Telefunken 32inch Smart Tv TFK32QS Review: Price ₹ 9,999

Telefunken which is one of the oldest German Electronic brands, deals in consumer products, however, in India, Videotex International is a brand licensee of it and under its brand name, they are selling the Smart TVs.

In has not been a long time since the Videotex has started the online sale of the Telefunken in India, yet they have a complete range of LED TVs from HD to Smart Full HD & 4K TVs. The key USP of the Telefunken TVs is the price at which they are playing. It is quite low and in the budget of everyone, as compared to big brands that are not affordable by all.

Currently, while writing the review of Telefunken HD Ready Smart LED TV TFK32QS 80cm (32), the official website features a total of 12 TV products that are available online and offline.

As we know Videotex International Pvt. Ltd is one of the oldest companies in India and has quite good experience of the TV-industry, that is why they are ensuring to provide good service support. As per the company they have over 800+ service centers to provide offline support covering 19000 Pin codes at Pan India level.

Well, this was a glimpse of Videotex Telefunken TVs and in India, let’s confabulate on our main topic that how is the quality, features, and performance of the Telefunken TFK32QS.

The price of the Telefunken TFK32QS is INR 9,990 almost 10,000 ruppess.

Design, features, and configuration

Well, when it comes to low budget or affordable TVs, then the design is not a benchmark on which Smart TVs should be considered. As we know at ₹10,000 bucks, it is also not possible for companies to offer you extremely slim, bezel-less, metallic body and all. Yet, what is there on Telefunken TFK32QS is reasonable as what we are paying for it.

Its complete body is of sturdy plastic of course PVC but with durability and at the same time lightweight. The front of the TV has noticeable bezels with a glossy finish that are indeed prone to fingerprints, however, unlike smartphones we don’t touch TVs regularly, thus that would not be a problem at all. Needless to say, shinning bezels add some value to its aesthetic.

In the middle of this Smart TV, you will find the remote sensor & red color indicator to apprise us, whether it is switched ON or OFF. And just below that the manual switch is available to turn off & on the TV. One thing which appears strange, there are no other physical buttons to controls the TV functions such as Volume up & down, Channel change, and source selection.

Perhaps, this could be because of cost-cutting in order to provide extremely low budget Smart TVs. However, this also has a downside, in case something has happened to the TV’s remote, you could not control its functions at all. Furthermore, in today’s time most of us using some third party cable connection with a set-top box, which comes with its own remote. Therefore, it automatically reduced the usage of the TV remote, yes you do need it while surfing, playing Youtube videos, and using other apps. The TV comes with stand and wall clips with the help of which you can easily set up, however, the installation is free.

Coming to the rear side, well here the Telefunken has provided almost all day-to-day ports we need to utilize and accessing different devices and inputs.

Telefunken TV review
Telefunken TV review

For the rear vertical side, two USB 2.0, three HDMI ports along with 3.5mm earphone jack are given. Whereas low bottom comprises RF-IN, AV input, RJ45 Ethernet, and optical. Well, I can’t expect more at this price on the TV in terms of ports and connectivity. Yes, when we talk about connectivity, Wi-FI, Bluetooth (to connect Bluetooth speakers and other devices), and Miracast are also there, so wireless sharing of data and mirroring of smartphone display will not be an issue.

Vertical side ports of TV Videotex
Vertical side ports of TV Videotex
Back side TV ports of Telefunken
Backside TV ports of Telefunken

This TV also has the support of ‘Streamwall UI’, with the help of which users can watch videos for over 17,00,000 hours of official apps for free. In addition to that, you will also get a free subscription to a Moviebox app that has more than 7,000 movies.

On TV, we can use many apps like Hotstar, G5, Sony Live, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. At the same time, apps like Aptoid TV Store and Moviebox are pre-installed. By the way, YouTube has to be downloaded manually via Aptoid. This TV has the support of Android Oreo 8.0 however even being an Android TV you will not find Google Play-Store in it. You have to download an app from Aptoid TV Store itself. Many news and entertainment apps do not support due to not having a play store.

Telefunken TV Wall min
Telefunken TV Wall min

The remote fo Telefunkun is also quite a user friendly, because of the various shortcut buttons it is coming with, such as Screenshot, EShare, Search (CDE), browser, Air mouse, Source, Setting, Cache cleaning, Freeze, Aspect ration and more. Although design-wise it doesn’t look modern, but not in terms of functions.

Design and the Build Quality of Telefunken is not a big name in the Indian TV market, but in the review, we found it up to the mark as per the price.

Telefunken TFK32QS Performance review

Telefunken TFK32QS has a 32-inch HD Ready display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels where we get 16.7 million colors. It’s an A+ grade panel. Being a LED TV over that a budget one, don’t expect deep blacks and no shades of white over black image regions. Yet, I would like to say the colors produced by the TV are not so vivid but enough bright, natural, and clear to enjoy various movies and videos. In addition to this, the viewing angles of this 32 inch Telefunken were absolutely great. Also, multiple Picture adjustment modes are there to adjust color and brightness as per the content. There was no problem with the quality of the display.

Its Android Oreo 8.0 is running on a quadcore processor whose clock speed is 1.5 GHz. For graphics, Mali 400 GPU has been given in it. The TV comes with 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM. TV is rated 3 stars for power consumption.

In our usage Telefunken TFK32QS didn’t hang or take too long to start, meaning the processor and OS were well optimized. However, while using YouTube, it automatically gets stopped and we had to reopen the app again and again. Also, the YouTube app was constantly updated with the trend, but you cannot log in with your Gmail ID, but we would be able to play videos with our Google account by linking the TV to the phone using the settings of the YouTube app. Thus, few glitches were there. The speed of the remote was fine. There was no problem with the user interface.

To mirror the screen of the smartphone, the Miracast option was on the TV, which worked absolutely error-free. Moreover, to use your phone as the TV’s remote or viewing the mobile images/videos on the Telefunken screen, the E-Share app was also there. Yes, you have to be enough close to the TV while mirroring mobile via Miracast otherwise connection breaking problems could have been faced.

Another thing, which I identified, that on YouTube, we can select 1080p resolution for videos, although our TV is 720P. Well, if we see this from the positive side then it could help in improving the overall video quality somewhat.

Apart from this, other apps such as MX player, Hotstart, Sony Live, MovieBox including some others which we had tested and didn’t find any significant problem while usage. Yes, you will definitely feel the absence of Google Play store as Aptoide doesn’t feature all the desired apps you want to be on your Smart TV.

So overall, in terms of price, this TV is good in the 32-inch range. There is no problem with audio, picture quality, built quality, user internet, the problems which we faced during our Telefunken TFK32QS 32 inch review already have mentioned above.


Hence, if your pocket doesn’t allow much and you don’t want to use so many apps on your Smart TV, with no intentions to play high-end games; and just want a Smart HD television to watch regular High-definition TV channels along with the usage of common apps then this TV is absolutely good for you. Moreover, what else we would get at such a budget price.

On Amazon, you can get it at ₹ 9,399.


  • Budget Price
  • Good Build Quality
  • Ample of connectivity options including Bluetooth
  • Value to money Display quality
  • Full-featured Remote control


  • Some glitches while using apps especially in YouTube

Telefunken TFK32QS 32inch Smart TV ratings ₹ 9,399
  • Features - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Display - 7/10
  • Performance - 7/10
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If your pocket doesn’t allow much and you don’t want to use so many apps on your Smart TV, with no intentions to play high-end games; and just want a Smart HD television to watch regular High-definition TV channels along with the usage of common apps then this TV is one of the choices available online or offline.