10 Best tabbed Windows explorer apps

Default Windows File Explorer doesn’t have a tabbed interface. And if would you like to have one to replace Windows 10 or 7 OS default one; then here are a couple of best free alternatives.

Free tabbed windows explorer programs with a great interface can prove the best replacement that helps in managing files and folders like a pro.  Some of them are Total Free commander and Tablacus Explorer such kind of third-party Windows file managers provided tabs for exploring files and folder. Well, Microsoft is reluctant to provide tab explore that is their matter, however, we can do it on our own using third party’s best Windows File Explorer tabbed apps as alternatives given here for both 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 10 or 7along with dual pane file manager for Windows 10…

Tablacus explorer

Tablacus Explorer is an open source but one of the best tabbed Windows Explorer alternatives to default Windows 10/7 explorer. It comes in a portable form that means no need to install it on the system. Isn’t nice! Just put this 500KB small software in your USB drive and start enjoying tabbed exploring of files on Windows system anywhere you want.

Tablacus Explorer

Its features are not limited to portability only, it provides a wide range of add-on support to extend the capability of file manager right from its interface.

You can drag-drop files between multiple tabs of just like we do in a web browser; custom icon and background for the file explorer are also available via add-ons. Know more about it – Tablacus explorer review

Download: TabExplorer

Clover 3 Tab explorer

Are looking for Google Chrome like Tab explorer on your Windows 10/7/XP system, then try out Clover 3. One thing which one would realize in the Tablacus Explorer to explore files we have to run the software while on the other hand, the Clover seamlessly integrated itself with Windows default file explorer to provide tabbed interface like a browser. To start managing and exploring files just open go to your default explorer and at the click top right side space given next to the first tab.

Clover tabbed windows explorer software

It clearly helps in multitasking. Installation is also very easy and the app let us pin use folder as bookmarks as well. You can use Clover with shortcuts such as Ctrl+T for opening a new tab, Ctrl+W for closing tab; Ctrl+D this shortcut will create a new bookmark, Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs and using Ctrl button with a number such 1,2 3 will switch to particular tab respective to number.

The program is not RAM eater but some time shows glitches. Overall, it is worth to try.

Download: Clove


If you are willing to spend some money on Tab Windows explorer app, thus you can get an up to date and a high degree of stability then use the trial version of XYplorer; if you like it then simply buy it.  The free version of the XYplorer can be used without paying anything for 30 days and after that one has to shell out $39.95.

XYporer screenshot for WIndows

It works on almost all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Server 2016, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003; 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Just like Tablacus, it is a portable tabbed windows explorer or file manager and one of the best Windows Explorer alternatives.

Thus, it features portability, Tabbed interface, scriptable; customizable, yes you can change the icons and colours of the XYplorer, being a 7 MB software it is fast and consumes less RAM too.; sorting, tree view and responsive.

Download: XYplorer


QTTabBar is quite entertaining the Windows users by offers tabbing file exploring feature, the latest version of the app has launched recently in 2019.  To use the latest version 1040 of it on Windows 10 the user first has to install the earlier version QTTabBar ver 1038. Both are available on the official website.

qttabbar alternative to WIndows explorer

After successfully installing QTTabBar, the Tabbed explorer will appear in the toolbar of the Windows 10 or 7. It supports multiple languages, plugins for feature extensions, Scripting, Keyboard shortcuts, rearrangement of the tabbed bar, drag and drop of folder and files…

Learn how to install it- QTTabBar

Explorer++ Tabbed Windows

Another tabbed based Windows explorer cum file manager for Windows 10/8/7. Explorer++ is also a portable software like above few mentioned above which means you have to separately open to navigate which is not like Clover.  The interface of this Windows file manager is more like Windows Vista, however, this few Kbs software is extremely light and fast.

Explorer++ is a lightweight and fast file manager for Windows

Well, it is an open source and completely free to use Windows file explorer alternative and surely can boost the productivity for multitaskers. Explorer++ developers have been working for quite some time to add some new features into it and the plugin system is one of them.

It features, tabbed browsing, portability, keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation, drag-and-drop support, merging and splitting of files supported; Bookmark tabs, Search for files, Filter files and more…

Download: Explorer++

TidyTabs- tabbed Windows explorer

Another great free tabbed explorer for Windows with both free and paid versions.  It comes is available to download as installer and portables form.

TidyTabs interface

The free version offers customization of tabs, hiding single tabs, auto-hide tabs, exclusion lists and updates. In working it is slightly different than other tabbed explorer aforementioned, it implements tabbed browsing to all programs including folder, applications like browsers, office and more… You can see in the above screenshot. It integrates itself nicely into OS so that you don’t need to run it again and from some folder, although if that what you want, you can use its portable version.

Download: TidyTabs


Groupy is another paid alternative to Windows Explorer with a beautiful tabbed interface, however, it also offers 30 days trial period which is a benefit. It features Drag and drops; a grouping of applications, organize multiple applications and documents, Save groups of applications, Seamless integration, browser-like interface; Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents; Copy files between Explorer tabs and more… It is better than TidyTabs and also low in cost just $4.99.

Groupy windows explorer alternative

Download- Groupy

Total Commander Windows explorer

Well, this is a very popular dual pane file manager for Windows explorer alternative and doesn’t need any introduction. Yes, the interface is not that attractive and familiar to some people, however, it has no shortage of features. Users those are looking for absolute freeware this application could let them down since it is pad app and comes with the 30-day trial only.

However, this is complete file manager for Windows with various features such as side by side view of windows, custom tabbing file exploring, multi-language support, ZIP, 7ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins; in-built FTP client, password manager for FTP and plugins, and much more… Available for 32-bit Windows 95 up to  64-bit Windows 10.

Total commander file manager with tabs

Download- Total commander


TabExplorer has been a wonderful app to explorer files on Windows 10/8/7 in tabs, the irony is that it has not received any updates since 2017. But being a good product one can still use it id doesn’t produce any glitches in Windows 10 at least in our usage it was working smoothly. Even the developer’s website is not available any but the software can be easily downloaded from Softpedia.

TabExplorer screenshot

Download- TabExplorer

Recommended by user:

One Commander File manager

One Commander File manager

A dual pane file manager for Windows 10: One of our readers recently has recommended a free One Commander file manager as Microsoft Windows 10 explorer an alternative. We went through this, although it is in beta stage, still worth to try. It is available in Windows store, as offline installer and Portable form. One commander has a dual pane file manager interface that significantly helps in increasing multitasking and productivity.

Download: One Commander 


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