What is DLive? Is DLive better than YouTube?

In this article will give answers related to DLive such as what is it? How you should use it over YouTube?  How it is different from YouTube?

Almost all internet users are familiar with YouTube, while most of the YouTube users know the PewDiPie, who is the biggest name of all in the YouTube; as this YouTube personality has the biggest channel with highest no. of subscribers around the world.

This famous content creator recently signed an exclusive contract with DLive over YouTube, and when that news spread out, most of the people start asking about what is DLive? At all. As many of the avid internet users also have not heard the name of DLive before.

So, now the question is if the biggest YouTube personality is switching his platform from YouTube to DLive, is there a huge potential lying with that platform? Or it is just a phase or publicity stunt or just another marketing strategy.

Though YouTube has a monopoly in the market when it comes to video streaming platform, there are many people who are looking for alternative video sharing platforms of YouTube for new contents and experience, and the no. of this type of people are increasing day by day.

Even there are many content creators who are looking for more flexible and professional means as a video platform. Here you can read the best possible alternatives of YouTube, however, this new DLive is can be considered too. If you are thinking about some other alternatives then you can take the example of Twitch.tv, as it is a video streaming platform very popular in North America and Europe for the purpose of Live streaming of games. Likewise, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. do comes with many Tv shows and exclusive Web series, TV shows etc.

What is DLive

Then what is different about DLive, and why you should care about it:

  • DLive is the world’s first and largest streaming platform which works on blockchain methodology, to experience it in a better way you can download it from Android Play Store or iOS App Store. Though it is new in the market as it has launched in early 2018, it has an active community of more than one million users and the numbers are increasing in fascinating rate.
  • This streaming platform is a decentralized platform; hence the creators do not need to pay any money to DLive. Though the viewers can support their favourite creators by upvotes, gifts and also by direct donations.
  • On the DLive the community decides which contents should surface of the page, by counting the upvoting and flagging system. So, you will not find any biased contents surfacing on the home page. Which in turn becoming viral on purely quality based.
  • The total revenue goes to the creators, so it is a very good stop for creators, and if quality contents are provided, the viewership also starts increasing eventually.
  • Like YouTube there are no adds pushed from the side of the company, which is a big deal for both the creators and viewers. Which is actually democratizing the contents of the video while providing a better experience to the viewers.
  • At DLive one can earn something called STEEM tokens by receiving upvotes on their contents from the viewers, and the fan also can send a gift to their favourite creators. This way the creators can make very good money in an unbiased way. It is actually very good for the quality content providers.
  • Though DLive does not cut down any revenue from the content providers, then also they have a quite good setup of a dedicated content management team, which monitors and manages all the contents depending upon quality. So, if you are a talented creator, you will get the right price and recognition at DLive.
  • From the point of view of the viewers, DLive is unique too. As the viewers also can earn tokens by upvoting their liked contents and content creator, as well as making thoughtful comments and even by referring new users to join in DLive. So, becomes a money magnet for the viewers also, which is only possible because of the blockchain methodology of this platform.

DLive is now pretty well established around four continents around the world including Asia, Europe, North America. If you are interested in the earning factor then you can search over the internet for pro streamers of DLive and about their earning. Even creator like PewDiPie also moved with his contents to DLive and signed a contract with them. Now you can judge and imagine how big the fish is? If you are planning to invest your time to become a content creator then, you should consider the upcoming potentials and trends of the market.

  • One of the most important factors why creators and streamers are leaning forward to DLive over Twitch.tv and YouTube because YouTube does cut almost 50% of the amount of the donation and they even take a cut from the revenue of advertisements. While on Twitch.tv, they provide a 50/50 share to the creators and streamers, until you become that popular and become a partner with their channel, where you can negotiate the terms.
  • So, if you are an upcoming creator or streamer, then looking forward to DLive as an option would be a good idea. But, then also you should maintain a YouTube channel, as it is the largest platform, to date. Even most of the elite content creators and streamers of Twitch.tv and DLive has a channel on YouTube. Like “Ninja” who is the biggest name as a streamer on Twitch.tv also maintains a YouTube channel for publicity, and to connect with more people.
  • If you are thinking that are viewers going to come to this platform or not, then grabbing a deal with PewDiePie is actually a marketing strategy from DLive team to answer this problem.

Impact of PewDiePie’s arrival

As he is the biggest and most popular content creator of all, he has a huge social impact over social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all. Now he has started boasting and promoting about the goodness of DLive, so if one likes it or not, people are going join PewDiePie for sure even on the DLive. Even PewDiePie started live streaming on DLive and also started providing new contents to the viewers at DLive.

This article is actually about why you should bother about DLive:

The main reasons would be if you are a creator or an upcoming one, then you need to have a ground or platform where competition is a little less, biasing is less, politics is less, but the money is good and the community is supportive, and has a place for real talents and quality contents then DLive is a great choice for you.

If you are a regular viewer who just watches videos over the internet as a means of entertainment, then DLive is a good place for you as they will be promoting quality contents, so you will watch good videos not just some nuisance, no adds, your support goes to your favourite creator in total without any cutdown, and even as a viewer you can earn some bucks for yourself because of the blockchain method.


DLive (official website) is not the perfect YouTube alternative until today, but it has the potential to become one. Take this for sure that in the coming future the monopoly of YouTube will be ended as many of the competitors with better facilities will come forth. Now as a content creator, streamer and also as a viewer it is your duty to check out all the options for a better experience.

Likewise, if you have not tried Twitch.tv yet, then you should try it ASAP, just like that you should try DLive as well. Especially DLive is unique for its blockchain method, which is the only in its class, so checking it out at least for the sake of knowledge must be considered.


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