Synology Surveillance Station 8.1 released officially !!

The Synology officially released its Surveillance Station 8.1 which is an enhanced version of their previous surveillance solution. The company said it is a complete surveillance solution which comes with features such as Remote recording archiving, Integration with transaction devices and intercom cameras, Ability to intelligently switch between different security levels and more…

Synology  Surveillance Station 8.1  New features in detail:

Synology Surveillance Station 8.1

Remote recording archiving: The places such as stores or any individual organization those use the Surveillance system have a limited amount of storage for recording and archiving. So, now Synology allows users to customize the recording time and event types which will be archived to a remote location, such as the company’s headquarters. Also, the user has now an ability to control the bandwidth by customizing the archiving execution time.

POS integration: The feature helps the admin to monitor every transaction happening in stores with corresponding videos. The user can set to receive the notifications alerts whenever there are abnormal transactions happened or customize their notifications with the Action Rule application.

Intercom camera integration: With the integration of intercom cameras, users now have functions such as video surveillance, doorbell, door lock operation, and two-way audio, intercom cameras provide users a new level of flexibility.

Home mode: The Surveillance Station 8.1  has a different setting for security according to the location, home or away. You can set switching between two modes automatically by using Geofence. Switching between modes also change the recording schedules, notification settings, stream profiles, and activate specific action rules.

HTML5 supported: With support for HTML5, users can directly view videos on the browsers like Chrome but for Internet Explorer and Safari they need to install the plugin to manage Surveillance Station.  You don’t need to install the Surveillance client software.

GPU acceleration: GPU acceleration is now supported in the Windows version of Surveillance Station Client. After upgrading to Surveillance Station 8.1 and enabling the GPU acceleration option. This eliminates the need to buy additional graphics cards and significantly reduces CPU usage while providing a much smoother video display.


Applied for following Synology Models:

  • 18 series: DS418j
  • 17 series: FS3017, FS2017, RS18017xs+, RS4017xs+, RS3617xs+, RS3617xs, RS3617RPxs, RS217, DS3617xs, DS1817+, DS1817, DS1517+, DS1517
  • 16 series: RS18016xs+, RS2416+, RS2416RP+, RS816, DS916+, DS716+II, DS716+, DS416play, DS416slim, DS416j, DS416, DS216+II, DS216+, DS216play, DS216se, DS216j, DS216, DS116, NVR216
  • 15 series: RS815+, RS815RP+, RS815, RC18015xs+, DS3615xs, DS2415+, DS2015xs, DS1815+, DS1515+, DS1515, DS715, DS415+, DS415play, DS215+, DS215j, DS115j, DS115
  • 14 series: RS3614xs+, RS3614xs, RS3614RPxs, RS2414+, RS2414RP+, RS814+, RS814RP+, RS814, RS214, DS414slim, DS414j, DS414, DS214+, DS214play, DS214se, DS214, DS114, EDS14
  • 13 series: RS10613xs+, RS3413xs+, DS2413+, DS1813+, DS1513+, DS713+, DS413j, DS413, DS213+, DS213j, DS213air, DS213
  • 12 series: RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, RS2212+, RS2212RP+, RS812+, RS812RP+, RS812, RS212, DS3612xs, DS1812+, DS1512+, DS712+, DS412+, DS212+, DS212j, DS212, DS112+, DS112j, DS112
  • 11 series: RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, RS411, DS3611xs, DS2411+, DS1511+, DS411+II, DS411+, DS411slim, DS411j, DS411, DS211+, DS211j, DS211, DS111


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