HR technology: 6 Pieces of Advice to follow

Do you lack automation in your department? Looking for tech-orienting your workplace? Tap your back! Because this article will read out some useful and important piece of advice you must follow before making a commitment. The commitment would be anything – the merchant, right time to make a call, or the type of HR Software to be chosen.

Going for HR technology implementation takes a lot of study and information. Besides this, Change is something which we all are scared of and it requires months of proper planning and preparation to get in the right way. Else, we might end up inviting lots of ups and downs post-implementation. But, what if I bring every required research on the same page? You save tons of hours!

So, let’s gear up! Given below are some pointers you should keep in mind for effortless implementation of HR solution-

On-premise or Cloud-based?

Now that you have decided to adopt an HRMS (Human resource management software) for your base, there are few things which need to be looked after at very beginning – Software category which, includes Hosted system and Cloud-based system. The best fit depends upon your business vertical. Making a choice could be tougher than it seems to. Monthly subscriptions and other features of a cloud-based HRMS makes it suitable for smaller businesses. Whereas, on-premise is a good fit for larger organizations.

Mobile app

Also what one needs to keep in mind are the generation Z and millennials. Yes, social media applications have become a vital part of modern life. Imagine an HRMS offering ESS portal which doesn’t support mobile web or do not have a dedicated application which lets its users (HR and employees) apply, track and function on the go! Having a mobile application or the portal that is compatible with the mobile web browser makes the system a good pick and generation friendly.

Don’t forget to avail the free trial!

There exists a huge number of HRMS merchants who offer free trial packs for interested people. This 10-day or 15-day trial pack (depending upon vendor’s policy) helps you know their features and compatibility in a better way instead of just reading the catalogue or manual and deciding whether to adopt it or not! Hence, after listing out some names, you should look for such trials and make the right decisions.

Segment implementation

While the system is being integrated, there might be chances that the user misses the pace of implementation and could not cope up with the features and configuration and hence, end up losing the track. Dividing it into segments can make up the implementation procedure a much easier task. Also, it helps your HR to get familiar with the changes efficiently and keep a good track of the entire process. Module-wise division could be one of the practices.

Testing with demo inputs

Testing! Once you have finished with successful implementation, there comes testing and assessments. Just to ensure that the system is running well and configured correctly, you can create a demo account or inputs and assess results. Instead of importing all your original data on the new system and later repent on it, testing with demo inputs could save you.

AI-based Chatbot

When we talk about empowering employees and making lives of HR easier, what comes in your mind first? Isn’t it similar to something like a virtual assistant? A virtual HR i.e. HR chatbot make every process very easy and swift for the HR and also for employees. Be it applying for leaves, downloading payslips, checking remaining PLs, etc., this chatbot takes no time and eliminates the need of the physical presence of HR at the desk all time. Isn’t it a turn ON thing for an HRMS tool?

Looking for and buying a new HRMS or payroll software can be a very hectic and risky process at the same time. At your surprise, HR department and roles are changing and being revolutionized every year! Similarly, you need to grasp the changing environment and look for updates and an up-to-date HR system.

Hope this helps!

Author bio-

Ritik Singh writes about HR software, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.