Navicat Premium 15 review. One-stop solution for data modelling to query writing and creating reports

Dealing with data is something that we all need in our everyday life no matter which field we are working in. When it comes to dealing with a lot of data, sometimes it is necessary to create a database, which can help us organize data properly. Databases are not something new in the world of information technology or computers, but today we have to deal with a lot of data and sometimes it can become really troublesome to maintain or understand a connection between multiple tables within a database, which can make our work seem more complex. That’s when we need some tools to help us realize the connection between multiple tables and make our work simpler.

Navicat Premium 15 is one of the data modeling tools that I have come across and is using for quite some time. It is really satisfying to use the software to make our work easier, and make it simpler while dealing with large databases to understand the connection between multiple tables within databases for a proper presentation or for preparing a report that can come out to be useful in different consequences. So after using Navicat Premium 15 for almost a month now, I am here with a short review of Navicat Premium 15, to help you decide whether it is going to be the perfect piece of software for you. I will start with the features, like every time, and then will proceed with the pros and cons.

Navicat Premium 15 review

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the features of Navicat Premium 15.


Here go the features.

  • Starting with the different kinds of data models that you can prepare with Navicat Premium 15, you have three options to create databases, and they are NDM, for physical data modeling; NDML, for logical data modeling; and NDMC for conceptual data modeling. You just have to choose the type of data model that you want to prepare, followed by the target database application and the version, to get started with the database model. You can even convert one data model to the other at any time, as per your varying requirements.
  • With Navicat Premium 15 you can create a number of popular database connections most developers or individuals use, which include MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, and the list goes on. So whatever may be the brick for your infrastructure, Navicat Premium 15 will get you covered.
  • Navicat Premium 15 can even help you with automating your everyday tasks that are repetitive in nature. With the help of this feature, you can create a schedule for the process of importing and exporting tables and data, synchronization of databases with a second database, and backup important objects to reduce your everyday manual workload. This is a new feature available in Navicat Premium 15.
  • After you prepare a data model, you can even export the code of the data model prepared by you, so that it can be used elsewhere to create the necessary tables whenever you find it important. This code can be used to create a table using a connected database and later enter data within the table to prepare reports charts and get a better view of the tables along with the actual data.
Table-export-or-import-Navicat Premium 15 review
  • With Navicat Premium 15, you can even create charts, which can be useful to make your tables and databases look more presentable when it is used within a presentation or for a number of other purposes, keeping away the need for using a second program to create charts and reports.
  • Navicat Premium 15 comes with support for a dark mode which can be useful at times for a number of developers who do they work at night. This isn’t a feature that will make a lot of difference for the core workaholics out there, but it is something that is worth mentioning and will make the life of workaholics easier and less stressful.
  • Besides Windows, Navicat Premium 15 can also be installed and is fully supported on Linux and computers, running the macOS, which eventually makes Navicat Premium 15, a cross-platform solution for all users of all the different operating systems to deal with databases and data modeling.
  • With Navicat Premium 15, you can create multiple users and assign different levels of privilege to each of them so that they can either make changes to the existing database or tables, or their permission will just be limited to be able to view the tables and use the data available within it.
User-management-for-database-on-Navicat Premium 15 review

So, those were the most important features of a Navicat Premium 15 that you should know about. But there are also a number of other small advantages within Navicat Premium 15, which you will come to know across, once you start using the program for your everyday requirements.

Install Navicat 15 Premium on Linux

To install it on Linux to try it for 14 days before actually buying the product you can follow the below commands:

  1. Open command terminal regardless of your Linux distro flavor, as Navicat premium is available in the APPImage form, thus, it supports almost all mainstream Linux operating systems. To download either go to the Navicat premium 15 download page or use the below command:
  2. Change the permission of the downloaded AppImage using chmod command:
    chmod +x navicat15-premium-en.AppImage
  3. Now simply run the script of Navicat15 premium APPImage:
    sudo ./navicat15-premium-en.AppImage

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Now, let’s have a look at the pros of using Navicat Premium 15.

  • When it comes to the user interface of using Navicat Premium 15, you will hardly face any kind of problems, as all the tools are properly placed in the toolbar, and you can click on any of them to start working with it, as long as you are having a proper connection with an existing database server for using a few of the tools.
navicat premium 15 Data-Synchronization
  • Within Navicat Premium 15, you can write your own SQL or the respective code that is compatible with your database, and run it to update your existing database and use it for further other tasks within the program. So, you will never have to switch between multiple applications when you are busy writing your code and that can definitely be useful in skyrocketing your productivity.
Write Own SQL or the respective code
  • Navicat Premium 15 supports a tabbed user interface, and you can switch between the query that you have written, the tables prepared by you, and a number of other elements within Navicat Premium 15 with just a single click, or by using ‘Ctrl + Tab’, and you will never have to close an existing element within the program to keep working. Even tabs can mess up with the interface if many are open at the same time as the tabs are not resizable, but that is going to happen once in a blue moon.
  • As I have already mentioned in the features, Navicat Premium 15 has support for creating a backup of all objects within Navicat Premium 15, backup can be performed with just a single click after which you will be given the option to choose the objects that you want to backup and click on the backup button to start the backup process. You can back up everything including the tables, views, functions, events, and all other small elements within the current project. After the backup is stored in the default location, you can later move it to a server, a mapped drive, on the cloud, or anywhere you want.
navicat 15 premium backup-database
  • With the automation tool, which is one of the most important features available within Navicat Premium 15, you can find a number of jobs related to data synchronization, backup, export, and import, preparing reports, query and everything else, including MapReduce, which can be a big relief, if you are into dealing with really large chunks of data, set a timer for all the jobs and you are ready to go. So, if you deal with certain automation tasks every day, this feature is really going to be handy for you. The process might of adding individual tasks seems to be a little complicated, and it indeed is, if you want to automate just some chosen tasks. But, automating multiple, or all tasks is simpler.
Automation in Navicat backup and synchronization
  • With the data visualization tool on Navicat Premium 15, which I have a separate review. On this tool, you can represent your existing data graphically and that is not a half-boiled feature that you should take for granted. You can create different types of charts, and get several options, just like those that you can get in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs available, to cater to all your needs.
Navicat Premium 15 Data Visualization tool
  • Navicat Premium 15 is actually a full-fledged solution, which can help you deal with data modeling to create reports and everything in between. With support for SQL queries, you can even enter data, and, just in case, you are not comfortable entering data within the tables, using SQL codes, the graphical user interface is at your rescue. This is also going to give a big boost to your productivity, needless to say.
  • Coming to the performance of the software, Navicat Premium 15 is very lightweight and it consumes around 250 MB of space, and it is also very light on resources. It means you can use it on any system as long as it has a minimum software requirement which is something most users already have.

So, those were the pros of using Navicat Premium 15. There is hardly any other way that can make your way of dealing with databases and data models easier.


Now let’s have a look at the cons of Navicat Premium 15, and I think most of them can be fixed with future updates.

  • The first problem that I faced using Navicat Premium 15 is, I find it to freeze abruptly at times, however, it doesn’t happen every time, and it eventually recovers itself, after some time. I think the developers are working on this and the problem should be solved after that. My recommendation will be, that you save the project and the individual objects from time to time so that you don’t face troubles just in case the program freezes completely and it doesn’t recover again.
  • The tabs within Navicat Premium 15 aren’t resizable. It means if you have multiple tabs open, you have to scroll left and right along the tab bar to find out the tab that you are looking for. Resizable tabs can make it easier to deal with multiple open tabs at the same time.

Even though those are the only cons I have noticed while using Navicat Premium 15, I observed the first problem with Navicat Premium 3 data Modeler, however, I must say the problem has been mitigated to a large extent and it doesn’t freeze up like it did in the previous version I have reviewed.

Furthermore, the company recently has started offering a subscription to this version. The starting price for the dedicated Navicat MySQL version is as low as $5.99 per month while for the whole package of premium 15 one can get it at $64.99 per month. This means no strings attached if somebody doesn’t like the software after one month of usage. he or she can simply move on.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for dealing with your databases in the most efficient way and want to boost your productivity doing that, Navicat Premium 15 is the best software that you can go for. You can find, I have observed only two cons, which can easily be fixed in future updates. As it is support for almost all types of database formats and one can do data modeling like a pro. I will definitely recommend you to go for this program and you will not regret using it, obviously, if you need a program of this sort. The bottom line is, you can use the software to start data modeling from scratch to create reports, the last leg of your Marathon. I don’t think you will need anything more.

So, that was all about the Navicat Premium 15 review, and I will definitely recommend this product. Do you have any questions or have anything else to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.

Navicat Premium 15 review ratings