Best 24 Social Media Platforms for Brand Marketing in 2022

Are you planning for a new startup or thinking about launching your own brand? I hope you already know setting up a business is easy but running the business is a way tougher job. While you are new in the market the first and foremost thing you need is an identity. No matter how good your product idea is, or how effective your product itself is, you have to work hard in order to get people’s attention. As a brand, the marketing part would always be your biggest issue in the business apart from the quality of the product. So you have to use all the tricks and methods available at your disposal to identify a perfect marketing strategy for your business.


Why use Social Media Platforms for Brand Marketing?

At the dawn of 2022, we all know what is social media and how deep its reach is. The number of social media users is numerous and the number is increasing with a phenomenal number every day. No matter what age group of people you want to reach, or what kind of potential customer you want to reach, you will find them all on social media from around the world.

In short Social Media, platforms are actually a great option for approaching a large no of people from any desired background from society. In the present day to gain more audience and to establish your identity faster, social media is even a better option than TV commercials and newspaper ads.

There are lots of social media platforms available around the world, as many of them are so popular, that can’t even imagine. It is very simple, that to reach your potential customers you have to be on as many social media platforms as you can manage. With this approach, your brand will become a recognized one quickly.

In this article, I’ll be describing the best 25 social media platform in the market for Brand Marketing. As all social media platforms are not suitable for brand marketing, also not all social media platforms are suitable for any kind of product. Depending upon our product and your target audience you have to choose the platforms and draw up your strategy.

List of Best Social Media Platforms for Brand Promotion 2022

List of Best Social Media Platforms for Brand Promotion 2022


Facebook has taken the world by storm and is now one of the most widely used social media networks, which need no introduction! Facebook is one of the most popular venues for both organic and paid promotion, and it is also one of the most popular sites for making a purchase. It has a plethora of features that allow you to not only interact with acquaintances but also begin live videos and publish tales. For successful marketing, you can employ organic content or scan the Facebook user base. In addition, Facebook is working to prioritize buying through Facebook stores.



Because of its prominence and user base, YouTube is our second option. This social networking app is the most popular video platform and the second-largest search engine after Google. By developing the brand with large marketing firms, YouTube is a terrific approach to sell your company. It has been widely reported that the items offered on YouTube have a 70% selling potential due to the fact that they are purchased by its customers.



WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, as well as the world’s favorite app! Because of its appealing and fascinating features such as customer service discussions and product placement in a catalog, WhatsApp hosts over 50 million enterprises. Furthermore, Facebook recently stated that marketers utilizing the WhatsApp Business App would be able to effortlessly design Instagram and Facebook advertising that will allow the user to commence a discussion by just tapping on “click to WhatsApp.”


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a distinct program owned by Facebook that must be downloaded separately in order to access the conversation and messages. It has several adverts, such as inbox ads, sponsored messages, and so on, that connect user connections from Instagram and Facebook, allowing customers to quickly message marketers for services. For productive client connections, this app includes greetings, auto-replies, and away messages.



Instagram is yet another fantastic social networking site owned by none other than the colossal Facebook. This network began as a photo-sharing website, but as time passed, it expanded into the area of social business or e-commerce. Instagram may be referred to as a virtual shopping site because it contains a plethora of features that can assist your business in expanding and making outstanding sales. However, don’t forget to build a strong virtual presence on this platform in order to increase your user base and revenue.



WeChat is most generally associated with messaging, but it has so much to offer. This Chinese-dominant software lets users communicate, conduct video calls, access government services, play games, call ride-sharing, buy, and perform a variety of other things. When it comes to companies and sales, the app is well-known, and it is an excellent alternative for those looking to extend their firm into the Chinese market.


Linked In

Because of its large professional and informed populace, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has lately gained appeal among users and companies as a wonderful medium for business promotion. Because of features such as organic content, product pages, LinkedIn Live plus, and LinkedIn advertisements, LinkedIn marketing may be a super-secret for people in B2B marketing and brand switch professional users.


Tik Tok

Tik Tok may be restricted in some places, yet it remains one of the most popular social media sites! This short video-making platform is popular among the youthful population and attracts an audience with a unique algorithm. However, because of the uncertainty about what type of content to produce and how to connect with Tik Tok influencers, this app may be incredibly perplexing for marketers.



Douyin existed before the introduction of TikTok. When it comes to consumers, this Chinese version of the well-known short video app is pretty popular. This platform might be a great way to reach out to the Chinese young for business growth and sales.



Tencent, China’s tech behemoth, owns QQ, the country’s second-largest messaging network. It includes text and voice chatting, audio and video calling, group building, and other interactive elements like music, games, and shopping. This established channel, mostly used by the younger crowd, is enough for e-commerce and marketing alternatives.


Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is similar to Twitter but in Chinese! This notable and oldest Chinese microblogging channel has several rivals. As features, it boasts strong back-end advertising, lottery competitions, and developed influencer networks.



Although Telegram is a messaging app, its vast user base gives it the sense of a social networking platform by offering features such as big group conversations and accessible one-to-many channels. This privacy-focused site will eventually be designated as an ad platform, while companies may make use of the possibility to create a user base in the meanwhile. It will include features such as broadcast and group channels, organic awareness through chatbots, and so on.



Snapchat is indeed a fun filter-based software popular among the young gentry. This platform is a good choice for individuals who want to attract the attention of Generation Z through Snapchat advertisements and companies.



QZone seems to be another Tencent app with a massive user base in China. This social networking platform may be customized and allows users to publish blog entries, videos, and images.



In China, Kuaishou, commonly known as Kwai, is a short video-making application established by Tencent. This app competes directly with TikTok and also provides live broadcasting. It allows users to purchase in-app merchandise from influencers who Livestream, as well as offer virtual gifts to influencers. NBA, Volkswagen, and more well-known brands may be found on Kwai.



Pinterest is a massive social networking website that houses material from a variety of niches. This sophisticated, yet autonomous, platform allows companies to promote their content connected to life events. It is a must-have for e-commerce and brand marketing because of its favorable market reputation and user trust.


Pinterest has put into making a nice atmosphere for businesses, with detailed product pins, shopping features, and interesting adverts. Furthermore, if you can create appealing content, you may fast increase organic reach and traffic through Pinterest.



Conde Nast owns Reddit, which is continuously looking for more members while introducing new services. It operates in a variety of niches in order to capture the interest of the public and build a user base. However, Reddit cannot be relied on entirely for hard-core sales, influencer marketing, or promoted content. However, you may rely on the advertising platform to help them grow their business.



Well, you don’t necessarily need a large user base to draw an audience when name recognition is sufficient. Twitter is one such example; it may not have a large user base, but its name is known far and wide. The majority of the population is involved in politics, media, and the entertainment business. When it comes to marketing, organic Twitter marketing, as well as its excellent ad and customer care platform, may reach a huge audience.



If you’ve been looking for answers in a certain area, you’ve probably heard of Quora. It is another questionnaire site that ranks well in the SERPs, similar to Quora. This user-friendly platform offers a plethora of advertising opportunities, including sponsored responses and media-sharing possibilities for blog entries.



VKontakte, a clone of Facebook, features a platform populated by millennials. As a result, when it comes to brand advertising, it is nothing less than a pool of exposure that includes everything linked to eCommerce and brand recognition.



Despite the fact that many younger viewers have moved to TikTok, Snapchat remains a major force in the world of top social media applications. However, Snapchat’s massive loss is a source of strength these days, as B2B enterprises flock to the platform. This year, Snapchat’s monthly unique visitors have climbed by 18%.



Medium: a location where you can go off the rails. Although this is not the official motto, you get the concept. Medium draws businesses and individuals that want to express their powerful content ideas, inner thoughts, and anything else they believe the world should be aware of. It’s also straightforward to optimize Medium content and increase traffic to your website.



Usually, people associate Twitch with game streams, but it is also a full live streaming network for content providers. If your content isn’t suitable for Twitch, you should at least undertake some investigation there to understand further about your target audience’s tastes.



For those who are unfamiliar, Discord is a consumer model (dev kit) of Slack. It’s a one-stop shop for connecting with groups, friends, issues, and other people. Create your own Discord channel and provide exclusive information to your VIP community, similar to how businesses use Reddit.

Wrapping Up

For establishing any business marketing is the foremost way. Yes of course we know content or product is always the king, but only through marketing, the king can acquire its empire. So, developing a perfect marketing strategy is very important. And in 2022 any marketing strategy is incomplete without a social media approach.

The social apps I have included above are the best platforms in the market right now. It is not recommended or needed to be on all social media to create an impact. But you have to be on multiple social media to build authority and to become considerable. Depending upon your business niche you have to think strategically, about



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