15 Free Streaming Websites to watch movies & tv shows online in 2021

Gone are the days when people used to wait for their favorite movie to be telecasted in a random TV channel, and then keep themselves glued to their TV on a particular day and one particular time when that very movie was to be telecasted. Now, many of the people have switched to online movie streaming sites to get their dose of heavy entertainment and that too whenever they wish to. But, before I start this article, let me clear it out that most of the sites mentioned in this article offer their services in a particular country or region, so if you are not from that very particular area, then you will not be able to access the content of that very site. So, in order to overcome this hurdle, you must be using VPN and then switch to the servers of that particular country, after this operation, there will be no limitations in your way, and you can go ahead and enjoy the site to the fullest. Let me now start this article without any further delay.

Note: Few Movies and TV shows Streaming websites here could or could not be legitimate, all the content available on these websites hosted respectively on them and we are just listing these here for knowledge without affiliating with any of them.

Best Websites to watch movies online free 2021

Vudu Movies

Vudu is a free tv show and movie streaming sites. The contents in this site are available in the USA and a few other countries, so you must be ready with your VPN connected to a US-based server in order to enjoy this site to the fullest and get your punch of entertainment. And after you are done with that, you can view all the content present in this very site, and yes, it comes loaded with a lot of movies of various categories. One of the most astonishing things about this site is that apart from movies, it also comes packed with many TV Shows, and if you are a fan of TV Shows, then there is a high chance that you might like your favorite show here. 

Vudu Movies free movies streaming online min

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Crackle movies

The first website to watch free Movies and Tv SHows is Crackle  I would suggest that this very site is also restricted to great America, and if you are not one residing there, then get ready with US-based VPN servers. As of now, you must be thinking that what is new on this site? What special does it have to offer? I agree with all your queries and the answer to the same is that it has got all the stuff of the iconic ‘Sony’. Yes, it means that you can watch almost all the movies from Sony and we all know that Sony is one of the apex rulers of the movie world. The reason this site comes loaded with all the stuff from Sony is that this site is owned by Sony only, so, get ready to have a blast of entertainment while you watch all your favorite movies.

Crackle online Movie streaming website min

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Well, it is not a website to directly watch the movies or shows, however, it offers Desktop and smartphone applications for doing the same. It is quite good that’s why we thought why not to place it on this list. I think it is one of the best ways to watch different shows and movies using its open-source app.

Stremio movie streeaming app min

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Popcorn Time

Just like Stremio or you can say it a nice stream alternative app that allows you to stream movies and shows online.


Yes Movies

This free Movies and TV Shows providing website interface is quite friendly and simple here, and you are probably going to like it. It comes packed with a lot of movies for you. You can view movies from numerous categories, and most likely, you are set to find your favorite film here, and even make new favorites. Action, biography, Sport, War, History, Drama are some of the many categories of movies available in it. Furthermore, you can also search and watch movies on the basis of the country. You can select and watch movies of your favorite countries, including – America, Japan, Thailand, HongKong, UK, India, and so on. It is not at all over, you can also remain hooked to your favorite TV Show, as it comes packed with many TV Shows also.

Kanopy free min

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One more powerful site to stream movies is here for all of you to enjoy. One of the most awesome features of this site is that you can also request for all your favorite movies that are not yet present in it, though it has got many movies. You can search for all your favorite movies by country of origin just like Yes Movies, and it is indeed praiseworthy. Moreover, it also boasts of a wide variety of movies based on many categories, like – Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, History, Documentary, and a lot more. If TV Shows are what attract you, then it has got them too, so get ready for it.

C Movies sfree movie watching online website min

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Movies Joy

One more warrior in our article, let us explore it. As soon as you log in to this site, you will notice all the movies along with their posters arranged in a very clean and precise manner for you to select. There is also a subheading of TV Shows, and by clicking it you can browse over a wide category of TV Shows as well. And if you happen to be a lower level of TV Shows also than it will just act as a catalyst. Coming to the content, it has a huge set of movies based on categories like – Action, Adventure, Politics, Western, Kids, Family, and a lot more. Besides this, you can also search and watch movies according to the country of origin, and it packs a lot of countries, to name a few – Ireland, Austria, Argentina, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, India being few of them. It also has a separate section, which includes all the movies that have received good ratings from IMDB. So, you can have a lot of fun here, and yes, the interface is also quite friendly and simple.


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Laurals World

This is one more site that all of you can look forward to. It has got a lot of movies loaded in it for you all to enjoy. The interface is also not at all tough, rather it is simple and you will be used to it after a certain number of visits to this site. The movies are categorized in a  number of ways, first of all, there is a traditional A to Z way of categorization, in which you can browse movies according to the starting letter of the name of the movie. You can also search for movies according to the year of release, which ranges from 1976 to 2020 as of now. Last but not least, you also have the categorization based on the genres, like – Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, and much more. So, you have a lot of ways to search for your films and remain assured that you will get a strong dose of entertainment here. For all the TV Shows lovers out there, it has got a lot of TV Shows on it, and you can watch them all.

Laurals World DeepMovies and shows

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IMDb TV – Free Movies and TV

IMDb TV makes its entry in our list, and it does the same with a bang. First of all, this site is also restricted to the USA only, so again if you are not residing in the US, then get ready with US-based VPN servers. Now, let us figure it out, as we all know that it is completely owned by Amazon, so you can expect some entertainment here. It boasts of a lot of movies, TV series, and last but not at all least, the amazing IMBd shows. You can remain assured that you are probably going to find all your favorite films here, and then enjoy them with full swagger. Furthermore, if you also like TV shows and happen to be a fan of IMBd TV shows, then it is just going to add fuel to fire.

IMDB TV Free moviews and TV shows min

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It is also one of the most used and popular sites when it comes to movie streaming. The interface is also a simple one, and everything is in a clean and clear manner, you are definitely going to praise it. You can search for all your favorite movies and TV shows here, and also explore many more new and old movies. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, then you can bring a smile to your face, as it has a separate section for the Bollywood films. Coming back to the categories, you will be getting – Drama, Family, Martial Arts, Romance, Comedy, and many more types of movies. Furthermore, the big collection of TV Shows is also going to please you.

Tubi free streaming movies Tv shows online

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It is also very popular and one of the most used such sites. Once you log in to this site, you will see plenty of random movies arranged in a precise and nice manner, and you can eventually start browsing them. Furthermore, you can also search movies based on the year of origin, and it ranges from 1971 to 2020Moroever, the most common and loved search option of genre-based searching is also present here, and you can browse through various categories which are loaded with a plethora of films. These categories range from – Action, Romance, Fantasy, Drama, History, Horror, etc.

AZ Movies and shows TV

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Free Movies Cinema

Like Snagfils this one lets you can watch all your types of movies, all you need to do is simply log in to this site, and start hunting for your movies. Action, Comedy, Horror, Animation, Adventure are some of the categories of movies that this site has to offer to you. One of the most astonishing things about this site is that it also comes back with many fan-made films for you all to enjoy. Furthermore, you can also watch short films, feature films, and so on. Overall, it is a nice place for you to remain hooked.

Free Movies and TV shows streaming online

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You can search for all your choice of movies in it in a simple and easy manner. It has a separate column for all the new arrivals and it is loaded with all the new films for you to watch and rock. Then, there is also a dedicated area for the Popcorn Originals, in which there is special content of the site, and you can explore it and fall in love with it. Moreover, it also has a lot of movies of numerous categories like – Comedy, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance, and much more.

pocornflix free TV shows streaming website online min

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Kanopy free

This website absolutely free with documentaries and movies public library but only for students and available through libraries, so you need to be a member of a participating library to start watching Kanopy. If you are a member of a participating public library, you can start watching by signing up with a valid public library card number and PIN/password. If you are a currently registered student or faculty member of a participating college university, you can start watching by signing up with a valid university login.

Kanopy free min

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This is perhaps the most common yet most special player of the pour list. I guess that almost each and every one of you might have used it once. It has got everything that you need, you just need to think of it and it will showcase it to you. You can watch full-length movies in it, though for most of the movies you need to pay a certain amount, some of them are free. Furthermore, you can also watch trailers, clips, fan-made films, documentaries, web series, and a lot more here. In simple words, you can watch almost any video that ever existed in this very platform.

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Classic Cinema Online

As the name suggests, it has a unique and distinct collection of all the vintage movies of the good old golden era and much more. First of all, you will be amazed by the user interface of this site, as it is quite simple and you will find it friendly. One of the things worth mentioning about this site is that it also contains links for various sites with which you can view more and more movies from third party sites. Coming back to this site, it has got a wide category of movies, you name it and it has got it, ranging from – Action, Romance, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Religion-based, Crime, and much more. It will just bring the flashback of good old times of all the classic movies and yes, you will cherish those memories for years and years to come. Last but not least, I would advise you to use VPN while watching content from this site.

Classic Cinema

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Con TV

This is another free website to stream various movies, TV shows, and Anime. First of all, in order to access this site, you must be in the USA, so if you are not there, then you must use a VPN and connect to an America based server and get the job done. Now, let us discuss the content of this site in order to understand whether this site is for you or not. This site boasts of main science and technology-related stuff, so you will be getting all the action-packed,  rushing, goosebumps giving, high-intensity sci-fi movies, and content related to it, however, the stuff is bit old and those want little bit off beats things they visit it. Therefore, if you like this category of movies, then this site is waiting to be mauled by you.

Con TV min

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Thus, these are the fifteen best online movie streaming sites of 2020 for you all. I would strongly request you to use VPN while streaming movies from your favorite site, as it will not only give you a hassle-free fantastic experience but also keep you safe and secure. Moreover, almost all the sites come with certain purchases, some have fixed, while others have a content-based, so you can make your choice after going through the site and the content, and last but not least, ads are a common problem in almost all such sites, but it will be eliminated once you make the purchases, and for the free content part, you will have to bear some of those uninvited guests. Therefore, this was all for this article, I hope that you might have found your best and perfect site, just rock.


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