TD Bank is Now Financing the Smartphones of HTC America

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HTC America is now giving the option to finance their smartphones through the TD Bank. This HTC Finance Program is available in America for customers those going to purchase any HTC smartphone directly from the HTC website.   HTC is also planning to launch its new smartphone in the month of November and maybe this scheme is set to get good sales for the coming HTC phones.


The Financing option for HTC comes with the following advantages:

  • No Money Down
  • 0% APR for 24 Months with Equal Payments§
  • Minimum purchase: $599.
  • Subject to credit approval

Right now two HTC phones are available under the HTC Financing program are:

HTC U11 64GB   

Total Price: $649

PLan: $28/mo for 24mos at 0% APR with HTC Financing

HTC U11 128GB

Total price $729

Plan: $31/mo for 24mos at 0% APR with HTC Financing

How to Purchase the HTC phone through the HTC Financing Program online:

Step 1: Fill your cart and add the HTC products those are qualified under the HTC Financing program.

TD Bank is Now Finacning the Smartphones of HTC America

Step 2: Review your plan and provide the credit card for EMIs and if your card gets approved, you will purchase the HTC smartphone at 0$.

HTC Financing Program

Step 3: Every month you will receive monthly billing statements with plan details and due dates for your low monthly payments. HTC Financing is a revolving credit line, so you can apply once and keep using it on future purchases.

HTC Financing

For more information see the source link:



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