Top Five Premium Quality Earphones to enjoy music in 2020

Earphones are one of the best friends of all of us, as we spend a lot of time with them. They are our companions of good and bad times and also a very important means of spending our free time. 

Below are the best available premium-quality earphones:

So, in this article, I have included the best available premium-quality earphones which will not only deliver you amazing sound quality but will also add more sharks to your personality. Therefore, without any further debate, let us quickly get into our discussion.

Beats Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Mic

The first contender in this list is from Beats and it has a lot to offer. Now let us discuss the features of this beauty in brief. It comes with a Mic and has a very ergonomic design for your comfort. It also sweats and water-resistant, so you can consider it to be your pal for all those hardcore workouts or cardio.

Beats Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Handset With Mic

It fits accurately in your ears giving out a very comfortable and relaxed touch so that you can enjoy your favourite songs with peace. Furthermore, it offers you a heavy and action-packed performance of up to 9 hours and believes me the audio quality, the perfect ergonomics of this gadget will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Price: ₹21,500

Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic  

No doubt that Bose is a very old and trusted brand when it comes to earphones and it offers very good products and this one is no less. This wireless handset lets you enjoy your favourite music on the go and you no longer need to worry about the long irritating wires. One of the most amazing features of this gadget is that it is sweat and water-resistant and you can easily jog or run for hours and even spend your entire time in the gym wearing this, it will play your favourite track while you work out to shed some of your fat or build some muscles.

Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic

The superb design of this gadget enables you to per perform all your crazy activities and this beauty will remain attached to your ears and will not fall, all thanks to its sleek design, this very design also makes it look more and more stylish and eventually you also become more and more stylish. Apart from music, you can respond to calls, talk to Google assistant, etc. The find my buds feature of the Bose connect app lets you track these small players even if you lose them, so they are not going to leave you that easy. You can expect a battery backup of around 10 hours from them and it is quite impressive.

Price: ₹18,990

Jabra Elite 75t true wireless Bluetooth headset with mic

The sleek design of this earphone performs dual functions. First of all, it gives this headset a very stylish look and also adds more sparks to your personality. The four-microphone call technology employed in this headset makes all the calls addressed by you as clear as freshwater. This implies that you can hear crystal clear sound even when you happen to be in a noisy or irritating place, isn’t it awesome?

Jabra Elite 75t true wireless Bluetooth headset with mic

Well yes, it is. The battery backup of around 7 hours is also good. The customizable equalizer available in the Jabra plus sound plus app can edit and modify various parts of the music as per your wish. It is also dust and water-resistant so you can use it to the extreme limits without worrying about any kind of damage, all thanks to its robust build quality.

Sony WH-XB900N Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone with Mic

It is equipped with Sony extra bass technology which constantly works to improve the bass of your music. This, in turn, makes this handset a very good performer when it comes to listening to songs. The noise-cancelling technology eliminates all the unwanted noise even when you happen to be in the middle of a crowded fish market and delivers you crystal clear sound whether you happen to be listening to your favourite track or answering an important call. You can connect this headset with your devices via Bluetooth or via NFC ( near field communication). The huge battery backup of up to 30 hours is indeed praiseworthy.

Sony WH-XB900N Noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone with Mic

This gadget is designed in such a manner that it provides very comfort to your ears and at the same time also gives you a stylish feeling. The inbuilt Mic ensures that everything remains under your control, you can accept, reject a call by a single touch and even adjust the volume in a very simple manner.

The quick charge facility lets you charge this gadget in very little time. For every ten minutes of charging you can enjoy 60 minutes of music in it. The controls of this headset are also very simple to master. You can also connect the Google assistant of your smartphone to this headset and then simply give vocal commands through the nic to control this gadget fully without even moving your hands. Furthermore, with the Sony headphones connect app you can further customise, change and improve the audio quality of the music.

APPLE AirPods with charging case Bluetooth headset with mic

Apple earphones are always praised and I guess almost everyone will agree with me in this regard. Well, this earphone also deserves your praise and love, it comes with an inbuilt mic. It has a very simple and easy setup and you can easily set it for all your Apple devices.

APPLE AirPods with charging case Bluetooth headset with mic

It has a very vibrant design which is sure to turn heads and it fits well in your ears and also gives you a very comfortable feeling and also raises the levels of your charming personality. It clears and eliminates the unwanted sound so that you can clearly hear each and every detail of the music you are listening or call you are addressing. Furthermore, the high quality of sound, the premium and durable design and last but not least the trust and name of Apple are enough to convince you to purchase it.

Thus, these are the five best premium and high-quality earphones available currently. If you happen to be looking for such an earphone, then your search ends right here. After going through this article, I hope you must have found the right earphone for you.