The importance of a quality website for a new business

If you own a small new business and believe that your social media presence is enough to get new customers on the hook, you need to open your blindfold and see the world around you.  You might be one of them who have grown up without computers and believe that your offline presence is enough to get you, customers, however, remember your customers do own them and what they see, sells. Even if you are not tech savvy or believe that professional websites are way too expensive, they are worth it because of the heaps of benefits they bring to you. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should go for a quality website –

quality website for a new business

  1. Enhanced Credibility

These days people prefer to first Google what they want online. They search for everything right from the price range, the quality of the product, the variety available and even comparisons. In this rat race, you are bound to lose out on customers if your competitor has a robust online presence, but you don’t.

Nothing says that you are here for the long run better than a professional website.

If your mind is again going towards the cost factor, stop! Even if you have succeeded in building a “freebie” D.I.Y website yourself, ask yourself how much credibility does it attach to your business? How professional does it look? Even if you are tech-savvy, at least use WordPress. There are numerous tutorials online to help you out with that. Moreover, do hire a professional web designer to make your online presence better than ever before. The experience that they have gained throughout the years will only add to the credibility of your business.


  1. Cost-friendly

If you have just started off with a new business, you might be thinking that you can’t really “afford” plunging into the nuances of professional website making. However, the situation is just the opposite. The initial costs depend on various factors like your skill set and customer preferences and thus might be high. However, in the long run, it will turn out to be much cheaper as compared to the returns especially if it Is built using WordPress which will enable you to update it periodically.

Think for a second and compare the costs behind a website to the conventional methods of broadcasts or even events which even involve the costs of arranging for tables and food. Isn’t a website way more affordable and cost-effective?

Now, when you compare a D.I.Y website to a professional one, a professional one is markedly superior to the former because of the time and effort saved. You can hire a professional, and you can proceed with looking at more crucial components of your business. Moreover, if you own a website that cannot be found on a Google search, the significant number of customers that will slip out of your hands on a yearly basis will make a D.I.Y website more expensive in the long run.


  1. Keep your customers in the loop

Your website is the digital version of the printed catalog. The only difference is that is much easier to update a site with the latest products and services than it is to update a printed catalog.

A website is the quickest method at your disposal to update your customers about the latest products and services, meetings and events. The current news on a site never goes stale for it is updated every moment, unlike newspapers and brochures. Moreover, it is much easier to fix errors on a website than on other printed mediums.

Moreover, in the contemporary times, a website goes way beyond the scope of printed catalogs and brochures. With YouTube videos, Webinars, Podcasts and e-blogs flooding the e-space, there are numerous ways in which you can promote your website. The brand loyalty that is built through direct interaction on social media platforms is simply indispensable.


  1. Be accessible

The reach of your offline bricks-and-mortar is limited. It is open for a few hours, attracts customers for a fixed time, and then the shutter is pulled down. However, a website is accessible 24*7 throughout the year and can attract more loyal as well as prospective customers as compared to an offline store.

A significant advantage is that you don’t need to be behind the desk 24*7 to continue counting money.  By the myriad add-ons and features, a website keeps informing the customers about your contact information and your products 24*7. Moreover, now you even have the option of selling products online.


  1. Widen your reach

If you own a website, an internet connection is all a person needs to connect with your business from any corner of the globe. With the range of the world wide web increasing at exponential pace, imagine the number of people your website has the power to reach out to.

Your website provides you an alternative location to sell which also means more profit as people who cannot access your bricks-and-mortar store can also purchase your products now through the online platform.


  1. Demonstrate your skills

A website gives you the unbeatable power of announcing the features that make your company unique from a rooftop by showcasing portfolio, images, videos, testimonials and what not.

Though Pinterest and Instagram are great mediums too; however they compromise the quality of the picture which is the best attraction when it comes to selling something. You might also argue that mediums like Facebook allow people to interact directly; however, it also regulates who and how interacts with you, unlike a website.

Moreover, you also lose rights to your photos which can now be used in the series of sponsored ads which fill your timeline to the very brim.

These factors indeed showcase just how vital it is to have an attractive, user-friendly and an efficient website if you have just started off a new business and are dreaming big already.