YouTube monthly active users exceeded 1.9 billion and interaction increased by 60%

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki released an update on YouTube’s growth and promised to better communicate with content creators on product testing and experimentation.

Recently, YouTube announced a series of initiatives, including the introduction of paid subscription features Channel Memberships, merchandising features, connection to creators and sponsors of the Famebit platform.

In the latest announcement, YouTube provides new directions for these initiatives, but it does not specify what steps will be taken to address content issues that continue to plague its website.

YouTube said it will improve communication with creators through Creator Insider, provide weekly updates, respond to their concerns, and allow them to learn more about YouTube’s new products. Creator Insider is an unofficial communication channel developed by YouTube employees.


In terms of product updates, YouTube said the Channel Memberships feature will be available to more creators in the coming months. Currently, this paid subscription feature only supports creators with more than 100,000 fans.

At the same time, the merchandising function will add more sales partners and soon expand to more creators. Currently, the product sales feature is only available to US channels with more than 10,000 fans.

YouTube is currently working with custom-tailored platform Teespring, which collects commissions from YouTube-sold products, and YouTube has a smaller share. The company did not disclose which other commodity suppliers it will work with.

The Famebit project, which connects creators and brands, is also growing. According to YouTube, more than half of the creators working with Famebit have achieved revenue growth in the first three months of this year. It will soon introduce a new feature that allows YouTube users to purchase products, apps, and tickets on the creator’s watch page.

YouTube also highlighted some other growth metrics in today’s announcement. According to the company, it currently has 1.9 billion registered monthly active users who watch more than 180 million hours of YouTube content on a TV screen every day.

The total number of interactions, such as likes, comments, and chats, increased by 60% from the same period last year. Live content has increased tenfold in the past three years. In addition, more than 60 million users click or participate in the “Community Tab” post.

The company also said it plans to extend the Stories function to creators with more than 10,000 fans, as well as a new copyright matching tool and screen time limit.

In addition to promising that the issue will continue to be one of YouTube’s top priorities, and said it is seeing “positive” results, the new announcement does not give much attention to brand safety.

In fact, the company is still struggling to fight against inappropriate content. Even some well-known cases, it seems that it failed to follow up in time. The most recent example is that YouTube finally shut down the “FamilyOFive” channel this week.

The two creators of the channel had taken video of child abuse on their previous channel and lost the custody of two children.

But unbelievably, this five-person family returned to the YouTube platform as “FamilyOFive” and “FamilyOFive Gaming” and continued to produce videos for 400,000 fans.

Their new channel seems to have no regrets about their past behavior. In one video, one of their children fired at their groin and the other child was harassed to collapse.

The family claimed that it was all for entertainment, but the judicial system clearly disagreed. YouTube allows child abusers to continue uploading their children’s videos to the platform, which is clearly intolerable.