How to select a suitable niche to start a YouTube channel for growth

Struggling to find out on which niche or area you should start your YouTube channel? Do not think too much, it is absolutely normal if you are grinding for the best suitable niche to open your channel on YouTube.

YouTube is a platform where you can find various contents in video format on multiple niches. It is one of the most demanding and popular sites in the world of video content. Here you can find many popular video creators known as YouTube stars or YouTubers.

Anyone in the world where you can access this service can open a YouTube channel and upload their created videos at any time. It is absolutely free to join and run a channel over there. If you can achieve certain criteria of subscriber count and total watch time of your videos (1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time of videos in last 12 months) then it can be monetized. To do so, you also need to set up an AdSense account and have to comply with the policies of YouTube.

But, the journey does not end there; it actually starts from there to grow it as a major business or income source for you. If you think of starting your YT channel then the first thing you should choose is the niche or category of the channel. It all starts from there. So, you must pick a niche that can make your channel valuable and profitable.

How to select a suitable niche to start a YouTube channel for growth

What to do and what not before starting a Youtube Channel?

To clear the confusion surrounding your dilemma of picking a certain genre or niche we will elaborate here on some areas to assist you in selecting a niche for your YT channel.

Focus on your interested area or passion

The first thing you should consider while picking your niche is your interested areas or passion. The major advantage of giving priority to this is that you might have at least better knowledge on those areas compared to other topics that do not attract you. Even if your knowledge of your passion is limited with more theoretical than practical, still you can get ideas and learn quickly about those interested departments.

Selecting a topic that is not your area of interest might become boring or monotonous to work on it and lead to failure or disinterest towards your channel. So, it will be better if you stay within the radius of your preferred area to give it the advantage to work on your channel passionately. If you are a tech geek then you can start a technical channel or if you like sports then you can open a channel on your favorite sports etc.

Know the competition level of any niche

If you look at the YouTube platform, you can see an immense amount of videos on it and you would get videos on any niches it has to offer. And the count is increasing day by day with a rapid rise. When you select a shortlist of ideas to make videos on it, get some sort of knowledge on the competition level of each topic. The competitiveness of this platform is usually very high and not everyone can monetize or make a good amount of money through their channels.

Keeping in mind the tough competition try to make your videos filled with rich content with authority and you should be consistent enough to grow your channel. Pick the topics which you can learn and understand quickly to share them properly with your targeted audiences. Good quality content will help you to beat the competition in the respective genres and can grow confidence in you over time.

In this case, a Tool called TubeBuddy can help you to provide information on competition in a particular topic or keywords. It also offers other services so you can seek help from this tool for your knowledge. You can find low competitive niches if it is there with it also.


It is beneficial to go with the demand

In this matter, we can pick out the subject of Economics to get knowledge of the value of demand. We all know demand can be a huge factor in any business around the world. YouTube videos also gain views or popularity based on the demands of the topics in any niche. The more you produce demanding videos the more you can elevate the chances of converting your channel popular.

So, taking note of demand, you should make videos which are demanding in the present time and would stay relevant in the future also. And try to avoid niches that are not demanding anymore.

If you run a news channel on any topic then a particular video might not be relevant for long. But, if you start the bikes and cars review channel then a particular video would be relevant for a longer time. Even if you get a better version of a bike with high CC, still the demand for lower CC bikes will be there for daily commuting to get better mileage. So, many people would be interested in the review of such bikes which they can get from your review videos for a long time.

A good YouTuber would always try to add value to each of his/her videos to make them valuable for the viewers for a longer run. And it will also provide you more money by staying relevant.


Your knowledge or experience will be helpful

Knowledge or experience does not come overnight. You need to practice or learn for years to gain minimum knowledge or experience on a certain niche or topic. If you want to make your videos with information and solutions then your knowledge on that topic should be good to provide such things. If you can make that type of video with justified explanation and authority then it will help you to rank on the YouTube search engine to suggest people for viewing.

A lame channel with confusing or unexplained videos would take you to nowhere and your channel will not be beneficial by it for sure. So, gain more experience as much as you can on a niche you are interested in to explain it better which might be useful for the viewers. And the process is a continuous one that does not include any end. Use your experience and gain more every single time to elevate your content quality to get it more popular.


Research all the necessary things

Without research, any business would not be able to take the necessary steps to drive the business towards success in the future. It is also applicable on a YouTube channel from the starting days when you think of starting a channel on this platform. It is nothing less than a business, to be honest. You can earn a good amount of money through this and it is possible to make your career as a YouTuber if you can scale it properly.

Remember, where there is the possibility to earn a good amount of money, the way of earning will surely not be so easy. You have to plan from the beginning and research well to make the most out of it.

You have to analyze many things which might make an impact on your YouTube channel. Research that whether the niche will be relevant for a long time in the future or it can provide you paths to change your topics a little bit in the future. Because, if you want to change your niche later then you must do it within the interest of the targeted audience you already own from your channel.

Things like this and many more you must analyze to make further steps in your YouTube career to stay in the game with other video creators.


You need to know the updated things

Like I said earlier that the platform is filled with an immense amount of videos on various niches you would not imagine. To beat that volume of videos and niches you have to update yourself with all the relevant information and tools to establish yourself in the community of Youtube.

To do that, you must know which is trending right now, what is the latest topics or things the viewers would love to see, etc. For example, if you want to open a channel on a specific tech niche, then you should open it on trending or newer software applications or topics like Blockchain. You would not get any benefit from opening a backdated tech like Tally. Or, if you want to open a channel on rules & regulations, then you must know any updated rules in the respective field. Else, you would not be able to cement your authority in a particular niche with backdated contents and channels.

So, always try to stay updated from the start and keep yourself updated with any new updates which might be helpful to you for running your channel in the future.


Make room for a second channel

Now, this is a part that you might not think about when you open your first channel on YouTube. It is totally understandable that without having a monetized channel with many subscribers and views any person would not think about opening a second channel.

But, the thing is it might be beneficial for you in the future if you ever think of opening a second channel on Youtube. Try to pick a niche for your channel that can provide you to open a second channel related to the same niche or topic. Because you can drive your targeted audience from your first channel to your second channel with any related interest they might have. Then it will be easier for you to gain subscribers and views relatively quicker than targeting a whole new audience base with a totally different niche.

If you or your channel becomes famous among your followers then you can easily open a behind-the-scenes channel for your core followers to connect with them more effectively. Or, you run a lifestyle channel then you can open a second channel on a specific topic related to lifestyles like self-development or health and fitness channel.


Look for opportunities to grow

Select a niche for your channel which could be affirmative towards the opportunities to grow your channel relatively more easily compared to other niches. Always try to pick up a niche that can assist you to scale your YouTube channel and make a good amount of money out of it. A niche that can attract people more conveniently would grow faster with quality content.

You can earn a good affiliation marketing percentage if you can promote such products which usually offer a good commission on each sale like any product on software. And even you can sign up to multiple affiliation programs if your niche allows you to sell multiple products through it. Big brands are always looking for channels that can represent their brand products more accurately for brand collaboration. So, if you choose a niche that can represent such brands then you can get their partnership.

Look for those niches where you can attract many people and will assist you to get more sales via affiliation and brand promotion.

Apart from this, there are things that you can avoid while choosing a niche for a YouTube channel and create authority. Check them out.

Making random videos on multiple niches

If you are thinking that you would open a YouTube channel and upload random videos on multiple topics on that channel to attract people then it will be a big mistake from your end. YouTube algorithm does not work that way and you will definitely not be able to create your authority within the platform. It will confuse the algorithm and your videos might get any ranking and would not feature as suggested videos on any topic.

To gain momentum, you need to stick with a specific niche and create specific videos related to the main niche. Once you get a sufficient amount of followers and people start to recognize you on the platform then you can have a little bit of variant on your channel within the same genre. But, it will be better to hold on to your specific niche to command authority and drive people to seek for you to get any information on that niche.

But, do not mix it up everything and anything to try your hand on multiple areas to rise quickly. Take your time and stick with your niche with regularity to grow.

Copying anyone is highly unacceptable

For any field of creativity, it is highly unacceptable to copy the work of any person. Making YouTube videos is also a creative thing that is why they are called content creators. Do not become a con artist by copying the work of other people. It will be the worst thing you would want to be. You will not be able to gain views and own trust from your subscribers which will impact building authority in that niche.

Instead of copying anyone, you can learn from their work and inspiration to create your own unique video content. You can take any information from other creators but you must make your product different from them. Study your rivals, see what they are doing, how they are doing, and analyze why they are doing that good. Learn from all your observation and analysis to find the answers and put that in your work to create your own unique brand.

Avoid making any misleading or misinformed video

If you select a niche that does not fit with your characteristic and interest then there will be a huge chance of making your content misleading or misguiding. Without interest and experience in that genre can lead up to very little knowledge on it. Therefore, it is quite obvious your lack of knowledge can be seen on your videos with an outcome of misleading content.

If you do not update yourself regularly and do not research or study well before creating any informative video, then it could also generate misinformed content. So, it is highly recommended that you must create videos with the right information to gain the trust of your viewers. And choose the niche you are familiar with to avoid sharing any misinformation.

Making provoking stuff is a strict no

YouTube is a platform with a large number of viewers who see videos over there and interacts with each other in the comment section. It is one of the biggest community platforms on the internet. So, you must avoid making any video on any topic or niche which can provoke some people within the platform.

Take responsibility for this matter. Select niches and topics which are acceptable in general and do not hurt any religious or political views for you and the safety of other people. Give them entertainment or information with a little basic sense and humor. Any provoking stuff can spark a massive conflict which we should avoid.

Ending thoughts:

Considering all the above factors and other things which might be essential to select your niche or genre to open a YouTube channel, create one that suits you the most. You can start a channel on Tech, Gaming, Food & Cooking, Fitness & Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Make-up, Unboxing & Product Review, etc. It all depends on your interest and other things we just mentioned above.