Best Way to find new Movies or TV series to Watch

Do you want to know how to discover something new to watch, I mean quality video content? If you are looking for the same, then here are few options to identify whether a movie or TV series is good or bad before watching it

In the age of Netflix or Amazon, we find plenty of options and suggestions for any show or movie. But many times, we just cannot select the show we should give our time to watch. Thus, it gets hard to pick just one entertainer and in search of that, we lose all our leisure time. For me, all this searching on different websites becomes a boring or depressing thing. So, that’s why I thought we should solve this problem, and here I have accumulated some best options to decide what to watch and what not on the basis of their ratings.

Why should we look for something new to watch?

Instead of walking on the main road, just turn your attention the sideways to discover the best friend you are looking for to spend some moments with joy.

  • Thanks to the World Wide Web, Suggestions for detecting some quality scripts or the books we want to read in the form of movies or shows is easier to arrest.
  • The presence of search engines to know about the movies or dramas is very helpful to find the script for us along with some informative Review and rating URLs.

So, we should evaluate the points to find some of the best options.


The search option provided by Flickmetrix is very reliable to fulfil the agenda of movie searching. It contains all the listed shows from Netflix as well as Amazon to find any show from the sites.

Flickmetrix search all movies and TV series at one place-min

You can customize your search with selecting the options of years, the type of genre you would like to watch, the rating and review scores etc.

It will guide you by allowing you to maintain a watchlist of shows and you even mark the favourite ones for you. The recommendation of the movie part is also available here.



This is the site that nearly deals with every aspect of the things that you might need to search for something without any problem. The searching site covers 85 and above streaming services to give us a complete list of entertainments.

JustWatch find new movies and TV series-min

I ask for YouTube, it is there or seeks some searches from Amazon or HBO, you will get the picture. Even iTune is there to ease your efforts.

After picking the show you would like to consume, the site will educate you about the show before signalling that where to watch it.

The best part of the site is while you try to find one or more shows from the search engine, you will get the opportunity to search from both sites of Amazon or Netflix simultaneously. The option of searching is similar to Flickmetrix.


Date Night Movies

It is the place where you can find the alternative option of your favourite movie and the movie of your partner’s choice. It will do the matchmaking job to avoid any conflict between you and your loved one. Place both names of the movies into the search bar and get the suggestion with the combination of the two movies you searched for. Do not ruin your date or time you spend with the love of your life by using it and making the moment friendly.

Date Night Movies search movies as per your partner’s choice-min



If you do not get the satisfaction from the searching tools provided by the search engine sites we just discussed, then you can try your hands in the review and rating sites to sense the quality of any show or movie.

The first name that came to my mind is IMDB. You will get the big picture of details about any script. From the box office stats to film events or rating from the people, you name it.

IMDB best website to search movies on the base of ranking-min


Rotten Tomatoes

This is one also one of the major review sites for movies and shows. The system of the review on this site is judged by the scale from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 100.

The rotten term is used when a certain show gets the rating under 60 and if any show gets above it then we can consider it fresh.

This is applied to give the viewers a concept about the rating in a quick flash. But from my personal experience, I would suggest you take your time on declaring the quality of any show and know the detailed review of it before calling it on or off.

Rotten Tomatoes-min


There are some other ways to find the best movies or TV series.

  • You can get a membership or join any community like Reddit or MovieChat to know from the discussion of the people over there that if there is something new to watch.
  • There are groups available on Facebook or other social media sites related to this concern and you might get an idea from there.
  • If you have a friend or know anyone who has a piece of good knowledge of movies and shows, then you can ask that buddy for assistance.
  • Attend the local film festivals or gathering regarding movies and cinematography to enhance your knowledge about it and you could get some low budget or offbeat but quality films or shows to watch.
  • Simply ask Google about any query related to this to find out the best picture you might love to see.

Final suggestion

There is no shortage of contents for you to select the proper one. The large number is the problem to get confused while searching it. Know what you want to see and search according to the wish you carry at that moment. You will find the mate to offer your time.