Top 10 best CRM software for hotels that every hotelier should try

Just like every other sector, customer relationship management is extremely important in hotels today. While customer relationship management might seem to be as simple as maintaining customer records and tracking purchases, there are sector-specific requirements, when these sector-specific CRM solutions are useful. 

Talking about hotels, customer relationship management is extremely important, and as a result, there is CRM software available exclusively for hotels of all sizes. That said, today I will talk about the best CRM software for hotels that should grab your attention if you are planning to start your new hotel or elevate your existing hotel by offering better customer service.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the best CRM software for hotels for all classes of hotels out there.

10 Best CRM software for hotels

1. Guestware

Guestware hotel CRM software

Designed exclusively for hotels, Guestware comes with some unique abilities to facilitate Property Management Systems or PMS in hotels, besides facilitating guest management, marketing through email, loyalty program management, and many more. Guestware has a set of modules for different services, including one for handling guest requests for maintenance. 

Besides all these, Guestware also integrates all-in-one sales management that caters to hotels of all sizes. While Guestware might seem a little expensive at first glance, it offers flexibility to hotel owners by offering certain premium modules as additional packages, making it a scalable solution for all different classes of requirements.

2. Freshsales’s Hospitality CRM

Freshsaless Hospitality CRM

If you are looking for a free CRM at the very beginning of your hotelier journey, Freshsales is a CRM solution for small businesses. You can use the available modules to use Freshsales for a hotel, restaurant, or in most hospitality industries, where sales and marketing are important besides managing guest services. 

Going beyond maintaining customer records, Freshsales can be integrated with Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, and other social networking websites to increase customer engagement and run automated sales sequences. Alongside customer management features, the free plan has built-in task management features, contact management, AI chatbot, all free of cost. Freshsales might not compete with other reputed CRM solutions but is great for the new entities.

3. Hapiguest


Salesforce comes with unique analytical abilities, and if you want a CRM solution for your hotel that can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, look no further, and get Hapiguest. It lets the hotel authorities collect data from Salesforce, PMS, or other hotel management systems to offer actionable insights that can hence be used to boost sales, host marketing campaigns, and carry out similar other activities. 

Data flow with Hapiguest lets you track customers’ transaction history, their profiles, etc. to understand their priorities. These data can hence automate services for the customers, based on frequent services requested by the guests, and facilitate other relevant activities.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

It is not that Zoho CRM is exclusively customized for hotels or other hospitality industries, but hotel owners or restaurants can use Zoho CRM to manage their businesses and build strong relationships with clients. Zoho packs in powerful sales and marketing features that also include website visitor tracking, which can be implemented if you have a hotel that also has an online presence. 

You can also get sales signals, which will notify you each time there is a lead and much more. Zoho offers great scalability that enables you to easily upgrade your Zoho plan based on the size of the business if you need more advanced and powerful tools to drive marketing campaigns and enhance customer engagement. However, if you are looking for simple Hotel management software then can glance at Zoho’s free Free Hotel Management Software called Creato.

5. Copper CRM

Copper CRM for hotels

With the G Suite integration option, Copper is not meant just for hotel businesses, but it is pretty popular in such industries for the features it has to offer. The comprehensive customer data dashboard is accessible to the sales and marketing team, booking teams, and other members across all the branches and locations in the case of hotel chains. 

Copper offers notifications whenever new booking opportunities are available, and that too in real-time which ensures none of the sales opportunities are missed. Copper also has mobile apps for Android and iOS to help small hotels respond quickly to customer queries or finalize bookings.

6. Einsight CRM


Another great CRM software built especially for hotels, boutiques, and small businesses, EINSIGHT CRM offers tools to promote brand awareness. Using automated email tools, Guestfolio offers service to the guests while staying, and also brings invaluable feedback from the guests post-stay. The trip planner feature which is exclusive for hotels can also suggest local trips for the customers during their stay duration and also encourage them to use the services and amenities available within the hotel. 

The mobile app available for the guests can be used to book services during the stay, and that also integrates with EINSIGHT CRM. As it is offered by Cendyn, the native Cendyn tools can also be integrated into EINSIGHT CRM for sales and marketing, or manage other customer-centric services that also increase customer engagement.

7. TRACK Hospitality CRM

TRACK Hospitality CRM

Offered by TRACK Travelnet Solutions, TRACK Hospitality CRM includes PMS, as well as ERP solutions for hotel chains, individual hotels, or other hospitality businesses. TRACK Hospitality CRM has an integrated omni-channel communication system that helps the sales and marketing team to identify convertible leads, and retain customer loyalty through automated personalized communications, not just during the stay, but also after the same. 

TRACK Hospitality CRM also tracks customer engagement trends, and their behaviors to offer customized services that also help retain customer loyalty. While there is a mobile app for the customers, it could have been better to make it easier for the customers to use it. However, all app-based transactions can be tracked from within the CRM dashboard.

8. TravelClick Guest Management Solutions (GMS)

TravelClick Guest Management Solutions GMS

If you are new to the hotel industry, securing future bookings through repeat business is very important, and that’s when TravelClick GMS CRM is the one that you should choose. TravelClick GMS has options not just for handling bookings, but especially for loyalty programs, which is the key to getting repeat customers. TravelClick GMS packs in a Hotelligence360 module that uses business intelligence to offer actionable insights that help in understanding the guests and their requirements even better. 

The performance reporting feature provides helpful information regarding the success of marketing campaigns, and the sales team can also communicate with the guests through popular messaging applications right from within the interface. Post-stay tools host surveys, to gather valuable customer feedback that can also be used later to improve customer service, and hence quality business.

9. Tripleseat- CRM for Hotels

Tripleseat CRM for Hotels

If you are into any type of business where you host any sort of events, or even if you have a hotel, Tripleseat is also a great CRM solution for its ability to handle everything from accepting orders to gathering valuable customer feedback, and everything in between. Tripleseat has its payment gateway to receive and reconcile payments, and the reporting abilities streamline additional activities like event planning progress that can hence create or assign the pending tasks to the staff members available in the current roster. 

When there is a new booking or request, Tripleseat can track contact data, which eventually helps in serving the customer better and reducing the turn-around time during peak seasons. Tripleseat offers everything within the CRM interface, and it keeps adding new and useful features to the CRM that offer more convenience to customers and hoteliers.

10. Revinate Hospitality CRM

Revinate Hospitality CRM

The 10th one on the list, Revinate is handcrafted exclusively for hotels, and hence offers customer engagement tools, marketing automation, omnichannel communication, and hosting campaigns, all from within the CRM interface. Besides all these, Revinate comes with Ivy, which is an artificial intelligence feature that can be used to establish one-to-one communication with guests, or even manage routine requests from regular customers. 

Revinate also packs in a reputation management system that can request customer reviews from popular platforms like Google, Tripadvisor, and other platforms to further improve core services, and improve customer experience. Revinate packs in everything right within one user interface making it a great choice for all hotels and hotel chains.

Concluding note:

So, those were the top 10 best CRM software for hotels that you should at least have a look at, if you are planning to open your hotel, or you have an existing one. The key business strategy today is to pay attention to every customer and present customized deals for every customer. The only way to sort this out is to use a CRM solution that will help you to stand out in the crowd by automating tasks, and carrying out activities on your behalf of you.

Do you have further questions regarding the topic? Feel free to comment on the same below.