Wine 3.13 development release

Wine the software that used as a compatibility layer to run Windows programs on Linux, MacOS, and BSD. The wine itself does not require Windows support, because it is a completely free alternative to the Windows API, 100% non-Microsoft source code software, but Wine can choose to use the local Windows DLLS, if they are available.

In addition, Wine provides a development kit for porting Windows source code to Unix, as well as a program loader that allows developers to easily modify many Windows programs running on x86 Unix, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. And Solaris.

Wine development release

Recently, the official website of Wine released the 3.13 development version. In this version, Vulkan supports MoltenVK on macOS; initially supports performance data in the registry; supports BIOS information on Linux, and improves the standard task dialog.

Main update of Wine 3.11:

  • Vulkan supports the use of MoltenVK on macOS
  • Initial support for performance data in the registry
  • The Mono engine has updated some bug fixes
  • Support for obtaining BIOS information on Linux
  • GnuTLS is also used for macOS when available
  • Improve the standard task dialog
  • Various bug fixes.

Official download address: Click here

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