Must-Read Before You Make Your Big HRMS Software Purchase

Nobody likes to read all the minute details about the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software. And it is common to worry about it.  The process involves extensive research and sorting. During the sorting process, the HRMS that will not be suitable for the organization is eliminated.  Finally, the demonstration of the software is seen and the software is finally chosen.

The selection process can either be done in front of the computer, visiting website after website or by speaking over the phone to the various vendors.  At the end of the process, you could be close to picking the software for your organization. With the software, the HR team could function more efficiently and help save time and resources. HRs could spend more time working with the employees and bringing up dynamic solutions.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) softwar

Benefits of HRMS Software:

With the help of HRMS, it is easier to process payroll and ensure statutory compliance. Recruitment process also becomes easier. Studies show that the use of the HRMS helps in saving several 100s of hours for the HR Team, every month. In case the wrong sort of HR software is chosen, it can result in the significant increase in the manpower needed every month.

Here are some tips that will help in making the right choice for the HRMS Software.

Know your Business

The first step to choosing the right hrms software is to be proficient in your business. Know it well. It will help in deciphering the needs of the company, in terms of software and information system. The strategic plans should be mapped with the growth rate. With these numbers, collaborate with the HR team to get an idea of the requirements and the needs that the HRMS should fulfill. Once the requirements have been narrowed, the next step is to do extensive reading. Watch videos on YouTube and read about the recent software. It will help in having a more detailed understanding of the requirement.

Understand Software Features and its Compatibility

Rather than investing both time and money in software and after using it for a few weeks or a month and deciding that it is not the right software for you is frustrating.  Some features that are critical to your business could be missing.  So, before you actually purchase software, make sure you check it thoroughly.

The software should have the features that your business needs and it should be provided efficiently.  The software should also be integrated with the systems that you have presently and the ones of the future. The HRMS must be integrated with the project management software, the ERP, payroll software, CRM Software, etc.

Don’t Buy Just Any HRMS Software

Before you purchase the software, make sure you thoroughly check the system for a few additional features. Understand the kind of service the organization offers as well as the support and training given. If possible, talk to some other customers that they have to know their experience with the HRMS.

The hours the sellers spend on training your employees as well as the duration up to which technical support will be provided must also be disclosed. The answer to these questions will help you understand the stability and the reliability of the vendor as well the product.

Trials and Demonstrations

Testing is normally a part of the software development lifecycle and is completed before the deployment of the software. However, once the software is launched, you need to test the software. Ease of learning, simple user-interface, performance functionally, flexibility, simplicity in data entry as well as reporting capabilities are some of the major factors to be tested. In case your business needs are very specific, requiring reports that are highly customized and other functions like that, the testing process should be very thorough then.

Fixing Bugs

All software, despite going through several levels of testing and quality assurance, should be tested for bugs.  It is not possible to find software without any bug. It is the duty of the vendor to fix the bug.  It is necessary to find out the policy the vendor follows regarding bugs.

Does the software get an update every month dealing with the bugs, or should it be reported? Will it cost you to fix the bugs? The time between the software updates should also be known. Different organizations have their own bug policy. It is important to understand it and see if it is suitable for you.


Hidden Costs

In some organizations, the price of the product varies when you first approach them and towards the final phase when you are about to make the purchase. In some organizations, it is more upfront. The cost should be very clear, along with the split up. The software and the support are generally categorized under fixed cost.  However, implementation cost, the cost of hardware and software upgrade, maintenance cost and training cost are categorized under variable cost.

The best way to combat all types of hidden costs is to be upfront about it. It will also save your invoice from being significantly higher than the actual cost. In case the company is not entirely transparent about it, make sure you check customer reviews, talk to other users as well.  If the HRMS will not fit your budget, there really is not much use in looking into that software further.

Above all else, the HR system that you choose should have the capacity to withstand time. Technology keeps changing constantly. The HRMS is usually seen as an investment. As an investment, it should be capable of withstanding for several years, minimum. The HRMS should be dynamically designed such that it can be updated and still be good enough to be a part of the system.

The technologies that are used to develop the software should have futuristic features like Cloud Technology, Big Data, etc. The software should also be easy to use and handle. These tips go a long way in helping you choose the right HRMS software for your organization.


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