Syenergy Environics launches radiation protection solution Enviroglobe 

To address this concern of electrosmog, Syenergy Environics Limited in the field of radiation protection, launched Enviroglobe – India’s first, radiation protection solution for healthier homes & workplaces.

It protects an area of 300 sq.ft. (10 ft. radius) from the ill-effects of radiation. One needs to charge it with sunlight for about 15 minutes, once a week. It can be used at living and working spaces and can also be a great travel companion. A tested and certified solution, Enviroglobe has received the “CE Marking” which declares that the product complies with all applicable European Safety Directives and Regulations. It has also has been certified as a Green / Eco-Friendly Product by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

A  proprietary technology, the globe consists of a combination of inert materials used to generate ‘random’ waveforms at higher natural frequencies, which ‘carry’ the radiation from the wireless devices making them compatible to the human body. It simply changes the nature of radiations making them harmless to the human body, ensuring no impact on the signal strength of your devices.

Syenergy Environics Enviroglobe -min

Keeping in mind, today’s contemporary lifestyle, this palm-sized, globe-shaped device is a perfect gift for the ones you care for. Manufactured in association with Jindal Steel’s luxury home décor brand Artt d’inox, Enviroglobe has been created using high quality premium grade stainless-steel shell and has been awarded for its design and aesthetics. Made to last for minimum of 5 years bearing in mind the regular wear and tear, it is advisable not to expose it to rain, snow and other similar extreme conditions.

Priced at INR 4,499/-, Enviroglobe is available at Environics website, various leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry – online and stores, leading mobile and health stores.