Sony Rolling out Android 7.1.1 For Xperia Touch

Sony Xperia Touch was launched back in June in the Europe and recently in the US. Since then people are eagerly waiting for some software update and finally, it is here. The Sony has finally treated its Xperia Touch with Google’s Android 7.1.1. For those who don’t about the Xperia Touch, it is a kind projector that supports touch and converts your floor into an interactive screen. The projector is small in size and comes with short throw projection and WiFi connectivity.

Sony Rolling out Android 7.1.1 For Xperia Touch

The new update role over the air and add-on following features:

Gesture control – Along touch, now with the latest update the projector can also support the gesture controls. While projecting the projection of  Xperia Touch onto a vertical wall you can able to control the interface using the physical gestures. You can control music, and other projector controls via gestures.

Projection settings –  Initially the projector doesn’t support the manual projection which some time cause distortion on a flat surface. But with the new Keystone setting, you can manual Focus the projection along autofocus to get sharp and clear projections.

Presence sensor – The projector got the ability to sense and wake up automatically without pushing the power button.

Audio – Xperia Touch supports the ALAC file format (in addition to FLAC), and our ClearAudio+ feature for auto-optimisation of sound settings.

Portrait mode – Users can also choose the left or right orientation for Android apps that display in portrait mode.

After having all these features, would it be worth to spend $1700/£1400 on Xperia Touch, might be not. But still, it is the product that brings us in the future.




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