What are YouTube View Bots and Is using YouTube View Bot safe?

Go through the article in full to know all about the Youtube view bot, the pros, the cons, the risks, the benefits, the alternatives, etc. You can also find details about a virus-free, free-to-use view bot system as an alternative to paid view bots. You can read about details of that view bot system, as well as you can download it from the given link safely, just for knowledge and testing purposes only. We are not supporting or promoting the usage of view bots which is against our policies of YouTube.

If one is in the content-creating business then getting noticed is the most crucial and hardest part of the job. If you are a content creator on YouTube then capturing views is gonna be there toughest hurdle you are going to face there. Without an ample quantity of views, you will not be able to draw frequent numbers of subscribers to your channel.

Also, without a good number of subscribers and a regular viewer base, your channel won’t find its place no matter how good or unique your contents are. To monetize the videos you need to fulfill the requirements set by YouTube which consists of a 1000+ subscriber count and also 4000+ view hours in the last 12 months (The rules keep changing so check the YouTube rules on their website for exact news).

But the very first problem faced by any new channel holder is to get the basic no of views so the count goes on as quickly as possible. After you become able to monetize your video, the YouTube algorithm will automatically push your videos to the interested people who are also looking for the same type of content, then only you will pick up the pace of gaining more views as well as gaining new subscribers, afterward it all your hard work which defines your path.

This article is about helping such content creators to give them an idea about what is YouTube view bot. So, that they can decide whether to use them or not. Here comes the idea of view bots, which will add more no. of views to your videos which in turn, increase the view hours and help you to reach the YouTube requisition easily.

What are YouTube View Bot and Is using YouTube View Bot safe

What is View Bot?

View bots are nothing but automated background applications which will run in the background, using the systems resources, to keep increasing the no. of views in your videos. In simple you run the View Bots after uploading your video and it will keep adding views to your video over time.

There are many paid View Bot services available as well as a couple of free services are also available which can be used. But remember there are many free services available that employ viruses and various kinds of malicious programs which can make your pc choppy. So, before using any free view bot service or application research it well and use a good quality antivirus to keep your pc out of risk.

Why do we use View Bot? Do you need one?

You can use view bots just as a startup booster if you are looking for a career in the YouTube content creation business you need to monetize your channel as soon as possible, else without any profit or feedback, as most of people are not able to continue the hard work.

To make sure that the efforts you put in are not going to vain one can think about using a view bot during the initial journey of a YouTube career. But, when it comes to that you have a moderate no. of regular viewers in your videos then you can stop using view bots, as simple as that.

If you are thinking about whether you need one for real or not, then let me tell you that a view bot is not a permanent solution, as it is useful for gaining views only, not subscribers. View bot is especially useful to complete the basic 4000+ hours views’ journey.

Even afterward you can use it to multiply your no. of views which can make the view count look decent. But, view bots need only those who are new to the YouTube community and YouTube view bots are useful only until you get a decent genuine viewer base. But, if you have a well-known social circle that can give you a decent no. of genuine views by themselves,  I would recommend keeping it real, and not using a view bot.

What are the risks of using YouTube view bots? Is there any?

Yes, there are a couple of risks included in using a YouTube view bot. View bots are not promoted by YouTube and the YouTube regulation does state not to use view bots.

So, if you get caught because of misuse or excessive usage, or suspicion, you may lose your view count, even your channel can go under scrutiny for months (you won’t be able to access your channel until the scrutiny ends), and even the videos can be removed from the YouTube management side, however, banning of the channel is not seen in this kind of cases but possibilities are there, when YouTube policies have been broken, often.

But, where is the risks are not, moreover, if you are not overusing view bots it won’t be noticed at all. View bots are a trick & not a hacking app at all, do not exploit them like a hacking app. Use view bots reasonably, do not do it like an idiot.

Like, if you have 50 Subscribers and you are giving your videos 1000 views, then even a fool can tell you that there is something fishy. There are some paid view bot services available, which keep an eye on the safe side so that you do not use it more than needed, which makes using view bot simpler and easier. Use the view bot sensibly and you will end up with a good result with no hassle at all.

Note: I would recommend strictly not to use such view bots which lets some codes run on your system to work or use some kind of malware injection method, as that may result in getting caught and also voiding YouTube regulations.

If you are still confused, believe me even some of your favorite YouTube channels have used these view bots in their early stages. If not then you should wonder why there are some videos on your recommendation list on YouTube with only a couple of views.

What else you can do by using YouTube view bot?

The free view bot services, which you may find on the internet are just viewed bots and that’s it. Yes, most of that does the job of increasing views and that’s all.

But there are some premium quality paid services available for YouTube content creators which let the user not only increase views but also the number of likes, subscriber count as well as the number of comments to increase.

Yes, such services do exist for certain prices, which provides you with all-around help, so that you can grow your YouTube channel. But, remember all these services are meant for providing you with a strong start only, it is not meant for full-time channel growth purposes.

How do the view bots work for real?

The YouTube view bots launch a simple program with a window that can be used to browse a website and play any video on it. And with some other fields in which you can provide some proxy server IP address through which the videos will be played and the system will detect it as a viewer, the more proxy servers you use, the more views you will get.

Some apps come with a simple list of thousands of proxy server IP lists while some of the apps come with pre-configured proxy settings within the program. But the working procedure is almost the same in most of the apps.

In simple words, just like using VPN and browsing an unauthorized website like someone else from somewhere else is doing, the view bots do it the same way using multiple proxy servers at the same time.

Though some YouTube view bots use code injection methods, which work more quickly but employ more risks of getting caught and also can employ viruses or unauthorized hacks which are not recommended at all.


Alternatives to YouTube View Bots

View bots can give you a significant number of views and that’s it, it will provide you with a good boost while your channel is new, but in the long run, if you do not have a genuine number of viewers and subscribers your channel’s growth will stop eventually.

For that posting videos regularly (on a scheduled basis), 6-8 hours of regular live streaming (for live streamers), creating interesting or clickbait type thumbnails, and mastering SEO techniques are needed for a good start and a stable career in YouTube.

Along with those above said all, you need to add some extra tactics to give your channel the extra edge over others. Here the view bots come in handy. But, all the views from the views bots are fake, so your channel’s popularity is not increasing at all, so to increase that there are also some other ways.

These methods also can be used as an alternative to view bots, as these methods will grant you real views, real comments on your post, real subscribers, and all.


View2be is an online service that comes with free and premium paid service options. In the free service, it will act as a view bot only, which will give you views from real users. While in paid services you will get subscribers, likes, comments, and views from many real users who are in the same community with the view2be services.

In this case, nothing goes against the YouTube rules as well as all the views, likes and comments, and even the sub-counts are real, but remember the people who gave you the views and are not mostly interested in your content, so building a genuine viewer base is still as important as hell, even after employing all these services.


UltraViews is also another online service for YouTube content creators, these kinds of services are considered online traffic exchange services, and many of the popular and successful YouTube channels also employ the same services for initial growth.

This service works simply, you will be redirected towards many websites, and videos where you increase their count of hits and views and you will also get the same amount or may more than that amount of views and hits on your content. Fairly simple, and no regulation is void, so safe to use for all.

Wrapping up

So, in simple words YouTube view bot is one of the ways of getting free views but not the only way of it, so choose according to your need you can also go for more than one option, which can grant you a significant speed in your channel growth, but do it sensibly otherwise, hast could make waste. You can not become successful or popular overnight, but you can speed up the procedure of course but always at risk, keep this in mind.

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