Zebronics launches ZEB-5CSLU3: A 5 port docking hub with Mushroom LED Lamp

Zebronics, a company mostly deals in IT peripherals and other sound plus mobiles accessories has launched a docking hub in a mushroom shape. The name of this docking hub is Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3 that features 5 ports to charge different gadgets including fast charging devices because it supports the fast charging technology too. Moreover, it is not only a charging dock but also a LED lamp.

The Zebrobnics  ZEB-5CSLU3 has the ability to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously on the docking station using its 5 USB ports. This reduces the mess of multiple hanging wires from a charging hub.


Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3 docking hub

Below the mushroom-shaped dom of the lamp, all the 5 ports ar placed vertically along 5 rows on the bottom plate to hold the smartphones/phones/tablet while charging.

Zebronics ZEB-5CSLU3 charging docking hub

According to the company for providing the fast charging capabilities the docking hub comes with a smarter IC.   The Mushroom shape LED lamp baffle can be detached from the hub according to requirements. If you talk about the technical specifications out of the 5 USB ports for charging, port 1-4 support 5v and port 5 comes with fast charge with 12v/9v/5v support. Total max output for the docking station is 6A.

The Zebronics  ZEB-5CSLU3 charging price is ₹ 3,495 and also has a 4 port model which comes with detachable baffles with LED lights too. These models are available at all leading stores across India.