12 Best Hidden Object Games to play on Android & iOS Smartphones

In the present world, mobile gaming is one of the most popular things among people from every part of the world. You can download and play any kind of game with different genres on your smartphone. There are a lot of gaming apps on the internet which provide you many options to select one or multiple games to have in your possession to play any time you want. And if you are a fan of hidden object games then you can easily get many games in this segment to try your hands on. It is also a good gaming genre to try even if you have never played a game like this.

Hidden object games can offer you many exciting things to enjoy your gaming time. You may have to locate things or find out any hidden object from different kinds of locations and environments. Users can find these kinds of games challenging and enjoyable. It will test your patience and observation skills quite remarkably to give you a proper experience in it. Any person can use a game like this to build his/her level of patience, observation, and solving skills. Those skills are very helpful in our life for overcome many difficulties.

So, along with a fun time of playing in your off time, you can also build such skills to develop your life for more success and happiness.


Here are the 12 popular Hidden Object Games you can play on your Android or iOS devices

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City Hidden Object Adventure game

People around the world who want to play a very exciting and popular hidden object game on their phones can download Hidden City to play as one of the best games in this genre. The game is all about searching for the hidden things you need to find out. It offers you many challenges which you have to solve in terms of mind games or multiple puzzle-solving acts. Users can also build their own city in this game which is another major thing to provide you more fun. A story-defining character is also there to enhance the merit of the game.

The game is all about giving you a fun time when you play this game. Solving puzzles and finding objects is not all as you must save yourself from evil to continue your objective. It is playable with your family and friends to help each other to save anyone if evil captures any of them. Opponents will serve as barriers so you have to fight with them as well. The hidden locations are safe places for you and your companions. You can have this game on your android or iOS devices to enjoy it with a simple installation.

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The Secret Society – Hidden Objects Mystery

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This game is one of the most entertaining and attractive games on the list of hidden object games. The Secret Society is a very fun game to have if you want to spend your time with some good gaming. If you are a team player that can cope with a community of secret society to solve mysteries then it will not disappoint you at all. The story of the game mainly revolves around your missing uncle in the game and you have to find out all the mystery behind it in order to find your uncle with the team.

Solve many puzzles with many objects that you have to observe and locate like words and puzzle photographs. Solving puzzles and treasures will help you to progress within the game to solve your major objective. By playing this game you can also collect some in-game bonuses which is a great thing to push you to solve the game. Users can buy some subscriptions if they want to avail some more things in the game otherwise; the game is free to play for the players without any hidden cost. It is available for both Android and iOS phones to access.

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Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Game

Find Hidden Objects

This is another very interesting game on hidden object finding and mystery-solving that you can have on your mobile to enjoy the moments when you are free to play. The timeline of the game is set on the golden age so it will give you a flavor of that period. In this game, you have to help the in-game character, Pearl Wallace, to the mystery of the sudden suicide of her father and expose the plans of the real evil of the game. You have to visit various locations to find out hidden objects which are intestinally placed there.

You will visit many exotic places and make friends within the game while you play it to solve the puzzles and objectives. In that exciting journey, you will experience many enjoyable and eye catchy scenes that will provide you a good vibe in the game. The people who want a story-driven game with different elements in the story can play this game as it offers you that. Install the game on your iOS or Android device to enjoy the journey of Pearl Wallace.

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Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving

Hidden Objects Mystery Society Crime Solving Android game

Here is another addictive and popular game that any person can play to test his/her skills to find objects and solve the mystery. Hidden Objects: Mystery Society Crime Solving is a very addictive game and can provide all the fun elements that you can expect from a game like this. In the game, you have to be a team player and join the community of secret society in order to retrieve the objects and capture the criminal who does all the stealing of objects. To find the objects you must solve some challenging puzzles and make your progression.

Basically, you have to play the role of a detective to find the objects to take care of your area. You can also be able to play this game with other family members to enjoy the game with your family. It will help you to spend quality time with your loved ones. The rewards are there for completing any mission or task within the game. Achievements are also available in exchange for objects that you have. All the things are very attractive for a person to play this game on their mobile phones.

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June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

There is another popular hidden object game from the bucket list of such games. The high quality of the game is quite remarkable and you can have it on your device to find the hidden items that can test your observation skills. June’s Journey is the game that will bring out a cool environment from history. The game is set in the 1920s in America. The game revolves around the title character June as she is accompanied by her niece in search of her missing sister. You have traveled around the world and visit many places during the course of the game.

There are many challenging puzzles that you have to solve and find many hidden objects as you travel in the game. The characters of the game make it more entertaining and you will not feel any boredom when you play it to solve the mysteries. And the scenic beauty of the game will surely impress you with some of the best hand-drawn scenes. If you want to play this game then you can play it for free and there are some ads along with in-app purchases which you can buy if you want.

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Alice in the Mirror of Albion

It is also a very good and fun-loving game for people who are looking for a hidden object game to play on their free time. If you know the popular story of Alice in Wonderland then you can find many similarities with this game for sure. The game is set in the mystical Victorian-era of London which is known as Albion. The magical world is filled with mysteries and surprises for the players. You have to travel this magical world and solve many puzzles with clues. You have to face all the dangers in this world and visit some stunning places with a great story to gain victory over the Queen of Hearts.

You will enjoy the game to uncover hidden objects and within the game can be able to meet some characters to communicate with them. You have to fight the crime and bring peace to the city by defeating the evil. You can play this game even without the internet as the offline mode is there to access. It is free for people to download and play. Sure you can do in-app purchases in case you wish to. It is available for android and iOS devices.

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Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

All the other games from the bag of hidden object games, this game is especially a unique kind of game because of some characteristics of this game. It offers you some unique features and elements that can be a big reason to select this game for your recreation time. Time Gap – Hidden Object Mystery is very popular among people who love to play games like this. Here, you have the opportunity to travel to the future in order to know the reason for the wiping out of humanity.

You can install and play this game for free and find hidden objects that you need to locate. Here you can use the feature which allows you to zoom in to find little objects that might be hard to find in normal mode. There are some exciting futuristic locations along with some historic ones that you have to play them in those places. However, the game is not all about the main mission and finding objects. You can also have many mini-games or side quests that will add an extra layer of fun to this game. These side missions are more often in this game which would take you out of the main story on many occasions. Download the game for free and enjoy the missions.

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Home Makeover – Hidden Object

If you are looking for a different kind of hidden object game to nurture your skills to make something more beautiful then, this is the game for you to have. When you play Home Makeover – Hidden Object, you have to take the character of a loving grandchild on a visit to the home of your grandparents. As the game is more about makeovers, you have to find or notice the furniture along with other kinds of stuff in the house for a makeover or cleaning.

In your mission to clean and makeover all the necessary stuff in the house, your grandparents will help you to find such objects in order to clean or sell them. By selling those things you can replace them with new things to renovate the house with a simple purchase system. You can use the different features or ways that you can have in the game to locate hidden objects by finding them. The game will bring back the childhood memories of the best times that you have shared with your grandparents. It is free to download with some in-app purchases.

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Murder in the Alps

Murder in AlPS

This game is especially for the people who just love a story and adventure of a murder mystery and investigation in a game. Murder in the Alps will provide you the exact excitement with a great storyline that you could expect from a murder mystery story. The game is set in the 1930s in a hotel in the Alps where the main character has to solve some mysterious events to find out the truth. It will attract you more for the crime-related storyline of it which is very exciting.

You have to visit some of the beautiful locations of the Alps and need to find hidden objects as a mission in order to progress in the storyline. You can investigate in your own way by using the feature of the game that allows your own imagination to solve the puzzle. Every moment of the game is filled with some exciting twists and surprises that will add more fun elements to your gaming time. Install it on your android or iOS device for free. You can buy some in-app purchases in it.

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Now, this is another amazing hidden object game for gamers who would like to have a Map that can offer magical powers to help them to complete the game. Seekers Notes can provide you a wonderful experience in a magical world filled with many challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to save the city from the curse. The overall plot of the game is very interesting as you have to find out the hidden objects with many surprises. The twisted story of the game will give you some memorable moments which you would enjoy.

You can craft your items and also trade them with Darkwood residents that can provide you some assists for mystery solving missions. If you are looking for a game to complete so many quests then this is the game as it offers you a wide range of quests to keep your interest in the game. And you can collect so many items while you progress in the game from one level to another one. You can play the game without any cost and have a good time.

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Criminal Case

If you are looking for a widely popular game in the segment of hidden objects then this game is there to allow you to become a detective. Criminal Case is all about investigating crime scenes and tries to solve the case with clues you can find in the location. The fans of the crime-solving and detective shows must install this game to taste the flavor of such shows and play the role of an investigator. You can use your detective skills to solve a crime and identifying the actual accuser.

To solve a crime at a crime scene you have to give your full concentration and attention to details to find any clue that can help you to solve the mystery around the case. Missing out on any clue might be a problematic thing in order to find out the actual convict. There is also a hint button for the players to use for getting any simple hint from the game to solve the case if they are stuck in a level and feels difficult to find the solution. Playing this game will offer you to serve justice and take down the criminals. It is free to play with some in-app purchases.

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Hidden Objects Fairy Tale

The quest of finding a suitable game for you play a game in hidden objects, this game could fit in your requirements really well and you can enjoy it a lot. Hidden Objects Fairy Tale is a story-based game to entertain you on your game journey with a satisfying storyline. Here along with magical objects, you will also be able to find fairies in the fantasy world with many mysteries and surprises. So, in case you are seeking to explore a fantasy world you can certainly have it with this game.

There are so many hidden objects which you can try to find in the course of your playing time. The magical world will not dishearten you and you will find joy playing it. The game is a perfect fairy tale adventure and it will mesmerize you with many features that can help you to find objects and solve any level. It is free to download and play to make it your leisure-time companion. And you can buy the in-app purchases.

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Ending it

The search for some of the best hidden object games can end here with all the above-mentioned games. You can pick anyone according to your likeliness or you can opt-out for multiple games that can provide you some different elements that you might not get in a single game. You just need to download any of the games on your mobile to start the mission of finding objects to continue the game with some great experience. Along with the fun time, it could also help you to enhance your certain skills which can be very useful in your life at any stage.