How to Make Money as a Data Scientist through Alternate Sources

Data Science is the most demanding career in 2020 and will continue to dominate in the future as well. This is because a large amount of data is getting generated every day which requires smarter techniques to handle them and generate meaningful inferences. Being a Data Scientist one must ensure timely delivery and easy understandability of data. Now, when it comes to generating income through Data Science then one thing that strikes in our mind is getting jobs at Multi-National Companies and other reputed companies.

But, this is not the case in the real world. Being a Data Scientist one can find many sources to generate his/her income. These sources although have some or the other kind of demerits but act as an instant source for generating income.

Many young aspirants who start their career as a Data Scientist think of getting good jobs in the beginning but fail to do so because of the huge competition in the market. So, rather than opting for jobs in the beginning one can do many projects related to the same and gain deep knowledge in this field to get a good job. Some of the sources for generating income as a Data Scientist other than job are given below:

Alternate Sources for getting paid as a Data Scientist

1. Upwork

Upwork is a website where one can enroll himself and share his/her portfolio along with the projects he/she has done. Many top companies hire freelance Data Scientist to get their work done and post requirements in Upwork. The company sets his amount that will be paid to the Data Scientist and our job is to bid a nominal charge that suits the company standards. If the bid gets accepted by the organization then hurray!! You have got your first project.

Upwork to earn money min

2. Freelancer

This is another website that is very much similar to Upwork and here also the process of creating a portfolio and bidding on different requirements is done. Once, the bid gets accepted by the organization then the project is given to the Data Scientist. The main advantages of enrolling in Freelance and Upwork are you will get free connects initially that will apply to 3 or 4 bids and then after you need to pay a monthly charge to keep your account active.

Freelancer alternate source to earn money for Data scientist min


3. Kaggle

This is the most famous place (website link) for every Data Scientist all over the globe. This website is famous for its open competitions and an abundant amount of datasets which is downloadable to all and can be used for practicing data science-related work and research. This website hosts many paid competitions where the winner gets a handsome amount of cash for his/her contribution towards the project. Also, this website helps in building a network that benefits a Data Scientist to get jobs by contacting the networks and showcasing talent.

Kaggle a place for Data scientists min


4. Analytics Vidhya

This website is famous for two reasons i.e. for its job postings and various Hackathon competitions it holds. By participating in these competitions one can get knowledge as well as win cash prizes. Also, many recruiters hire actively on this website if they find creamy candidates who are eligible for the job.

Analytics Vidhya


5. Udemy

This is one of the most popular websites for Data Scientists aspirants. This platform provides the facility of conducting online lectures related to various topics and get paid in return based on the traffic generated on your tutorials.


6. Blog Writing

If you have the in-depth knowledge and requisite skills to educate the world about the importance of Data Science then writing blogs and articles is a very good way to generate income. Various blog websites like WordPress, H2S Media, etc.. actively hire people around the globe and pay a good amount in return towards the blogs posted on their website.

7. YouTube

One of the best and fastest means of generating income is through this platform. It is open to all and Data Scientists can showcase their talent to the world and get paid in return based on the type of content and quality of the same. Also, this place makes a person famous within a short period if he/she is talented. Many Data Scientists have opened their YouTube channel to impart their knowledge to others and have gained success a lot.



If you are not getting a job then there is no need to feel depressed or disheartened. Keep exploring alternate sources of generating income and one day you will come out with flying colors.