Why you should switch to Telegram from WhatsApp in 2020- Top 8 reasons

We are living in the ever-changing world and everything is changing very fast. It is long since we are using WhatsApp as our chat app of choice, but we can find a number of similar chat apps available, which can offer you better performance and functionality compared to that of WhatsApp. Looking back in time WhatsApp was the only popular solution and that is the reason why most people still resort to using WhatsApp for personal communication with their friends and family members. But today, when the year 2019 is going to end, one of the most popular and functional chat apps is Telegram.

When it comes to Telegram, it offers almost a similar user interface and you can get almost all the features that you get in WhatsApp from voice and video calling to send media files. You can do everything on Telegram. Well, the status feature is not available! But do you actually need it, when you are getting a lot of bonus features on Telegram which is not available on WhatsApp! I have seen a number of people using Telegram, but the user base of Telegram is not that big, which I think is the bottleneck behind, why most people do not use it as a primary chat app in the first place. But today I will talk about a few things in the Telegram chat app which makes ahead of time and all these can be good reasons behind why you should switch to Telegram from WhatsApp by 2020.

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Top 8 reasons to switch to Telegram ditching WhatsApp.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the top 8 reasons to know why you should replace your WhatsApp messaging app to Telegram in 2020.

Telegram mobile and desktop versions run independently

When it comes to chatting from the computer, we have the WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp desktop. But in order to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, both your computer as well as mobile, where WhatsApp installed, should be connected to the internet, and I am sure you might have faced issues while opening WhatsApp Web and you found an error. Even though the error doesn’t appear all the time and things are quite stable nowadays, but Telegram has a desktop version, which is kind of independent of the mobile version.

Don’t get me wrong for saying that the desktop version is independent. When you are using the desktop version of Telegram, you can use it even when your phone is switched off, or don’t have a cellular data connection, which can be useful, if you do not want to turn on your mobile phone for any reason but still want to communicate with people through Telegram. Next time, when you turn on the data connection on your phone or switch your phone back on, all your messages will be at its place. So you can enjoy the true power of the Telegram desktop version without depending on the Telegram mobile app all the time.

Use Telegram on multiple phones

When it comes to WhatsApp, you can run one account of WhatsApp only on one phone at a time. When you install WhatsApp and try to register with the same mobile number, on a new phone, you will not face any kind of issues immediately, but you will no longer have access to WhatsApp on your first phone. Even though this is meant for better privacy, but it comes at the cost of convenience. Though there are unofficial ways to use WhatsApp on multiple phones by opening WhatsApp Web on your second phone, I must say, that is not convenient at all, as WhatsApp Web is meant and is optimized for computer web browsers.

When it comes to using Telegram on multiple phones, you can do it without facing any kind of trouble at all. So, if you have multiple phones you can use any of the phones to communicate with your friends and family members without worrying about locking out on the primary phone. Just like WhatsApp, on Telegram as well, you don’t have to remember usernames and passwords to log in, which I think you already know about. So, Telegram is also more hassle-free than WhatsApp, when it comes to using more than one device.

Edit messages after sending

We all have seen comments on Facebook that comes with the tag ‘Edited’. It means, that the comment is edited at least once or more than that, and that makes enough sense, as long as you can understand that the comment is edited. However, such a similar thing is, as of now not available on WhatsApp, even though it is owned by the same company Facebook. So, if you want to edit a message already sent, you just have to delete the message and resend the message with the modified content. Though that can be useful in different circumstances but the recipient will know, a message was deleted, and that is not cool.

However, when it comes to Telegram, you can simply tap on the message you have sent, and you can get the option to edit the same. After you edit the message and send it to the recipient, there will be a small ‘Edited’ tag, which can help the recipient understand, the message is edited. This is a small, useful functionality available on Telegram. However, I didn’t find any option to find the edit history, and that would be cool if added by the developers on Telegram. 

Messages automatically save as drafts

When it comes to sending messages on WhatsApp, we will have to send the message after writing it, in one shot, else you will lose the message. However, if you stop writing at a point, exit the messenger and do not run any apps in between, you can get the old message back and continue writing, but that could be a hit or miss, depending upon how your phone restricts background applications. There is no way you can save a message as a draft on WhatsApp so that you can continue writing the message later on.

But when it comes to Telegram, you can write the message anytime in the chatbox of the recipient, and exit the application. The next time when you open the same chat, the previously composed message will be saved as a draft so that you can continue writing the message from the point where you left it. This feature is very useful and can come in handy in a number of situations when you get busy on something and want to compose the message later on when you get time. The same is also available on the desktop version of Telegram. The best part is, if you start writing a message on your phone and you stop writing it, you can get the message as a draft on the desktop version of Telegram as well, where you can keep composing the message, and vice versa, thanks to the optimum implementation of the cloud storage. 

Bigger files and unlimited cloud storage

When it comes to WhatsApp, it is really a trouble to send big files over the platform. Files are just limited to photos, videos and documents, and when it comes to videos, you have to compress it significantly so that it is fit enough to be sent over WhatsApp. So, if you have a big high definition video, you have two options. Either clip the video or compress it significantly, after which, the video might seem to be very choppy for the recipient at the time of watching. When it comes to backing up on WhatsApp, you can use Google Drive and the backup will not count against your Google Drive storage quota which is kind of cool.

But when it comes to Telegram, you can send files up to a size of as big as 1.5 GB, which is a significant number that can accommodate most high definition videos and photos, big documents, and other file types. You can even send complete applications, a number of other file formats using Telegram, which is something most people care about, as long as they are under 1.5 GB. The cherry on the pie is, everything will be backed up on the cloud so that you can access them anytime. Even though there is a file size limit of 1.5 GB, which is undoubtedly a big number, the unlimited cloud backup is also very useful, needless to say, why.

Communicate without phone numbers

The only way to communicate with people on WhatsApp is to you have the number of users with your phone’s contact list and it is only after that it will appear in the WhatsApp contact list. This is really a useful feature, as it will keep away unwanted people away from WhatsApp, and only people you know can communicate with you, and vice versa. But sometimes you need to communicate with people who are not there in your contact list, but you know them personally. This is When Telegram comes in handy.

With Telegram on your phone, you can communicate with people by adding them through their usernames, which can sometimes be very handy. Even though, this feature can be misused, as you can randomly assign user names and add them to a contact list to start chatting with them. But people with bad intentions will definitely find the way out to do that on WhatsApp as well, by adding a random number to the contact list. This can also be useful, if you want to contact or talk with somebody on Telegram but is not comfortable enough to share your contact number. I just wish Telegram add a feature so that the contacts added using username will go into a separate section and the user can decide to not get notified about those messages. This will eradicate a lot of troubles. Just in case you do not want to get a message from a user, you can simply block him.

Send uncompressed images

Both on WhatsApp, as well as Telegram, images are compressed to some extent at the time of sending so that the recipient can view it properly and the image can be sent at the expense of wasting as less data as possible. Even on WhatsApp, you can send a photo as a document and this will maintain the original quality and size of the image, the same can also be done on Telegram. However, there is another workaround for the same thing if you do not want to send an image as a document.

With the desktop version of Telegram, you can simply drag and drop the image that you want to send, and you will get two options. With the help of one option, you can send the image compressed, while with the other option, you can send the image without any compression at all. The options will be self-explanatory, and this option is really useful if you want to send an image for the purpose of photo editing which requires the image in good and optimum quality. I just expect the same feature is also available on the mobile version of Telegram so that the user will not have to send a photo as a document to send it uncompressed. In the case of videos, however, the video will be sent uncompressed from the desktop version of Telegram.

No suspense of deleted messages

Even though I personally don’t like the feature of deleting messages after sending, as to me, it is a deliberate act of removing evidence. Well, I am not going into the legal hassles, one might have to face, to get back the deleted messages if it contains some evidence and this is something, that is a subject to vary depending upon the country’s own laws, and how deleted messages are treated by WhatsApp all together. But even if the feature is there, I really don’t like seeing the message ‘This message was deleted’, as I have seen people trying to know what exactly was the content of the message. If WhatsApp has the option of deleting the messages after sending, why notify users that a message was at all sent.

However, in the case of Telegram as well, a message can be deleted after sending, even though I am personally against this feature, but the user will not know about it at all. Even if you accidentally send a message to someone, you can delete it and the recipient will never know that a message was sent at all. Seeing ‘This message was deleted’ makes us more curious to know what was there within the message, and this curiosity is unwanted for something that you will hardly come to know about. 

There is no doubt, Telegram is more matured compared to that WhatsApp and you might find most features useful if not all. There are also a number of reasons why Telegram is much better than that of WhatsApp when it comes to the options that you get at the time of chatting with people on the platform. I am sure, Telegram will add more feathers to its cap by keeping in mind, the requirements of most users, however, that is yet to be watched.

So those were the top 8 reasons why you should switch to Telegram from WhatsApp by the start of 2020. Do you have any other great feature of Telegram making it worth using? Feel free to comment on the same below. 

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