Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 Review: A budget laptop for home & office

You might be one of them, who have never heard “Life Digital” laptop brand name in India before. Are you? If yes then before taking you through the iLife Digital ZED Air CX3 review, let’s know about this brand a little bit.

I-Life Technologies is in the market since 2012, started as a Tablet PC brand latter also included smartphones, smartwatches, AIO, Notebooks, Virtual reality and 2 in 1 device. It is basically a hardware, software and services company dedicated to offering different computing and tech solutions. Currently, it has a presence over 43 countries including India.

Although, I-Life has a couple of low budget laptops in the ZED series, however, this one ILife ZED AIR X is a mid-range budget laptop meant to cater productive computing tasks of home and office users, indeed students can also rely on it unless and until they are not into gaming, designing or advance software developing things.

It is already available on Amazon at the cost of INR 19,990 for a 15.6-inch screen, Core i3-5005U (5th Generation Intel Core), 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD, DOS as OS and Intel HD 500 Graphics.

If you ask for its competitors then Lenovo Ideapad 130, Acer Aspire A315-53, Asus X540MA-GQ098T, HP 15 da0389tu and more are available online at or around the same price to ZED Air X, however, juxtapose to all these big brand names, Air X somewhere stands out in terms of hardware configuration. But wait, read full review ZED AIR CX3 before making any conclusion.

I-Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 Specifications:

Price as reviewed ₹ 19,990
Display size/resolution 15.6-inch 1,920 x 1,080 display
CPU 2 GHz Intel Core i3-5005UU
PC Memory 4GB DDR3
Graphics 1Intel HD 5500 Graphics
Storage 1TB 5400rpm hard drive
Networking 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless; Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type C, RJ45 Ethernet
Operating system DOS
Battery 5000 mAh

System specification iLife Zed AIr X laptop budget-min

All Essential things nothing to hype

Well! before diving into a performance thing, let’s have an overview of its design.

When we hear a word “budget laptop” what comes in our mind, yes, same here. Don’t expect some sumptuous material or design, yet, what it has is absolutely reasonable.

ZED Air CX3 has all-plastic chassis painted in a Silver colour that totally mimics the look of some carbide or metallic body. However, the material used for its building, matt finish front and back with slim design doesn’t feel cheap from anywhere.

Life digital laptop top body-min

On the top of the laptop, iLife logo has been given while on the rear portion, the CPU heat dissipation fan and rubber pads are given. Well, the cooling fan outlet should be on somewhere sides or rear because it could create somewhat discomfort if you want to use on the lap.

Rear Side of the laptop-min

Coming to the sides, left side houses HDMI port, USB 3.0, USB Type -C and Lock Port and right side dedicated to microSD card port, 1 x USB 3.0, RJ45 and charging slot. At this price model, it sounds great that it has two USB 3.0 ports along with Type -C. No complaints at all because apart from premium quality which should not expect here, all the day to day life usage ports and connectivity options are available including Wifi and Bluetooth.

USB and HDMI ports AIR CX3 Review-min LAN, MicroSD adn USB ports-min

I think, now you would have the idea about its outer structure, let’s unfurl and hop inside it. To give good contrast, the inside is makeup with pure black colour (bezels around the screen that are quite wide but acceptable and keyboard + rest of the area).

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 review

Chiclet keyboard features full-size keyboard and big touchpad with concealed left-right mouse keys. I don’t have any problem with the keys, yet, the big touchpad could create problem especially for big handed people; since it keeps touching to the wrist if you make slightly low angle while typing. Yes, the keyboard is not backlit, thus in dark, it will be hard to use the keyboard. And how I could forget to tell you one plus point, it also features shortcut keys to use in combination with function key for controlling brightness, sound, mute, turn-off touchpad, sleep and more.

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 keyboard Life Digital Zed AIR keyboard

iLife budget laptop ZED air CX3 review-min Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 review

Life digital budget laptop charger-min

I am satisfied with Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 display, at such budget price full HD resolution with pleasing colour and brightness generally available in premium laptops available in the range of 30k. Furthermore, its matte finish display helps in taming the light reflections and increasing its viewing angles.

Budget-friendly winner with acceptable Performance

I am not going to say this machine is some beast and can handle your all computing requirement, absolutely no. Instead, it is a decent machine that manufactured with a balanced set of configuration to handle all day to day office and home processings. So, for whom Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 is meant for?

Yes, this is a million-dollar question, if you are going to buy a laptop. Because we always think before buying a laptop, whether it would be able to full fill my needs are not? Hence, I will clearly say, if you are a person who is working on software like Auto CAD, Adobe premier for video editing, a high-end gaming freak or in high software development then don’t expect smooth performance and you should go for some high-end laptop.

On the other hand, for office usage, light gaming, home casual works including watching movies, browsing and other light productive tasks of your school and college, in case you are a student; this is one of the best available options out there right now. Moreover, its price is not going to burn your pocket at all.

And also it is recommended to install Windows 10 or Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu to get best out of it.

I-Life ZED Air CX3 Benchmark results

GeekBench Mark:

  • Single Core- 494
  • Multiple Core- 1105

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 Geekbench score review-min

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 benchmark score-min

Geekbench multicore perfromance Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 review-min  Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 SIngle core performance-min

Cinebenchmark scores:

  • CPU: 127 CB
  • OpenGL: 20.4fps

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 Cinebenchmark performance review-min

Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019 Cinebenchmark performance-min

PC Mark Battery Test using video:

Battery Back up Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 could give us was- 4 hours 37 minutes, however, company has claimed 8 hours of back up on the standard tasks, thus with this test we can easily find out the battery back up is not bad and one can juice out around 5 hours on standard usage; yet don’t expect 8 hours at all.

PCmark battery test score for iLife Laptop Air CX3-min

Hence, from the above benchmark scores, you already would have got the idea of whether this laptop is for you or not. As earlier I said, right now in the market hardly there are laptops in this price range with such specifications. Thus, if you are not a power user and just want a laptop for casual home and office work such as surfing, browsing, video watching, studying etc. definitely, you can go for Life Digital Zed AIR CX3 2019. Overall, the product is worth for money.


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