7 Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Sets 2019

This best outdoor Bluetooth speaker list is here to provide the best taste of music.

Outdoor life is more exciting with music, and we’re not talking about any sound, we’re looking at the speakers that benefit an outdoor lifestyle.

To help filter out actual quality Bluetooth speaker sets from bad ones, we’ve created criteria listed below:

  • Perfect for outdoors. First and foremost, we want a speaker that blends with your surroundings. Whether it fits on the lawn, the patio, or one that hangs like a garden lamp. A speaker which fits in the decor is preferred.
  • Weatherproof or waterproof
  • Affordability. We want speakers where cost isn’t a huge deal. But, this doesn’t mean every speaker here is super cheap. We’ll vary price points here and there.
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Music power. We want speakers that give you the energy-driven surround sound beat to treat you to an amazing world of elating music.

Let’s see what we have for you on outdoor Bluetooth speaker sets in the following discussion.

These are the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker sets; the presentation is not in any particular ranking, we want you to feel relaxed and digest what we have for you with each speaker we present.

Come with us…

LU43PB High-Performance speakers from Dual Electronics

LU43PB High-Performance speakers from Dual Electronics

This speaker is affordable which fits our criteria right away. This speaker is definitely on the lower end of the budget spectrum which makes it an attractive fit for someone who’s considering buying a speaker set, but who’s hesitating because of money.

It’s made with a 20mm tweeter piezo dome and a 40mm polypropylene cone. For those who don’t want to carry a heavy speaker, don’t worry, this weighs only 2.8 pounds. The speakers feature 100 watts of peak power with a frequency range from 100Hz to 20-kHz. Honestly, you won’t need that much wattage power, but it helps if you bring your outdoor Bluetooth speaker set at a large park.

You know, those summer BBQ’s or spontaneous trips to the park also need some music to them. Of course, we can’t forget about its durability. These speakers are weather resistant; their resiliency makes it ideal for outdoor life.  This kind of speaker gives you plenty of room to enjoy your pool party and have fun with friends no matter the weather.

The package and design are what separates this speaker from the pack. For its price and appealing features, I see no reason anyone shouldn’t go for it. The Dual Electronics LU43PB High-Performance speakers is a high-performance speaker everyone should try out.

Yamaha – Natural Sound 5″ 2-Way All-Weather Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

Yamaha – Natural Sound 5 2-Way All-Weather Outdoor Speakers (Pair)

This speaker comes in a variety of black and white colours; it is designed to deliver natural sound any time you want it to. The speaker is affordable, although it is costlier than the first one presented above.

It has fully adjustable mounting brackets useful if you want to set it up at an elevated position for different acoustics. The beauty of a versatile speaker is in its features, and the Yamaha NS-AW190 model packs impressive technical power you’ll find enticing. It is a 2-way acoustic suspension speaker with a 5-inch mica cone.

The rubber surround woofers and 1/2 -inch PEI dome tweeters are perfect for sound production. The sound frequency at 65Hz-40kHz blends perfectly with 85dB/2.83 V/1 sensitivity making it churn amazing beats. The value of any speaker is in its configuration; we believe the 6-ohm, 35 watts speaker, blends advanced technology with beauty suitable for a home that appreciates cutting-edge music technology.

These speakers can withstand the elements and deliver rich, acoustic sound outdoors. Yamaha is a respected name in electronics and music technology. This is recommended for picnics and all outdoor events.

Its pricing point is around $124.

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker (Grey & Tan) – 8.0 inch – Free RoK by Sound Appeal (pair)

Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker (Grey & Tan) – 8.0 inch – Free RoK by Sound Appeal (pair)

These stunning speakers from Sound Appeal are in a world of their own because of their leap forward sound technology. It’s a wireless speaker which gives you the benefit of controlling it anywhere around the home providing you with the power of a deejay in the house.

It has a dimension of 11.80 inches by 11.0 inches with a height of 10.60 inches, designed in master-slave units. The master gets plugged into the mains and shares its output with the slave. Its unique configuration has a 40-watt high-efficiency Class D amplifier with 35Hz-20kHZ frequency response.

The 110-220 volt AC input 50-60Hz speaker comes with a LONG Range Bluetooth V3.0 technology making it location independent. It comes in Grey slate and canyon sandstone giving you the options of two colors.

And what about the price? Price varies according to the place of purchase, but its market value is around $199.

Kicker KB6000 Speakers — Best for mid-range

Kicker KB6000 Speakers — Best for mid-range

The Kicker is a 150 wattage outdoor speaker with wireless control. It’s a speaker for those with average-sized outdoor spaces and poolside people who love outdoor life with superb sound. Kicker has a wide, robust and dynamic crystal clear quality for vocals.

Its deep beats along with its mid and highs fair great with bass. We recommend you use this cool gadget with a subwoofer for the best output! It provides the 8-ohm load with a frequency response of 55Hz to 21KHz and 90db sensitivity. The price is $99.95.

Innovative Technology Premium 5-Watt Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers with A/C Adaptor

Innovative Technology Premium 5-Watt Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers with AC Adaptor

Don’t let the low-wattage power discourage you. What matters more when it comes to speakers is the design, decibels, and sensitivity. Some speakers hit 90+ decibels at 1 watt!

After you understand those 3 aspects of sound, you need to test the speakers out for yourself to make sure you like the sound. By testing out the speakers, you’ll find out if they’re good enough. And sometimes the speakers are good enough. Beware though, wattage power can become an ego statistic because who doesn’t want more power?

Now let’s talk about how it handles water.

These pair of speakers are waterproof and they work on any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can connect phones, tablets, and laptops within the wireless connectivity range.

The speaker comes with rechargeable battery that lasts up to 14 hours and takes up to 5 hours of charging time.

This speaker costs $89.99 depending on where you are buying it from in the marketplace.

Bluetooth 5.25 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Patio Speakers (Black- Pair)

Bluetooth 5.25 Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof Patio Speakers (Black- Pair)

This is an advanced beat instrument by Sound Appeal with LONG Range Bluetooth capabilities. It has interesting technical specs starting with its 45Hz to 20 KHz frequency.

Its 30 watts provide a high power Class D efficient amplifier output. Efficient speakers like this put less pressure on the speaker to perform when the volume is playing at a higher level. Remember, the more efficient a speaker is, the louder it plays per given watt.

Its 5.25″ woofer driver provides deep bass and good vocals with high fidelity. Combine that with its 1″ dome tweeter and there’s no hint of harshness coming when there are high smooths. Your favorite lyrics will be heard because the components keep the voices clear.

These twin speakers give you the control over your music and your location. No need to tussle around with wires. For the quality you’d be getting, $139 is right around market value.

For those who don’t want to break the bank, there is a cheaper option below.

Acoustic Research: Heartland Stereo Lantern Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, Set of 2

Acoustic Research Heartland Stereo Lantern Bluetooth Wireless Speakers, Set of 2

We haven’t covered any speakers from Acoustic Research until now. What’s unique about this speaker is it has LED lighting. Anyone reading this who’s environmental-friendly will appreciate this. After that, we also found out it has a UV-resistant plastic. This means any sun hitting your lantern speakers won’t affect them in the slightest.

To keep talking about its durability, this speaker is of course, waterproof. It has a weather-resistant design for indoors and outdoors.

Its versatility doesn’t only reside with its durability though, it also has a passive bass radiator which gives it more oomph with the bass.

When these bad boys start playing at parties, guests might look confused as to where all the bass is coming from because this speaker looks like a regular lantern.

Anyone looking to make an investment while making their patio or backyard look good need to look into this set of speakers.

At a price point of $79.99, this is a worthwhile investment!

This article has a beautiful selection of the best outdoor Bluetooth speaker sets authored by Noisylabs. We will keep producing this type of content as long as we’re around. Part of our mission is to provide resources to people who’re interested in audio.