and Pakistan is also mobilizing their Army on POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir a.k.a Azaad Kashmir) in a wartime manner. This kind of pulling the strings, putting international pressure, strengthening strategic partnerships, and muscle-flexing is common in such situations. Especially if a country ( I clearly mean China ) is trying to prove them as a Super Power in the world or in the continent even in a world pandemic situation, this is how they would do it. In war “striking your enemy at the weakest of his time” is the way to win the war with least bleeding.

But the situation takes another crucial turn and got connected to the normal Indian citizens when the Indian government started banning Chinese Mobile applications.

As India is as a country is showing noncompliance against China, so it is normal that we would put blockheads in between India-China business routes. In the Digital era, the blockheads would also mean for such banning on Chinese apps and software as well. But there have been various issues with such bans.

As at first total, 59 Chinese apps have got been banned in India among them popular apps like TikTok and ShareIT were also listed. Now there is another discussion going on at the high tables of Indian government where 275 more Chinese apps are on target, which is proposed to be banned. Among those 275 apps, PUBG Mobile and almost all Tencent Gaming products are listed this time.

PUBG Mobile Should ban or not be banned by India min

List of Banned newly banned Chinese App in India

The list is not yet confirmed, but according to sources there are around 275 Chinese apps under consideration. Among which 47 apps are about to ban, but the list is still not available anywhere. However, it has been confirmed that Tencent app including Tencent Gaming Buddy or Gameloop is that list, and also PUBG Mobile is that list of 275 apps under consideration. Nevertheless, it is confirmed that TikTok Lite, helo Lite, Shareit Lite, Bigo Lite, VFY Lite will be on the list and get banned. Furthermore, Zili, ALiExpress, Resso, and apps from Mi are under consideration among those 275 apps.

But, it is still unknown whether the PUBG Mobile or Gameloop is under those 47 apps or not.

If you are a Gameloop users you may have noticed that in many places of India Gameloop download and Updates are not working how they used to work. In order to use it properly many Indians need to use VPN in India, as it is being said that many ISP are also avoiding any Chinese services, due to the Indo-China conflicts.

If PUBG Mobile got banned, it is likely that the Call of Duty Mobile would also be banned. Also if Tencent Gameloop got banned, then playing Free Fire or any other Android games on Gameloop emulator would not be possible the effect would be vast among gamers and gaming content creators.

Many people also started sharing many memes over Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp related to PUBG Mobile ban, which are getting a lot of attention and discussions. Also, you should know that PUBG Mobile is already banned in Pakistan since 1st July 2020. Also in Gujarat and in Jammu & Kashmir many groups of students, teachers and parents are shouting out for imposing a ban on PUBG Mobile since Jan 2019.

Why such discussion over PUBG Mobile Ban?

As a professional blogger, I wrote about those 59 apps ban in the first place without taking any side, but now it is another time such thing is going to happen. So, it of course calls for a discussion whether it is going to be a good practice or not?

In the era of globalization banning products of a specific country targeted in order to increase political pressure to solve Geo-political problems is worthy or not?

I am not a subject matter expert on Geopolitical Relationship niche and but this time this discussion is about banning a Video Game and World’s one of the biggest Game Publisher’s products, which brings it down to my area of discussion.

Also on another hand in India, we have seen a lot of raising complaints against video games, especially against PUBG Mobile by a lot of politicians, intellectuals, social thinkers, and of course from millions of worried parents.

All those complaints were raised saying that PUBG Mobile is a very addictive game, and millions of students are wasting huge time on a daily basis by playing that game. Even some intellectuals raised a concern the game like PUBG Mobile is putting a bad effect on many children’s social nature and behavior.

Now on the verge of PUBG Mobile getting banned in India, all of those intellectuals and parents seem to be happy as they think now the teenagers and kids would be able to get over the PUBG Mobile addiction.

So, the question arises, Is banning the PUBG Mobile and Tencent app is the right thing to do for the better future of our kids? Is banning PUBG going to be proved fruitful for the Youth pf this country or not?

Let’s roll out with the discussion and bring forth all the points about which all of us should be concerned. This article is kind of my personal honest opinion based on logic, and as a non-political person, I am not going to boast any political parties or policies. But I am going to discuss what is happening, what is coming, and what are going to be the effects in the future.

Why PUBG Mobile Should not be banned?

Initially, it may look like that banning PUBG Mobile would solve the problem of addiction, is it going to cure the addiction completely? The answer is NO, of course.

Consider it when someone is addicted to smoking and wants to quit, what he does, he practices consult doctors, takes medications and that’s it. Addiction is a disease, which need to be treated in order to be cured. Just by torching the whole Cigarette store, no one would be able to get away from that addiction.

The same stands for the Alcohol addicts and Drug addicts as well. Yes, in our country we have very strong Narcotic rules, but that is only because most drugs posses mortal threats to the addicted person. Unlike in most of the states in India Alcohol selling and consumption is legal. In major parts of the country Alcohol and Cigarettes are getting sold like candies, as no one banning them.

Why because that’s an industry. From manufacture to distribution, workshops to retail shops, there are thousands of people who are employed in those industries. Above all State Governments and Central Governments, all are charging a decent amount of excise and sales taxes upon the sale of those items. That is why even in the COVID-19 pandemic, after the first month of lock-down most of the state governments gave permission to open the liquor shops, while shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants were still closed.

On the other hand, let’s think about gaming addiction, if a person is really addicted to gaming he/she is sick due to over-gaming. The reason is gaming, not the PUBG Mobile. If a person is an alcoholic, it is the alcohol that he/she is addicted to, not specifically addicted to Blue Label or Royal Stag.

In both cases, the addicted person needs to be treated, but in neither case, a industry should be opposed or banned completely. Give it a thought, if Alcohol got banned in the state of Goa, would you visit Goa even once in your life?

No one would, funny but true. Goa is completely dependent on Tourism Industry and without Alcohol-based refreshments, no one would visit a place, and just forget about the huge foreigner tourist traffic and income in foreign currency.

If a person is truly addicted to gaming, then banning PUBG Mobile won’t mean anything at all, as there are a countless number of games are available out there. There are many PUBG Mobile alternative games are out there in various platforms, like

  • Fortnite
  • Apex Legends
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Ring of Elysium
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Realm Royale, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other addictive multiplayer games are available like

  • Counter-Strike
  • Valorant
  • GTA Online
  • Destiny
  • Call of Duty
  • Battlefield,
  • FIFA
  • WWE, etc.

So, an addicted person would just switch to another game and the ban of PUBG Mobile would go to vain completely.


Negative Effects of Banning PUBG Mobile and Tencent Apps

As most of you already know all the positive effects of PUBG Mobile Ban, so I think you should know about all the negative points as well. Here is a list of such effects of PUBG Mobile Ban.

  • There is a huge amount of unemployed youth in India, and due to the COVID pandemic, the number would increase further no matter how hard our government tries to find a solution. In our country we have 1.4 billion people, so we already have a huge market for anything we create or anything we can serve.
  • Keeping that in mind, there are loads of live streamers running their business in India. There are many live streamers in India who are playing PUBG Mobile at the live stream and some of them are really very famous and they generate a good amount of revenue, using ad-sense and sponsorship and affiliated marketing links. If PUBG Mobile got banned all of those live streamers would become unemployed overnight, what was their fault. They are in such a business because they are good at it, and they were not provided with a decent job when they needed one.
  • As we must consider that PUBG Mobile is the game-changer in Indian Gaming Industry, which took the YouTube Gaming India Live Streaming to another level, banning the PUBG Mobile itself would convey a very harsh and negative impact on the rest gaming industry as well.
  • Though there are many other games people are playing on live stream Like Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Warzone, PUBG PC, etc; but PUBG Mobile made it happen, the symbol must thrive for future advancement of the industry.
  • Gaming is a complete industry, if you are considering video games as addictive and a waste of time, then you must rethink the fact. That the companies which develop games are also IT-based companies, they hire a good amount of Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Database Administrator, Graphics Designer, Video Editors, Sound/ Audio Engineers, 2D/3D Rendering Artists, and many other techies. So, banning the industry means banning all such jobs, and we all know how much our country needs more jobs and how many unemployed qualified engineers are there in our country. Apart from that those games could have created more revenue through live streaming and e-sports events.
  • Professional Gaming is becoming a career slowly, and many of us can see that. Though the path is not that easy to date, it is a comprehensive way of career. Back in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, USA, Canada, Russia, even China gaming is considered a big-time career, if one managed to establish himself/herself in that path. By banning revolutionary games like PUBG Mobile and game publishers like Tencent, we would destroy the overall future prospect of the gaming industry.
  • On the other hand, if you are a qualified person you should know that in the coming years, many of the conventional jobs of the present-day won’t be there at all.
  • According to studies, almost 50-80% of present-day jobs won’t be there. Among those jobs, Software Engineering jobs are one of the jobs which are going to become thinner in number in the next two decades. So, new kinds of jobs and new types of industries must prevail in those spaces, and Gaming Industry, Digital Marketing Industries are the next-gen employment opportunities. As India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that citizens need to become self-dependent in order to survive, which also implies the need for the gaming industry for our future generations.
  • So, it can easily be said that for the sake of the same future generation for whom the intellectuals and worried parents are raising concerns for PUBG Mobile Ban, we need the game and many more like it. We need companies like Tencent and many more like it. Same goes for the app like TikTok as well, as there were many creators working and earning their bread, and by banning such app their way of earning got destroyed. Though the TikTok ban was quite more acceptable due to the available Indian alternatives of TikTok like Bolo Indya, Josh, etc. But there is no Indian alternatives of PUBG Mobile available till date, so yes it is a problem.
  • The game development industry in India is still at its infant age if in such a crucial time the gaming industry faces such opposing from the system, it is likely to become another reason why India would prevail in her place as a 3rd world country. This is the era of Globalization, here banning intellectual products from any country means a lack of business opportunity for your Country as well. And if you are against Globalization itself, then consider more than 80% Indian to be jobless, even including yourself.
  • Due to the Globalized market and Consumerism culture, any popular digital platform gets attention from the PR and Advertisers, where such popular apps like PUBG Mobile, TikTok, Tencent create a huge revenue, and quite a decent amount of earned revenue got distributed among the creators as well. With the banning of such popular platforms and products, we are losing that PR and add generated revenues as well, and you should worry as the TikTok revenue itself was around 6 Billion USD on India in 2019.


So such practice of banning such foreign (China in our case) is not a good idea at all, especially if you do not have any indigenous, up to the mark, alternatively available already.


The reality of PUBG Mobile affecting the behavior in kids concern

If we talk about the behavioral changes among kids of the present day, then you can take your child to any psychologist for consultancy. Then he/she would be able to explain the situation even in a better and professional way to you than me, but let me brief you about these behavioral changes first. As time and ages past people and their lifestyles do change and it is inevitable, which you can see throughout history.

The lifestyle of people 50 hundred years back is acceptable for anyone at present day, even it would compromise your ability to survive. A person from the 19th century did not use to think or talk like us, as his way of life, point of view, everything was different than our time, in comparison to such person even our behaviors are also quite different. Once upon a time, people used to live in joint families, now you tell me how many joint families do we see in this Micro-family culture, this is an example of social behavioral change. Your kid is also following the pattern of evolution, that’s it. Most of the time there is nothing to do with any video game or lifestyle habit specifically.

Also, when the Video game was not a thing, even at those times kids used to be ill-disciplined, and the teachers and parents used to guide them their best to make them disciplined. But in the present day, in our fast life, where both of the parents are busy in jobs, the kids get very less time with their parents, which makes them little more vulnerable to become self-oriented and rigid.

There is nothing wrong with PUBG or any other such games, as even at the football field many times the players become violent and started acting like animals, but those happened due to an impulsive moment. Competitive games like PUBG also do the same, but behaving rudely in an impulsive moment and becoming an ill-mannered person, there is a huge difference between these two.

Banning Chinese Apps are not Helping solve Indo-China Problems

There are various reasons and logic due to which I think banning Chinese apps, the TikTok ban, or the PUBG Mobile ban are not helping in a solution to Indo-China Geo-political problems. I am not an SME but I have studied over this topic thoroughly for quite a time, that is why I am going to express my view in simple but unbiased words.

  • Banning the business relationship with a country in wartime or in a time of international Geo-political conflict is a very common thing, which we can see throughout history. But, we should remember that the trade routes are the lifeline of the world economy, and any country’s economy is inevitable a part of the world economy. For example, the COVID Pandemic is a disaster for the world economy, and no matter in which country you are, I am sure that country’s economy is going through a hard time. So, banning all the Chinese products, services, apps and all stopping all kind of trade relationship with China is not easy (actually not possible) at all.
  • If you think that by banning some of the Chinese Apps, Chinese Mobile brands and Banning the Chinese TVs, and banning the Chinese decoration lights at the time of Diwali is enough, then you are utterly wrong. Almost 70% of the consumer electronic products around the World contains Chinese made components, whether it is a PCB, or a Silicon Chip-set, or a Motor or the inbuilt software or the Casing of the product. No matter which part of the World you live in, for sure you have used multiple Chinese products throughout your life. Many of them may have manufactured by some other foreign or indigenous company, but Chinese components have been used in such products that you have not noticed. In simple words “China is the Factory of the Planet Earth”. One of the biggest production plants in China is Foxconn Technology is the world’s third-largest company by revenue, which makes almost all kinds of parts for all kinds of consumer electronics available on the planet. It is being said that each of the people in the world used at least one component made by Foxconn his/her entire life. So, how can any country avoid doing business with China in the current industrial scenario of the World and India herself?
  • In most cases, India does not have production facilities for most consumer electronics in India. Even the indigenous product manufacturers often bye Chinese components and assemble them in India with the “Made in India” tag. And this happens due to the huge number of budget segment buyers in India, who want to buy the latest tech but at the cheapest price. Due to huge production plants in China, and due to the huge number of orders they received from worldwide. They can manufacture almost anything with the lowest price, and that is why even the Indian companies ought to buy the Chinese the components. It is sad but true and inevitable at the current industrial infrastructure of India and her consumers. So, directly or Indirectly we are funding China by buying their products.
  • If we talk about the apps, and the revenue they are making from Indian consumers, consider that in most cases there is no worthy alternative available, because of which many Indian would lose their Jobs, Business and career, along with a huge amount of Indian revenue would also be lost. So, it is a loss on both side, not only on China’s side. Banning the Chinese apps would cut down those apps’ revenue earned but none of them would be diminished, as they still have other consumers worldwide. But, banning such an app in India without having any alternative in hand would destroy many people’s hard-earned career for sure. While the government did not help a content creator to create his career, in which logic the government can take it away from him/her.


How India can ban Chinese Products in Reality?

If India really wants to become independent of Chinese products, and truly want to ban all kinds of Chinese products and services, then its people must develop indigenous industries of all necessary kind and production factories for all such industries and its components first.

Also, the quality of such products must be up to the mark, the price factor must be within the Indian budget segment without getting any imported Chinese components involved and also such industries must be able to produce enough amount of products for 1.4 Billion people.

Only then India can truly become independent of China, and China would have to back off at such a moment they would even become Financially inferior to us as well. In such a situation India would have overcome 90% of unemployment issues, and by default, it would have become a true superpower in Asia. But till the day, all this a daydream.

India also can strengthen her strategic and political relationships directly with Taiwan and HongKong by breaking the “One China Policy” and can gain access to the Taiwan trade routes, like this we can do direct business with Taiwan & HongKong and also it would put tremendous political pressure upon Chinese government as they state both HongKong and Taiwan to be part of their country.

A huge amount of factories and production plants of China, including Foxconn Group HQ and Foxconn Main Production Plaza, are situated in Taiwan. If the Indian government managed to get direct trade access with Taiwan, it would become way easier for India and Indians to avoid Chinese products and to create up to the mark industry within India, not being dependent on China at the same time. This is only how we can actually win the war over China, with splitting the least amount of blood.


Chinese apps are stealing your Data without Authorization

Ohh come on!!, you really do believe that only the Chinese apps are stealing your data; which app doesn’t. Most of the apps steal your data from your mobile and even sell those data to many other companies. Do not worry the apps do not steal your online banking or mobile banking data from your phone, in 99.99% of the cases. But, they steal user data, such as contact info, email info, search history, browsing history, download history, online purchase history, etc. With such data and with the help of some tools they analyze your interest, lifestyle, spending capacity, average earning, and potential needs. With such processed data, the apps push you various kinds of target-oriented adds, which are there to interact with you psychologically, and you end up buying their proposed product due to a good deal offered to you.

For such advertising and marketing, almost all the apps and even computer applications do steal users’ data. Even the browser you are using right now to read this article is retrieving your data. Yes companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, all of them steal your data, so there is nothing special or suspicious about the Chinese apps.

Google Chrome, Facebook Messenger, Mozilla Firefox, Instagram, YouTube, all of them steal your data regularly, and no one is bothered about those. Even companies like Facebook sold a huge amount of user data to a company called Cambridge Analytica at the time of Donald Trump’s first election campaign, due to which the Facebook founder has to face the legal consequences, how many of you knew about that?

Yes, stealing data for the sake of target advertising or for psychological content feeding, or to brainwash people systematically is wrong all the way, and I do not support any of this. But to avoid such problem blaming and banning the Chinese app only is not the solution at all. For the sake of solution, the Indian government’s concerning authority needs to raise a Moderation Unit, which would moderate each new app and web services and would ensure the data safety of the users.

So, if anyone is saying that the Chinese app ban is happening due to data theft by those apps, and to ensure user data safety of Indian users and to boost the national security of India, then either he/she is lying or spreading a myth being misinformed.

Wrapping Up

The discussion was very long, unlike my other articles, but I had to speak my mind completely. I have written this article according to clear logic and level of understanding. If you want to add something to the discussion or if you do not agree on some point, then please add your points in the comment. Bye, folks until next update on this matter.


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