Softwatch Launches OptimizeIT Enterprise to Assist Google Cloud Platform Transition

Softwatch Launches OptimizeIT Enterprise to Provide Application Usage Information, CPU and Bandwidth Analysis to Assist Google Cloud Platform Transition

According to the 2019 IDC Worldwide Quarterly Cloud Tracker, by 2020 the split between cloud and traditional data centres will shift to more than 50 percent cloud centres. IDG’s 2018 Cloud Computing Survey reported that small businesses with fewer than 1000 employees now spend twice as much on the cloud as they did in 2016. As companies migrate to cloud computing at even higher rates with higher expenditures, the challenges surrounding the process continue to be complex. To ease the transition for Google customers wishing to move applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Softwatch, a leader in Application Usage Analytics, is launching OptimizeIT Enterprise for GCP at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, April 9-11.

The new OptimizeIT Enterprise for GCP leverages the patented Softwatch technology that allows companies to obtain in-depth usage information for any application and enhances this offering by including additional layers of actionable data, such as CPU and bandwidth analysis on every user for every application in every location. This comprehensive data is used to define which applications should be hosted on GCP and allows for an easier transition and more accurate cost planning.

Softwatch OptimizeIT Enterprise

Softwatch solutions combine application resource profiling and end-user usage analytics to understand the current situation, support the selection of the right enterprise applications suitable to GCP, perform capacity planning, enhance cost analysis, support process migration to GCP and finally, validate the outcome. OptimizeIT license cost reduction forecasts are based on real application usage by observing how many and what type of applications employees are accessing. These layers of actionable data provide necessary fact-based information essential for managing a successful cloud transition and adoption project.

“Companies are very enthusiastic about moving their applications to the cloud, but to do this they must carefully plan their resources and determine the most appropriate pricing plan for making the transition to GCP,” said Dror Leshem, Softwatch CEO. “With the new OptimizeIT Enterprise which also looks at bandwidth and utilization, CTOs and IT executives have greater transparency into the pricing they should expect to pay. Adding this data allows companies to better manage their cloud adoption projects and associated costs.”

Softwatch software usage analysis solutions have been providing data insights and helping hundreds of companies worldwide across a broad range of verticals including government bodies, financial institutions, retail and more. The solution guides companies to make appropriate decisions regarding transitioning to the cloud, helping them to save substantial costs in the process. The Softwatch patent-protected technology provides a complete end-to-end view of application usage data.