Top 10 different things you can do with your old smartphone

New smartphones are launched almost every day. Yes, they obviously come with some new features. But are the old smartphones that bad! I don’t think so. There are people who use a smartphone for years. But no, tech-savvy users can hardly do that. But what to do with an old smartphone? Should you sell it? Give it to your parents! Yes, you can do that. But wait, you can give a new life to your old smartphone. How? You can find it here. The ways to reuse a smartphone are available in plenty. You should find the most appropriate use for it, from the ways given here.

Give a new life to your old smartphone, a pocket monster

old smartphone reuse

Use as a home phone / basic phone

Landline phones are obsolete nowadays. But having a phone in the home for use by everybody is great. You can use your old smartphone for that purpose. If not that, you can even use it as a basic phone. Yes, just to send and receive calls and SMSs. I am sure your old smartphone can even do some more things.

Use it as a media player

The days of CD and DVD players are gone. It is the age of media streaming. Download your favorite app, and start streaming audio and video. Then just plug your smartphone in your home theatre using the 3.5 mm jack and it becomes a handheld media player. If you have a mirroring device like Chromecast or Miracast? Use it to stream video contents on your big screen TV. Now that’s a cool idea to reuse a smartphone.

Use as a remote control for computer

An old smartphone can be used as a dedicated remote. No, I am not talking about the old school infra-red remote control used for televisions. You can control your computer from your smartphone. They should be connected to the same home network or via Bluetooth. With the help of that, you can use it as a remote control.

You just need Unified Remote or similar such applications for it. It will not be limited to controlling your computer. You can even control apps like Windows Media Player, VLC Player, Microsoft PowerPoint and many others dedicatedly with the help of that.

Use as a digital photo frame

Have you ever thought of seeing your memories through a slideshow! An old smartphone can be used for that. Just copy all the photos or use some cloud storage. Now download a slideshow app and you are good to go. Most smartphones even come with pre-installed apps for the slideshow. Personify your home or office desk with a slideshow of your most cherished moments.

As a mouse for computer

Not everybody is too poor to afford a mouse. But the mouse can malfunction. In such cases, you can use your smartphone as a mouse for your computer. You need to connect your computer to your smartphone to the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There are numerous apps available for this purpose, on the Play Store. Just download any one of them and get started. It can be handy for pausing and resuming downloads from a distance. You can even use it for other things.

Use as a surveillance tool

Want to safeguard your house? You can use your smartphone for that. Just download a surveillance app from the Play Store. They are available in plenty. Place your smartphone at some location and get started. All your recordings can either be stored on your SD card or to your computer. Make sure you are not keeping the smartphone at some vulnerable location. Yes, keep it out of reach of the thieves.

Use as a GPS navigation tool

We all use Google Maps to get assistance visiting new places. Having a car? Just use your old smartphone in your car. It can act as a navigation tool. Want more! Just load some tracks on your smartphone. Connect the 3.5 mm jack to aux port of car stereo system. One single device for GPS navigation and listening to music.

Use as a calendar/organizer

Want a desk calendar? Use your old smartphone. It can be used as a desk calendar. Just add reminders, tasks, and notes and sign in to Google. All your tasks and reminders now will also be available on your other devices. The same goes for using the device as an organizer.

Use as an electronic reader

Fond of reading eBooks? Same here. Use your old smartphone to read eBooks. Load all the eBooks and PDFs and make it a handy electronic reader. Though most people love reading eBooks on their primary smartphones. But this is, after all, it is yet another way to use your old smartphone.

Learning tool for kids

Kids nowadays are smartphone friendly. Why not give it to your kid! Just uninstall all the vulnerable apps on your smartphone and download some kid-friendly apps and games. It will be a fancy toy for your kid. Oh yes, learning! Just download and install some learning apps. Yes, they are available in plenty. Now your smartphone will be a smart learning tool for your kids. Don’t forget to activate parental controls on that device. Isn’t that great!

Hope your smartphone will get a new life now. There can be innumerable other ways to use your old smartphone. You just need to use your brain and find them out. But is your smartphone 7 to 8 years old! Can’t it do the tasks mentioned here? Unfortunately, it is an E-waste now. Just recycle it and get some cash. There are places where you can give your old electronics for some cash.

Is there any other great way of using your old smartphone? Let me know in the comment section down below.