Top Seven Virtual Reality Artists

Virtual reality is the new upcoming buzzword in the world of tech. This article will introduce you to the seven best virtual reality artists of all time who could be the next big sensations in the world of tech. It is a matter of no time when they will be the talk of the town for virtual reality is becoming more popular than ever before. Here is a list of top Seven Virtual Reality Artists those who have left everyone behind when it comes to creating exquisite VR art.

Top Seven Virtual Reality Artists

  1. Elizabeth Edwards

In an interview, Elizabeth confessed that she started working with VR art only seven years ago at university when she was pursuing a Computer Arts Course. Her magnificent artwork is mostly created using 3DS Max and Z Brush.

Her astonishing artworks are miles ahead of her contemporaries. The way Elizabeth Edwards has not only adopted 3D but has immersed herself in it, the other artists have been just unable to.

In an interview, Edwards remarked that it is indeed quite tough to state how different it is to look at your 3D art in stereoscopic 3D. The attempt is to make things close to real as they possibly can. Through 3D technique, you can comprehend the depth and other attributes of the object naturally. Touch and Vive controllers are a great help when it comes to this as they make it so easy to facilitate manipulating an object physically in real space.

One of the best works of Elizabeth Edwards is Spaceship Scene.


  1. Stuart Campbell (a.k.a sutu eats flies)

This phenomenal 2D artist has taken so well to 3D that it is a treat to the eyes of the viewers.

Campbell’s primary focus is on making people realize the myriad possibilities that virtual reality encompasses in itself. He is known for his unique pieces of art like 4 Rooms in One. In virtual reality world, Campbell has carved a niche of his own due to the uniqueness of his artwork and his gritty style.


  1. Gio Napkil

If the world of virtual reality has painters and artists, it also has talented sculptors like Gio Napkil. His work is sometimes so astonishing that it turns grotesque.

The file of achievements this lad influenced by sci-fi and horror films is quite thick. He is versatile and has worked at various levels of responsibilities across the United States of America. He has also worked as the digital model supervisor at the prestigious Industrial Lights and Magic (ILM). If you are a fan of the “Star Trek” or “Avengers” series, you should thank Napkil for the fantastic on-screen projections as he is the man behind the principal characters. The story doesn’t end here. He has also designed and built video game assets for Valve Corporation.

Currently, he is engaged with Oculus and is trying his best to define virtual reality in his terms and expand its horizons by exploring the myriad possibilities.


  1. Philip Hausmeir

A proficient founder and organizer of the Virtual Reality berlin Meetup, this renowned man is trying his hand at VR since 2013. His qualifications match his profession. Philip Hausmeir graduated in communications design in 2003 from the eminent HSD Düsseldorf. He went on to pursue his Masters in Fine Arts from the Slade School of London in 2005. He is also trying his best to disseminate his reservoir of knowledge on virtual reality and make more people aware of the magic humankind can discover through this medium. He is working as a lecturer on spatial design in HSD Düsseldorf since 2007. He is also a visiting faculty for VR at the BTK University in Berlin since 2014.


  1. Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin has been an influential pioneer in the world of virtual reality. She has found a way in which art and tech complete each other perfectly. This mesmerising style cannot be seen in any other contemporary artist.

One of the most exciting imaginations which have always fascinated this young lady is how the world would look if virtual reality and the physical world indeed merged into each other. What’s commendable about her is that she doesn’t have a long list of degrees to boast about. She is a self-taught programmer. She is in love with the study of art and tech, and the same can be vividly seen through her work. Her presentations mostly revolve around the theme of loss in compression.


  1. Jon Raffman

If you are a fan of virtual reality, you must have heard of this man who is best known for his work around Google Street View. The relationship between technology and humans has been talked upon since ages. He approaches the same through a repository of images on this platform.

His use of technological tools reflects his concern with the tension between camera’s indifference and the human search for meaning. His artwork resolves the same and seems to be a jubilant celebration of the modern experience.

Raffman is currently occupied with his current project, Brand New Paint Job. Through his work, you can observe that he is influenced and absorbs much from the modernist paintings by likes of Joan Miró, Yves Klein, and Jackson Pollock. The digital renderings of his 3D models right from busts, interior spaces, cars to real furniture seems to be inspired by the texture of these paintings.


  1. Jordon Wolfson

Jordon Wolfson has been instrumental in producing a vast variety of thought-provoking work on varied platforms like images, sculptures, photographs etc.

Though he draws intuitively from the world of advertising, the internet, and technology industries, he modifies the content in his unique manner and comes up with animated characters.

Best known for his most successful project “Real Violence”, Wolfson has cemented his position in the world of VR through this project and provided an unforgettable experience to numerous people. Most people are lucky enough not to experience real violence in their lives. However, this project recreates the image in front of their eyes, and unbelievably they find themselves involved in the scenario