Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet for Students & Adults

Technology has brought a radical revolution in the personal and public spheres of people. Two people no longer need to be in the vicinity of each other to maintain cordial relations or even conduct a business meeting. In fact, the evolution of technology has done away with the need to visit a place personally to discover its magic. Virtual tours are pretty standard these days. If you have a computer and an internet connection and wish to educate yourself, you can quickly get a degree from any part of the world by studying online. You no longer to sit in a classroom for hours among a heap of books for the same.

The development is however two-faced. Certain drawbacks come with the same. How internet turns out to be, how useful it is for you, depends on your choices and how you employ it according to your own needs. Let us then have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of internet communication for students and adults.

Advantages and disadvantages of the internet for students & Adults

Advantages and disadvantages of internet for students & Adults

Advantages of Internet

1. Time Efficient

The Internet has indeed saved hundreds of dollars for transferring information. It has brought a revolution when it comes to the time taken to move any data from one corner of the globe to another. With the evolution of the internet, no client or relative too far away. The world wide web has spun together people from all parts of the globe, and there is a constant to and fro of messages from every part of the world. Moreover, we can even see the other person face-to-face now with the help of Skype, video conferencing etc.

2. Employment Opportunities

One of the significant advantages of the internet is the hoard of job opportunities it has offered to the youth interested in ICT. It has created much more employment opportunities than it has destroyed in the first place. There is an arena of options available right from system analysts, computer programmers, web designers to hardware and software developers.

3. Transcending Boundaries

By overcoming the geographical and language boundaries of the different parts of the globe, the internet has successfully made it a global village. People from all parts of the world can communicate with each other and enrich their cultural experiences. They can also share ideas and views and thus work towards the betterment of the society at large. By the world wide web, the countries that were isolated from the rest of the world due to either geographical or language difficulties are now an active component of the same. Globalization has led to tremendous economic growth in the past years.

4. Cost Efficient

All of us are aware of the humongous costs involved in international calling. Through the internet, the costs of international calls have become cheaper than ever. Moreover, by systemizing business practices, the internet has brought a significant cut in the production costs.

5. Contribution to Education Sector

If you are a housewife and want to pursue a degree, but your circumstances don’t allow you to do so or if you are a working professional with a dream to expand your knowledge base, the internet has your back. You can now pursue a degree from any part of the globe right from your home just by becoming a part of the world wide web. Now, no recipe and no information is too far-fetched. If you need any information, you need to search for the keywords on a search engine, and you will get a list of billions of web pages explicitly catered to your needs. Thus, education is no longer a monopoly business of the learned. It has expanded its web, and more and more people are becoming knowledgeable with each passing day.

6. More Business Opportunities

The ICT has tremendously improved the way businesses work these days. It has not only led to the creation of a ton of employment opportunities but also transformed the customer service relations. Online transactions have become the norm of the day. If a person cannot reach your bricks and mortar store, he can comfortably purchase through your online portal. This way, the businesses are now available at the beck and call of their customers 24*7. This feature has also improved the automation processes.


Disadvantages of Internet

1) Increasing Unemployment

The internet has undoubtedly created a lot of opportunities for a lot of talented individuals. However, it has also brought forth a substantial extent of unemployment owing to outsourcing, downsizing and redundancies, With cheaper options available at their disposal, the companies in the developed regions of the world look at third world countries for assistance and neglect the youth in their countries. Moreover, technology is ever evolving. The people who are stuck with obsolete technology and are unable to match the fast pace of the contemporary world often find themselves unemployed and hopeless.

2) Privacy Concerns

The social media platforms have managed to connect people across the globe. However, their privacy measures are always under speculation. Right from Twitter to Facebook, there has been news of leaks in almost every organisation. Our personal information is no longer confined to us or even to our families. Email hacks and phone call interceptions are unnaturally common and are a valid issue of the rising concern of the global community.

3) Overruling cultures

With the spread of technology and dissemination of information about customs, there are cultures which have survived the race and their others which have lost out. The Western civilisation has mostly survived and has even perpetrated to a great extent. It is becoming increasingly common at the expense of the cultures of the native countries. Western clothing and practices have made a significant impact on the mindset of the youth of the world.

There is always a flip side to a coin. How your experience on the internet turns out to depend on how well you can use it to fulfill your needs. If it can be a life savior in certain situations, it can also play havoc in others.

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