EZVIZ C6N Review: Smart Home camera with IR night vision

Surveillance Cameras are not any more expensive devices. Anyone can easily get them at affordable prices. Moreover, ever since fast WiFi standards, repeaters, or even mesh systems are available, hence the prerequisites for installing a security camera at home or property are already there. Also, because there is no need for complex cabling, modern Wi-FI cameras are so popular now. In the best case, the only cable we need is for a power connection. The same goes for EZVIZ C6N (model- CS-C6N-A0-1C2WFR), a very compact and comparatively elegant 2-megapixel camera with 1080p.

After using the security camera for more than two weeks, here we are with a review of the EZVIZ C6N smart home surveillance camera to know its advantages and disadvantages and how it performed in the everyday test.

EZVIZ C6N  Surveillance camera review

  • Image sensor: 1/4 inch progressive scan CMOS
  • Shutter speed: Self-adjusting shutter
  • Lens: 4mm at F2.4, viewing angle: 85° diagonal, 75° horizontal, 45° vertical
  • Lens connection: M12
  • Day and night: IR cut filter with auto change
  • DNR: 3D-DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • WDR: Digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video bitrate: Adaptive bit rate.
  • Max. Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • Frame rate: max. 15 frames/s; Self-adjustment during network transmission
  • Smart alarm: motion detection
  • WLAN coupling: AP coupling
  • Protocol: Proprietary EZVIZ cloud protocol
  • Interface protocol: Proprietary EZVIZ cloud protocol
  • Storage: microSD card slot (max. 256 GB)
  • Power: micro USB
  • Wired network: RJ-45 × 1 (self-adapting 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port)
  • Standard: IEEE802.11 b / g / n
  • Frequency range: 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz
  • Channel bandwidth: Supports 20 MHz
  • Security: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
  • Transfer rate: 11b: 11 Mb / s, 11g: 54 Mb / s, 11n: 72 Mb / s
  • Power supply: 5 V DC / 1 A
  • Power consumption: Max. 5 W
  • IR range: Max. 10 m (32.81 ft)
  • Dimensions: 88mm x 88.2mm x 119mm
  • Net weight: 218 g (0.48 lb)
  • Temperature: -10° C to 45° C
  • Humidity: 95% or less (non-condensing)


What we get inside the camera box:

  • EZVIZ C6N Smart Home Camera
  • Power adapter
  • 3 m micro USB cable
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Quickstart Guide

EZVIZ C6N review box items

EZVIZ C6N smart home camera key functions

In connection with the app here are some most important features to note:

  • Full HD 1080p
  • Intelligent night vision with Smart IR (up to 11 m)
  • Motorized pan and tilt, 360-degree coverage
  • Sleep mode to protect privacy
  • Motion detection
  • Smart tracking
  • Intercom function
  • WiFi, 2.4 GHz
  • microphone
  • speaker
  • Continuous recording
  • MicroSD slot (up to 256 GB)


EZVIZ C6N Design

The simple spherical design of EZVIZ C6N looks like a regular CCTV camera that you already have seen in malls or offices but with a cute overall appearance. It is available only in white color and made up of tough plastic, completely.

Inside the outer sphere, there is one more inside that holds the 2MP sensor with the ability to record 1080 p Full HD video. The camera lens has two IR LEDs at the top and bottom sides for night vision. There is also a status LED (blue in color) at the left side of the camera lens. This is best seen in the dark.

If you rotate the lens upwards, you will find a micro SD card slot (up to 256 GB) and the reset button there. It is quite a sagacious design to hide the microSD card slot and reset button underneath to give the camera a more minimalistic look.

EZVIZ C6N microSD card slot and Reset button

On the back, we can see the USB power connection and a network RJ45 Ethernet connection in case you want to connect it directly to your Wi-Fi router for a faster connection. Hence, the camera can be connected via a network cable as well as WLAN. The mini speaker is located directly above it.

Having a speaker on a Surveillance camera has its own benefits, as our EZVIZ C6N can support two-way audio, hence we cannot only record video with audio but also can send or broadcast a live audio feed from a desktop or smartphone app to a camera speaker.

Just think that you have kids in your home, using a C6N camera you will not only be able to monitor them but also can talk or send some instructions if they start getting mischief.

RJ45 network and USB cable port
Rear RJ45 and USB power slots

Also to cover max. area for surveillance, the camera has a motor that allows its head (white spherical dome) to rotate by approx 340 degrees (horizontal) whereas the lens (black portion) itself can tilt independently from top to bottom (55 degrees vertically).

Front camera
Front view and lens
Mounting Camera slot EZVIZ
Bottom pads; and grooves to fasten it in-wall mounting plate.

For mounting on a ceiling or wall, EXVIZ C6N includes a drilling template, screws, dowels, and a plastic mounting plate. This plate fits on the bottom of the camera and can be locked into place by rotating it. There are small knobs on the plastic noses that allow the bracket to snap into place. The bracket is not rocked solid, but since the camera itself is very light at 218 grams, the bracket is completely sufficient.

Mounting Kit for survelliance camera


Establishing a connection and start monitoring your vicinity using EZVIZ is super easy. You hardly need a guide to doing this, nevertheless in case you just want to get an idea here are the steps to get started with C6N.

Step 1: Plug your USB Adapter into a power source and insert the other end of the USB cable to your C6N smart home camera. If you want to use an Ethernet cable then plug that as well, whereas for WLAN nothing needs to be done; the camera will ask to get connected to the available Wi-Fi network while setting it up via the app.

Step 2: There is an app called EZVIZ to set up and control the camera. Download the EZVIZ app on your smartphone from your respective App store. Alternatively, as per your mobile operating system, you can go for the one link- Andriod or Apple (iOS).

Step 3:  Once installed, run this free app; for the first time, we have to register an account with EZVIZ. We can choose whether we want to register with Facebook, Google+, email, or mobile phone number. Simply select e-mail, then you only have to enter an e-mail and a password. The app then sends a code to the specified email and we have to enter this code here.

Register an account with EXVIZ

Step 4: Next, the app will ask you to register a Fingerprint to secure the login. If you want, then enable it otherwise tap on the “later” option. After that Tap on the ‘+’ icon and you will ask to scan the QR code available on the backside of the camera as well as on the Quickstart guide.

Scan QR code to register camera

Connect to Wifi

Step 6: Set Device time along with other things, if required and the camera is ready for use. You can further assign a particular name or pre-define location to the device which helps in remembering it, in case multiple Smart home cameras are installed.

Definitely a simple setup!

Configuring EZVIZ C6N Smart Home camera


Pc or Laptop EZVIZ PC Studio software: what is possible?

Apart from the Smartphone, we can also access and control the feeds coming from the EZVIZ C6N and their other Smart home camera devices. It can be downloaded from the official website, but its functions are somewhat limited. For example, you can edit only a few common settings of the camera. Still, this is practical because recordings and the live image can be viewed with multi-view means that several cameras can be displayed on one screen at the same time.

ADD EZVIZ smart home camera to Desktop software

Immediately after selecting the preferred camera, a live image opens with a small control menu both in the EZVIZ  mobile and desktop app. Once there is the joystick, which thanks to the PTZ function enables almost 360 ° rotation. This also works relatively well, except that if you want to change the direction, the joystick has to be released again to register another change of direction thus no smooth transition is possible.

Desktop Software EZVIZ Multiple Device supported

Being a smart home camera connected via Wi-Fi or LAN, the EZVIZ C6N can be viewed and accessed from any location even with mobile data.

Besides video recording, which is generally available on all Smart home cameras, EZVIZ C6N has automatic motion detection and intelligent tracking. This means that the camera detects objects and can follow them when they move in front of the camera. This is pretty aggressive because as soon as it detects movement, the camera would relentlessly track the subject and start recording. The user can control the sensitivity of object detection via the app.


Well, to save Live recording we have two key options- one is using the MicroSD slot that has the capacity to support a card up to 256GB. The video is recorded by the camera around the clock. If the memory card is full, the camera overwrites the oldest video material. And the other one is EZVIZ’s cloud storage space. Of course, for those who want to go for cloud storage, their device must be always online. But as compared to microSD you will not be limited to storage space. The Cloud storage plans offered by the company depends on the region where the device is being used, however here are for UK and Indian users:

Ezviz cloud storage price for UK users

  • Pro plan – Single camera support with 3-days video history at £2.99 / month or £29.99 / year
  • Premium Plan with 7-Day Video History but a different price tag. For a Single-Camera it cost the user £4.99 / month and £49.99 / year whereas the same plan with support up to 4 Cameras costs £7.49 / month or £74.99 / year
  • Elite Plan is for users who want to store long video history that is up to 30-Days. With Single Camera it costs the user £9.99 / month or £99.99 / year whereas with 4 Cameras £14.99 / month or £149.99 / year.


Ezviz cloud storage price for Indian users

  • 7- Day Video History at ₹ 3000 Per Year
  • 7- Day Video History at ₹ 300 Per Month
  • 30-Day Video History at ₹ 5270 per Year
  • 30-Day Video History at ₹ 527 per Month


Ezviz cloud storage price for USA users

  • 7-Day Playback or video history up to 4 Cameras- Monthly – $8.99 and Yearly $89.99
  • 30-Day Playback up to 4 Cameras- Monthly $15.99 and Yearly $159.99
  • 7-Day video history backup for a single cam is available at $5.99/month and $59.99/year
  • For 30-Days video history for a single camera $10.99 per month and $109.99 per year.

The user can subscribe to any of these plans directly from the EZVIZ app. In short with Cloud storage, the company has transformed the C6N into a cloud camera so that you no longer need a dedicated microSD card or get worried about data corruption. Furthermore, if you’re interested, EZVIZ is offering a free 7-day trial of its cloud storage service. Because you might want to try it out first before you decide to subscribe.

Well, although your data is encrypted to enhance security as per the company, still if you are skeptical or worried too much about privacy then of course prefer to go for a microSD card. One thing that should be there is the option to save recordings on local NAS devices.

The full HD camera of C6N delivers good image quality and triggers motion detection. The latter can be limited to activity zones in the app by selecting some particular area which further also generates the notification (if activated) only when an object passes through the stipulated area for motion detection.

An intercom function is also included, but the camera does not support triggering when noise is detected. For this purpose, the image section follows the movement of people, animals, or objects if desired.

To fix the camera to a certain position another clever option is given in the app that allows to control the rotary and swivel motors and move the camera to precisely the point of monitoring. Whereas due to 340-degree rotation, almost all areas of the room or any other vicinity can be covered.

In the dark, special LEDs emit infrared light which can be turned off along with Indicator LED to completely make the camera unnoticed, however, this would reduce the picture quality in dark. This has the advantage that a burglar believes he is undetected, while you can take time to secure recordings and notify the police. Because if the camera is noticed, it could be discovered and destroyed.

Another Interesting function. The sleep mode, when enabled, completely stops the device from monitoring and recording, and thus no live image to be displayed or saved. The camera remembers the previous position and automatically moves to it again as soon as the sleep mode is exited.

The WiFi connection was good and stable for us and there was no jerking in the video with 1080P (quality at maximum, WLAN) via mobile or the PC software. One thing which I noticed is a slight lag in the video delivery, which largely depends on the network connection speed. Therefore, the camera needs a good Wi-Fi speed for optimum video delivery.

If you install the PC software and activate the advanced settings, the video feed can be accessed directly using third-party apps like VLC via RTSP stream. This is important if you want to load the video stream into external software.

Furthermore, the camera can also be used as an intercom system as it has a built-in microphone and speaker. The sound quality is not much impressive but comparable to a simple intercom system and when the person is in front of the camera, both sides can be heard well.


Key takeaways:

EZVIZ camera is for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-set-up model with an app, SD card slot, motion detection, and motor control, as well as a microphone and loudspeaker. At the price of ₹ 2,413 (Amazon price) with lots of features, it is not that expensive to equip your own apartment, garden, or mobile home with modern video surveillance. We were particularly impressed by the motion tracking because it tracks moving objects reliably and quietly.

Well, it is an indoor smart home camera, thus always need protection from the rain. Also, if you are using Wi-fi, then it is recommended the camera should never be further than 5 – 10 meters away from the router or a repeater for good connectivity.

Hence, the EZVIZ Smart home camera does not only offer good quality pictures but also a low price. We, therefore, recommend the indoor camera especially for beginners who do not want to deal with technology a lot; just plugged in, connect to the app and the computer software, that’s.



  • Good image quality
  • Night vision
  • Auto-detection
  • Motorized pan and tilt
  • Inbuilt- mic and speaker
  • Multiple camera views supported
  • Support cloud storage
  • Affordable price
  • 340-degree rotation (horizontal) and 55-degree Vertical.
  • 2-way communication


  • Doesn’t support a local NAS or storage device to store video data
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi only
  • The camera doesn’t have its own battery for backup, thus a continuous power supply is needed.
  • Sometimes I got Echo