6 Best Apps to help you bring out the Singing Talent within you

Singing is one of the favourite hobbies of most of us and also every one of us often tries to sing when there is no one around, especially in the bathroom. Technology, as we all know has directly or indirectly influenced almost everything in the world and singing is not left behind.

Best apps to Learn Singing or Music:

There are some apps available in the Google Play store which can help you better your singing skills. Now, without any further delay, let us quickly start our discussion.

StarMaker:  Free To Sing App

Starmaker Interactive comes up with this 59 MB sized app. The app itself boosts to bring out the hidden singer within you. You can sing free karaoke through it, and also practice singing from an ocean of songs available in it. You are sure to find your favourite track and then just start the show. As all of us know that practice makes a man perfect, you just need to practice practice and practice and after you have gained confidence then you can share all your favourite songs on social media. At last, after all, these, who knows you might end up becoming a singing sensation. The in-app purchases range from 65 to 8300, and if you love singing and have gone through the free content then you are sure to purchase it. You can download this app from here for your Android smartphone.

StarMaker  Free To Sing app for Android smartphones

Yousician – Music Education App

This 63 MB sized app from Yousician Ltd has indeed something to offer. With his wonderful app, you can learn Guitar, Bass, Ukulele along with singing. It is just like your private singing tutor. You can practice from thousands of songs and keep on practising until you master them. It provides you with step by step guide on every song that you sing and also points out your mistakes which you have to improve afterwards. The in-app purchases range from 300 to 12700 and you can definitely avail them once you browse through the free content. You also get weekly challenges where you can compete with your friends, foes or any real-time random players around the globe. Furthermore, you get over 1500 missions to enhance your singing skills and then just rock the floor. Get this app from the Google Play store.

Yousician free Music Education App

Learn Singing | Hindustani, Carnatic & Devotional

The 25 MB sized app from MusicMuni labs is here to make your dream of singing fearlessly in front of masses come true. You get to choose from your favourite tracks and then practice a lot. You get to choose from a variety of tracks which you want to learn. You can practice Bollywood songs or classical songs or whatever you wish to. It also has different types of levels and it has something for everyone, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or intermediate, you feel surely find this app helpful for you. The in-app purchases range from 10 to 10000 rupees and you can no doubt purchase them. Download

Learn Singing Hindustani, Carnatic & Devotional

Learn to Sing

This tiny 3 MB sized app from Edwell is amazing in each and every way. It makes learning a complete bliss. There are several practice sessions in this app which will raise your confidence every time you hold the mike to sing. Not only that after you are done with your song, but it also displays the score of your performance. So it will only encourage you to score more by singing in a precise and perfect manner. One of the biggest achievements of this app is that it has no in-app purchases and comes absolutely free. You can learn from a number of musical notes and master your skills. Download

Learn Singing using free Android apps

SWIFTSCALES – Vocal Trainer

Again one of the hard to ignore app from Velden having a size of 23 MB, here is one of best available apps to improve vocals for singing. It is handcrafted especially for you and no matter whether you are a good singer or a normal singer or just a normal guy out here but want to learn singing. This app guides you in each and every step of your learning. You will feel that it is also improving itself along with you and it is indeed surprising, isn’t it? You can also make the in-app purchases which are at 260 rupees if you wish to, and if you happen to be a budding singer and have enjoyed the free version of this app then you are sure to pay those bucks. Get it this app.

SWIFTSCALES – Vocal Trainer

7 Minute Vocal Warm-Up

Another beauty in this battle of supremacy and don’t consider it to be a weaker one. This challenger from Indra Aziz having a size of 41 MB is a cool player of the throne. It teaches you in a very simple manner just as the name suggests, it challenges you for a 7-minute competition where you can learn many things, improve your drawbacks and also built-in some confidence. We all know that singing in form of thousands or hundreds of people not only requires skills but also confidence and courage which are very crucial and play a major role in your performance and this app helps to fill you with the same along with teaching you the singing concepts. Download

best free android apps to learn singing

Thus, these are the six best apps available in the Google Play store which can help you master singing skills and bring out the wild yet decent singer within you. I know it has been our long dream to sing and entertain a crowd of our friends, relatives or family during any function or celebration. Therefore this is the time to perfect your skills so that every time you grab the mike and perform your favourite track, then you simply rock. After going through the article you can decide which app is perfect for you, then just download it and start singing. And this app is not only for some sort of budding singers, but it is for everyone, you simply download it and try it for fun, all these apps are free and you don’t need to make the in-app purchases until you really want to. Finally, I don’t feel that anything might stop you from downloading your favourite app. Let the party begin!!

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